Heavily Discounted Titanfall Xbox One Bundle Sells Out in Less than a Day at GameStop UK

The British branch of GameStop pushed the Titanfall Xbox One bundle quite hard after listing it yesterday, slicing the price down to £369.97, which is still quite a lot higher than the price of an Xbox one in the US, but very much lower than the £400 the console costs by itself in UK.

Predictably, stock did not last very long, and in less than 24 hours (much less, actually) the whole allocation of the bundle at the retailer had evaporated.

Luckily for British gamers that still want it, the package is currently available at Game and on the UK branch of Amazon, but at the “normal” price of £400, which is still a much better deal than buying the console by itself, that’s for sure.

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  • Stranger On The Road

    Just to point out something, the UK prices are inclusive of VAT while the US prices need to have VAT added to them.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Yeah, I know about that, but VAT doesn’t bring the price of an Xbox One up to 617 bucks, which is 370 pounds converted to dollars.

      • Stranger On The Road

        True, the current VAT in the UK is 20% ( https://www.gov.uk/vat ), but don’t forget that the item is imported so they have to add a bit for exchange rate fluctuations. Also there is the import duty difference between the US and EU to be considered.

        If I understand it correctly, the real difference is to do with taxation; but I’m out of my field here. If you add 20% to the US price, you get to around a price that is reasonably different… I think.

        • Psionicinversion

          yeah i think sales tax isnt added to US versions cus different states have different taxes i think so it gets added at checkout

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          It’s actually more complex than that. It’s mostly due to the fact that the overall cost of living (and proportionally salaries) is considered higher in the UK and Europe.

          Of course if your salary isn’t high, that means you get shafted.

        • Jessie Bristol

          I live in NY in the United States. The console is $499.99, plus my 8% state sales tax. That equals $540, some states are a little higher with sales tax.

  • Dennis Crosby

    I think this proves a point that I was trying make people want a xb1 but but that £429($717) price tag was to much for people to buy £369 is still kinda high but I guess people adjusted

  • Asif Bashir

    The retail price is or was £429 in the UK, then just the other day got reduced to £399, and now the bundle GameStop UK are selling is just under £370 so actually in total its around £60 cheaper PLUS with Titanfall. However I wont buy an Xbox again until it has games I want to play and is a lot cheaper. Made the switch to PS4 after over 10yrs of being a fan of Xbox.

    • Dennis Crosby

      As you from the UK?

      • Asif Bashir

        Yes I am from the UK.

        • Dennis Crosby

          That price point for you guys is ridiculous and I would of done the same

    • mikeslemonadeFromN4G

      Right, the retailers are just marking the down the systems to move the supply. Of course it would sell out because it’s the first day of the deal and the game is $60-ish EU(??), so you get a discount on the actual system and then you get a great game for free.

    • Michael D

      and what might those games be that you are playing on ps4?

      • Asif Bashir

        Resogun, Contrast, Warframe A LOT of Warframe, Final Fantasy XIV beta (will be buying the full game), Flower, Trine 2 complete story, also played AC4 and I fully completed NFS Rivals 100% earning my first ever Platinum Trophy on Playstation. Plus being able to play all those games at their best on a games console and not downgraded resolutions and frame rates is a huge icing on the cake. There is no way in hell I’ll pay Microsoft all that cash for a far weaker system and then spend another 8yrs twiddling my thumbs waiting for exclusives like I did with the 360. I’m having soo much fun playing games especially online with my PS4 and I can easily tell I made the best choice in switching.

        • Michael D

          So a lot of indies and cross platforms. I dont understand your x1 has no games point still. I can argue x1 has more games and exclusives out now to play

          • shinitaru

            Hmm, I still don’t see any XB1 games listed there. Trying to make your own console look better by talking crap about the PS4. Pretty typical. So what if they are indies and cross plats? Sony’s strategy of adding indies will result in an ever expanding library, some good, others not so good, but still better than the nothing that you are going to get while you wait for AAA releases.

          • Michael D

            at what point did i talk crap about ps4? sounds like you are a fanboy getting defensive. Did i say indies were bad? I am just responding to the original quote that x1 has no games

          • shinitaru

            Maybe I’m getting defensive here but that is how it usually is, the XB1 fan asks what games the PS4 has, the PS fan list them, then the XB1 fan come back with all sort of conditions. Indies don’t count, Cross plats don’t count, yada yada. It just gets tiring so if I misjudged, I’m sorry but the odds were….

          • Michael D

            x1 also has indies so not sure what you mean the nothing that you are going to get while you wait for AAA releases

          • shinitaru

            Then name them. See, I’m noticing a pattern here. If you were just “responding to the original quote that x1 has no games” you’d think that you would talk about the games that is does have instead of the typical, knee jerk, Xbot mating call of “Indies & Cross plats, PS4 haz no games”

          • Asif Bashir

            Just for the record Warframe is not an Indie game, remember Dark Sector? Made by the same folk. Btw I’m loving the fact that I don’t need to pay a subscription for free to play games, Netflix etc and party chat which works better on the PS4 from what others have told me. Overall the PS4 truly is a gamers dream come true and it will only get better.

          • Redinferno124

            Nothing on these systems is of particular note right now. I’m currently playing Lightning Returns on PS3. This is very underrated game.

          • Asif Bashir

            Nowhere did I say the Xbox One has no games to play, read what I wrote again… Carefully. I don’t see how the Xbox One for its price, size and lower spec hardware could appeal to a gamer. The mixed information since reveal, the poor reveal, the lies, the twisting of information. Trust me it hurt me a lot, having been a huge Xbox fan since the original and with over 10yrs of Xbox Live account history plus being an Ambassador for Xbox it truly hurt me like the ultimate betrayal. I wanted Microsoft to pull out all the stops and beat Sony with their system. But for now I’m loving the PS4 it has more 1st party support, more exclusives, better looking games given the better hardware and the controller is finally comfortable and I love the DS4 features. Also I have a gaming PC which I built, I’ll buy an Xbox One when Microsoft take gamers seriously again and dedicate their system by offering the best games. Until then I shalst wait and see from my new corner.

  • You are flat out wrong

    £369 is big clearance prices. Probably done because they didn’t want any more clogging up their stockrooms and this would be an easy bite.

    • Mikeherp Derp

      Considering they’ve been selling 10k a week since January, desperate price drops/free games isn’t a surprise.

  • RealityCheck2013

    It only got to number 6 in the ‘Best Sellers in PC & Video Games’ on Amazon UK 😀 But the Game is number 1 tho so i suppose most Xbox ONE owners all want it.

  • Balalaika

    Goes to show you if you bundle a turd with another turd and lower the price then people will buy it.

  • Kam Williams

    MS is taking the right approach here by adding value to the system. The only real advantage Sony has now is the multi plat edge. That might be enough for Sony to win the race but I have a feeling it won’t be.

    With Sony firing 50 people (including senior staff) from Sony Santa Monica (one of their most prized studios), closing 60% of their Sony stores in the U.S., selling off their P.C. and Chemicals divisions, selling off their NY Headquaters, and expecting billions in losses this year, I’m not sold yet that Sony has the $$ to compete on exclusives just yet.

    Sony Santa Monica was supposed to be expanding and moving into a new building. They spent 4 years working on a new IP to be announced at E3. Now the new IP is in the trashcan and all these folks get fired. Hard to imagine the game being that bad or them only realizing the game was bad after 4 years so this sounds like they couldn’t afford to finish it. Also if a bad game gets kicked you don’t fire your senior staff and vets. Those folks get tossed to another project…unless there are no other projects to toss them to because you’re hurting for cash…hmmm. Is all this indie love about indies or Sony’s lack of $$ to produce AAA titles??

    Either way, I think MS just needs to stay in the race. This idea that they should not be aggressive and cut prices or bundle and should just stand on ceremony and do nothing like Nintendo (wow that worked great didn’t it) simply makes no sense (unless you’re a Sony fan who is a bit worried MS might come back). MS is right to fight and with Sony’s financials, who knows what might happen? As a wise man once said…any given Sunday…