Details on Final Fantasy XV’s English Voice Acting Surface: Production Could be Faster than Expected

Looks like Square Enix is already working or at least planning the English voice acting of the upcoming JRPG Final Fantasy XV.

Voice Actress Katy Townsend listed “various” roles in the game as part of her resume, as discovered by NeoGAF user Exentryk. Olivia Hack and Greg Berg are now also listed for the title by IMDb, even if it’s worth mentioning that IMDb is a much less reliable source than an actor’s own resume.

Miss Townsend’s resume also lists Chris Borders as Voice Casting Director, which probably means that voice work will be performed by world leading voice over production company TikiMan Productions, of which Borders is CEO.

TikiMan Productions previously worked on several AAA games like Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2, the whole Gears of War series, Lost Odyssey, Dragon Age: Origins and the Baldur’s Gate saga.

The fact that English voice actors are already being selected could definitely mean that the game may be nearer to completion than many expect. It might also indicate a possible simultaneous worldwide release. It wouldn’t be the first time for Square Enix.

Incidentally, Producer Shinji Hashimoto promised news “shortly” just yesterday during the Japanese launch event of the PS4.

If you want to learn more about Katy Townsend, you can find her own homepage here. You can also enjoy her demo reel below.

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  • Delsin Row

    Finally, after a long time, we can play a real final fantasy. final fantasy13 was so bad that i couldnt even look at it!

    • Rob Hestar

      FF13 games were NOT that bad..1000/1000 the first 2 and almost got 1000 on lightning returns and the games were fun..great? no,but still solid games..Do not get the hate for them.

      • Delsin Row

        My friend. final fantasy is a symbol of japanies games. final fantasy 13 were made by westerns guys. so yeah i hate it. look at this game, we can surly see the essence of final fantasy in it. because the game is made by legendery game director tetsuya

        • Rob Hestar

          Ughhhh,FF 13 games were made Square you do know that right? a Japanese company. The company said it even couldn’t “cater to western gamers”

          But yes,FF15 does look amazing,hopefully it’ll come out this year for japan (and hopefully us)

          • Delsin Row

            i know that my friend. i meant most of the people who makes the game has the western ideas. the ideas for final fantasy13 wasnt japanies. 😀

          • Daigure

            As someone who also isn’t fond of FFXIII, I gotta say that is about the least critical reason to hate a game.

          • Psionicinversion

            i bought FF14 to have a go and felt let down by the characters hair style, i wanted the crazy japanese looking hair styles but there wasnt any there… at least for the male human. Why can japanese seem to do crazy hair styles and over the top expressions for everything and make it look so good??

          • Marquis Regalia

            earliest i see this SADLY is q4 2015 for japan. SE sucks on timing windows

          • Rob Hestar

            I wonder. FFX HD is out (will be out here next month) 13 is done & ff14 is turning them a profit now and doing well.I’m sure their main focus now is on FF15 and getting that out asap so they can work on KH3 and other projects (I hope atleast)

          • Marquis Regalia

            i ran out of hope for this game XD but its the reason im getting a ps4

          • Rob Hestar

            I hope it’s good and not a let down (I don’t think it will be but damn,so long in development and that’s never good)

          • Marquis Regalia

            as long as they deliver on their promises it’ll be good.

        • Marquis Regalia

          final fantasy is defined by square. no1 else if they say a game is an ff its an ff even if it is an side scroller or fps with that said 13 wasn’t good wasn’t too bad either. playing LR right now actually

          • SomeDude

            Final Fantasy XV will be the Duke Nukem of Final Fantasy. <<

        • Ohki Kaze

          wow this has to be the most idiotic post i have seen on the topic to date, you should be proud, thats quite an accomplishment
          P.S.: not your friend^^

  • R4Icl3l2

    FInaly FFXV on my PS4 ! GREAT!hehe

  • Anders

    My bet/hope is that it will launch before christmas in Japan and Q1 2015 in the west.

    • Dimitri Theodosakis

      My bet Hit Japan (Christmas 2014 or Q1 2015) / International (Q1 2015 or Q2 2015)

  • Kamille

    oh dear lord, she’s so bad. XD

  • Boerewors

    I preorderd at an European online retailer for about $50 with an guaranteed release date in 2014, else it gets discounted another $8. So it seems they are pretty sure bout their case. I only put the preorder in because of the attractive pricing. FFs used to be a no brainer for me, but ever since XIII came out my trust in them is gone. It’s not like I feel that the games are as bad as most say, there are just games that are way better. FF XV looks incredibly promising, but it seemed like a mash up of Infamous and bayonetta with some RPG elements in it.
    If you like FF, get bravely default. The RPG that proved to me that there is still room for Japanse devs is Xenoblade Chronicles, which was exactly what I wanted FF to be. X is therefore by far my most anticipated RPG of the coming 2 years, although I hope FF will sweep us of our feet!

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      If it’s shopto, apparently they guarantee all their release date. And a lot of them prove inaccurate.

      Oh well, more money for you 😀

      • EX+

        Apparently, Destination PlayStation is coming up tomorrow. You think that there’s a possibility o FF15 showing up there?

        • Starlord

          If that’s what SE meant by ” Wait a little longer” then probably. They might just go there to say ( Please be excited for E3 this year) again. Which I be okay with that too knowing that FFXV will be there at E3 will probably put a lot of people at ease.

  • ace-meza

    GOD i want a pc version

  • Galen Nycroft

    I dunno why people think FFXV will be a “real” Final Fantasy game. The same people who have been steadily running the series into the ground are still in charge. Let’s see if they have learned anything from this.

    I am cautiously optimistic about FFXV, but I won’t hold my breath for a satisfying FF experience until Motomu Toriyama, Yoshinori Kitase, and Tetsuya Nomura are gone from the brand. Time for a new creative team.

  • PrinceHeir

    I hope square enix US offers the JPN original voice.

    even if it’s DLC like Lightning Returns FFXIII that would suffice ^^

    • NoctX85

      I hope so too aswell, the japanese voices are better 🙂

      • Chocomunchie

        How could you possibly know that the Japanese voice acting is better? We haven’t even heard the English voice cast, hell, we don’t even know who they are, yet. Don’t jump to conclusions with your bias.

        • NoctX85

          It`s because i like the japanes voices, and yes it will be diffcult at somepoint to choose with what for a language i will play this game….but as far as i know now i like the voice of noctis and promto (Natsu from fairy tail)

  • Marquis Regalia

    the words faster than expected and ff15 can never go in the same sentence ever. this game shoulda been out half a decade ago ._.

  • Cygdor

    Funny how she lists “Final Fantasy XV” on her résumé and leaves out Lightning Returns. IMDB don’t list her as part of the voice cast on the LR page though, granted, she played only minor roles.

    However, the LR credits page on GameFAQs and Metacritic both confirm her involvement in LR (I don’t have the game, so I can’t take a snapshot of the in-game credit roll).

    I don’t doubt that English voice acting and various localisation projects have already started. I do doubt, however, the authenticity of this information.

  • Johnny Ramirez

    Final Fantasy XV has BEEN done. The only reason it hasn’t come out yet is because it needed to fall in line with XIII & XIV, since they’ve already announced those, & they can’t release non chronologically.. Unfortunately. Tetsuya has just been polishing his “baby.”

  • AttentionDeficitKing

    Please have Todd Haberkorn voice Prompto please have Todd Haberkorn voice Prompto please have Todd Haberkorn voice Prompto pleave have Todd Haberkorn voice Prompto…

  • Matt Dickinson

    dude needs to comb his hair!

  • Viktor Kateliev

    we knew it would be global, thats what the team was going for anyway, and the demo had english, there were also rumors that english and jap voice overs started and were very far along in 2011 and 2012-2013