Heavily Discounted Titanfall Xbox One Bundle Sells Out in Less than a Day at GameStop UK

on February 26, 2014 2:28 AM

The British branch of GameStop pushed the Titanfall Xbox One bundle quite hard after listing it yesterday, slicing the price down to £369.97, which is still quite a lot higher than the price of an Xbox one in the US, but very much lower than the £400 the console costs by itself in UK.

Predictably, stock did not last very long, and in less than 24 hours (much less, actually) the whole allocation of the bundle at the retailer had evaporated.

Luckily for British gamers that still want it, the package is currently available at Game and on the UK branch of Amazon, but at the “normal” price of £400, which is still a much better deal than buying the console by itself, that’s for sure.

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