Titanfall’s Xbox One Install Size is Actually Just 20 GB and Not 40; No “Additional News” on Resolution

With the announcement of the Titanfall Xbox One bundle, looks like we got some erroneous information about the space the game will take on the hard disk of Microsoft’s new console.

The official announcement included “up to 40 GB required,” but during a fact checking conversation with Respawn Entertainment Community Manager Abbie Heppe we learned that the actual install size will only be 20 GB.

Ms. Heppe mentioned that the discrepancy is probably due to the fact that packaging was done before the install size of the game was actually finalized, but looks like our hard disks won’t be burdened as much as we expected.

We also tried to shed more light on another recent rumor that mentioned that the team is actually pushing for 1080p resolution at launch, but Ms. heppe reiterated that there are no news on that front:

I don’t have any additional news on resolution past what we’ve said in recent interviews.

Looks like we’ll have to wait longer in order to know what kind of visual fidelity the game will offer upon release, while we should as usual take rumors with a very sizable grain of salt until official word is released.

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  • Psionicinversion

    was going say 48GB for a PC it best have 4K textures in it.. obviously better now

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      This is for Xbox One, not for PC.

      • True_Fan

        They just have to bring up PC as some sort of slight to Xb1.

      • Psionicinversion

        its for both actaully more so consoels if textures need deciompressing genrally a PC wil have a faster CPU to decompress the textures

  • Delsin Row

    im sure the resoulation will not be 1080p. if it was, they announce it months ago.

  • Dan

    I hope every game on X1 is 1080p soon, just so every conversation about these systems stops being about resolution. I mean I would read about anything else at this point! which has the longer power cord, most plastic box, umm best shaped HDMI port. ANYTHING!

    • CervantesPR

      Its not going to happen, the SPECS dont lie, THE FACTS dont lie, the curent multiplats DONT LIE what makes you think that it will be 1080P or even hope it will be 1080P soon? sweet jesus people the xbox one cut some corners to bundle in the kinect, its not doing 1080P for the most part PERIOD, heck if the xbox one cant even run plants vs zombies garden warfare at 1080P 60FPS what makes you think it will even run anything 1080P 60FPS? man just accept things how they are or move on. you cant change what is already in the console, its static physical hardware, it cannot be “patched” or changed,xbox fans are just going to accept having the worst versions of games this gen, simple as that, if you care so much about it then go get a PS4 to play multiplats and a xbone for exclusives.

      • Dan

        Did you read what I wrote? I said it based on the fact that’s all anyone can talk about. I don’t care if every game on the X1 is 720 and 4k and the PS4. I would rather talk about gameplay, audio quality, and expansive game worlds. Rather than 1080 vs 720. I own a One and couldn’t be happier with my purchase. When an exclusive I want comes out I’ll buy a PS4. But it wont be because its 1080p.

        • CervantesPR

          well you must also understand why people talk about it so much its because 720P res is below the standard, its very early in the new gen life cycle so this type of topic is bound to be talked about a lot, once these consoles mature a bit people will talk more about gameplay than resolutions.

        • Baz

          You my friend speak sense. CervantesPR however isn’t listening because he isn’t interested for the simple fact he, like many others, firmly believe that FPS/resolution is much more important than gameplay.

          Pathetic isn’t it?

          • CervantesPR

            Lol i dont believe resolutions are more important than gameplay however, its not like all this resolutiongate talk are for exclusives, they are for MULTIPLATFORM games in other words its the SAME games were talking about but simply comparing the different versions of games that look and run better on the direct competing console, thats why people talk so much about the resolution gate with the xbox one, because the xbox one plays games at a lower res than what is the standard for next gen gaming.

          • Andrew Burtt

            CervantesPR, how are you the authority on this? There are games that run 1080P @ 60FPS on the XB1, so the hardware CAN do it. It is up to the developers to get it to do so. As it stands, it seems easier to have the PS4 reach this resolution, but sometimes at the cost of FPS (See COD:GHOST campaign framerate issues). Neither system is perfect, and it took them many years to have the 360 and PS3 reach their potential, so too will it be for this generation. Quit trying to impress the internet by swinging your 1080p schlong because you are quite obviously insecure with your current system and are trying to justify the investment to yourself.

          • CervantesPR

            insecure about my system? LOL mention me 5 games that run 1080P 60FPS on the xbox one, go ahead ill be waiting, only nba 2k14 and forza 5 i think and both genres are easy on the hardware, go see forza 5 E3 build vs final build graphics screenshots the thing was downgraded like crazy,not even plants vs zombies run at 1080p 60FPS. Im sure it can do 1080P 60FPS if the dev chooses to but it will probably be with a very low graphics fidelity and effects lol and that wouldnt be the OPTIMUM for game hence why devs choose 720P resolutions. how am i the authority? im just stating FACTS here that kill any hopes for you xbox fans to see the xbox one performing as good as the PS4, yes it takes time for devs to master the hardware but its not like thats going to change anything for the xbox one LOL like i said im just FACTS. microsoft cut corners to bundle in the kinect, just like nintendo sacrificed the wii u’s power to include the gamepad. simple as that. accept it tired of hearing all this damage control.

          • Blackmaile

            Dont even waste your energy. There is NO point what so ever. These Xbots are delusional hypocrites. At first when Cod looks and feels better on the 360 its a big deal… Now PS4 has major advantages over the Xbox One which COSTS MORE its not a biggie.
            I see articles like 1080p 30fps vs 720 60… What games are 60fps on the Xbox One that aren’t on the PS4? Yeh i thought so NONE!

            Anyways what im saying is dont waste your energy. Facts mean nothing when it comes to Microsoft and their ever so loyal buttboys. Same time im happy because i dont want the Xbox community coming over here ruining stuff for us.. Ive been on both sides before people attack me saying PS Fanboy. Ill support any console to the death if they are doing it right and Sony is RIGHT NOW..

          • CervantesPR

            to be honest man ive already encountered a bunch of xbox transfer gamers on PS4 online, you can tell by the number of trophies and xbox live like douchy attitude. but yeah man its like they are so delusional i just pity them lol its like the matrix, they need to take the red pill and wake up to reality.

          • Doug

            Typing in all caps doesn’t GET YOUR POINT ACROSS. It just makes you SEEM STUPID.

          • Guest

            U M-A-D?

          • CervantesPR

            U M A D? the truth hurts

          • shinitaru

            typing a SINGLE WORD or PHASE in all caps is a perfectly acceptable means of providing emphasis. Professional writers use it all the time.

          • Mikeherp Derp

            Durr multiplatform games have the same gameplay, tard.

      • Stiggs

        Calm down Spaz.

        • CervantesPR

          U mad?

      • GK15

        Are you aware that 32MB of eSRAM can store up to 6GB of textures using tiled resources, coming in DX11.2? This is a fact and has been demonstrated. Xbox One was made to use tiled resources.

        It’s a little too early to say it will never be able to hit 1080p imo. And what’s wrong with Forza 5? The final version still looks amazing.

        • CervantesPR

          I personally do not think that the esram will make a diference to be honest, its obvious it was a last minute tacked on component and developers will probably not take full advantage of it just like they didnt take full advantage of the cell cpu in the ps3 and only sonys 1st party devs made it shine, sniper elite devs said that 32mb of esram is simply not enough as well, you say its a little to early to say but ill believe it when i see it.

          • GK15

            I simply prefer to wait and see before declaring that it will never be able to hit 1080p in multi plats.
            I actually think that the eSRAM was a design choice and that XB1 was made to use tiled resources. DX11.2 was simply not ready at launch and devs still have to get more familiar with tiling. Remember, the PS3 was also difficult for devs at first, but eventually got better.
            The Sniper Elite EP did say that and he is right, but that is before tiling. He said you have to use tiling to hit 1080p with eSRAM. He then said that the new XB1 SDK is much faster and they will be hitting 1080p “comfortably.”
            I’m not saying that PS4 isn’t overall more powerful graphics wise, because it is. I’m just saying that the idea that games don’t improve over a consoles life is silly and it is too early to say XB1 will never hit 1080p in multi plats imo.

      • GK15

        Lol! I hear ya. So much drama over the resolution of these early titles and everyone shouting that XB1 will never be able to hit 1080p throughout it’s entire life.

        I was at the Sony store on Madison Ave and they had about 15 PS4’s out with pretty much all the games. They did all look great, but the only ones I had on XB1 to compare were AC4 and BF4.

        AC4 didn’t notice much difference, BF4 had a few less jaggies and the color may have been a tiny bit better. But the important thing to remember is… They are still the exact same games! If you are doing a side by side comparison, you would prob notice a bit more, but you will have virtually the exact same experience whether you buy the PS4 or XB1 version. Too much drama made over the resolutions and not a noticeable difference to the overall experience.

      • Benjamin Anson ツ

        New Wolfenstein game confirmed to be 1080p 60FPS. This resolution is absolutely possible on the Xbox One, however it seems debs are having trouble achieving it. It’s like how the PS3 was more powerful then the 360, however multiplatform games looks better on 360 because debs struggled with the dev of PS3.

        And anyways, Dan is right, gameplay > graphics.

    • shinitaru

      I own a PS4 but I have to admit that the Xbox One is a much bigger console….

      • neko working

        yeah. literally.

      • Dan

        How dare you! 720p190453pi347298472? 4K?

    • Mikeherp Derp

      Not gonna happen sorry.

    • Joseph Lan

      Then the conversation would just turn to shaders, graphics, framerate, lighting, etc., being better on the PS4.

      There is a difference in power between the two consoles; the only question is in what ways does that power difference manifest itself in games? If not resolution, then there has to be other differences (unless devs forced parity for the lowest common denominator).

    • You are flat out wrong

      Well, it’s not like the Xbone has any games we can talk about.

      • disqus_TCr2DiTW3m

        if xbox doesn’t have any then what do you say about the ps4 games? lol might as well sell the playstation now

        • You are flat out wrong

          More and better games. What now, Xbot?

  • Mikeherp Derp

    They could theoretically patch it with better performance, especially since it’s an “always online” game.

  • Matt Dickinson

    “up to” includes download space, such as new maps

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  • Thomas Cai Jinzhan

    from 40GB to 20GB…..that’s good news but you gotta wonder….that’s some serious miscommunication going there in the first place….do those xbox PR ppl really do any fact-checks at all?

    • Andrew Burtt

      Respawn said that the boxes designs were done before the finalized numbers were determined, 40GB was the upper threshold, so they had plenty of leeway. It had nothing to do with communication errors, just timing and available information.

  • You are flat out wrong

    So half the full game will be DLC? Top lel.