Amazon is Now Taking Pre-Orders for the Xbox One Titanfall Bundle

Earlier today Microsoft announced a special Xbox One that comes bundled with Titanfall. Now, people can pre-order this package from Amazon.

The bundle includes an Xbox One, Titanfall, a standard controller, headset, Kinect and a month of free Xbox Live Gold membership.

With this bundle gamers are essentially getting a free copy of the most anticipated Xbox One game. This is a great deal so if you’re in the market to buy an Xbox One then you should get in on this as soon as possible by going over to Amazon.

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  • kevin

    Again good for those on the fence

  • John Skinner

    Shame there’s no special console. Still will defiantly pick this bundle up eventually.

    • Jessie Bristol

      Microsoft said the bundle was only for a limited time, but failed to specify exactly how long it will last.

  • Imperial General Zimmerman

    xbone sucks

    • Guiseppe Mario Mazzola

      You suck!!!!!

      • Imperial General Zimmerman

        STFU NIquer

  • superkarma