Phil Spencer Likes the Idea of a KotOR Anniversary Edition, Says He’ll “Put a Vote In”

Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Phil Spencer has promised to suggest a Knights of the Old Republic Anniversary Edition to Microsoft, speaking today on Twitter.

In a conversation regarding his favourite RPGs of all time, Spencer first noted that Knights of the Old Republic could be listed as one of his top 5.


Another user then suggested the idea of a Knights of the Old Republic Anniversary Edition, something Spencer responded positively to.


From the sound of things there would be legal issues regarding the IP though; currently owned by Bioware and by extension publisher EA. However, with EA currently holding the license to create Star Wars games, a HD remake of Knights of the Old Republic is a possibility.

Knights of the Old Republic was first released in 2003, to strong critical acclaim.

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  • XXX

    I hope it gets released for the PC too 🙂

  • choujij

    It’s going to take more than anniversary editions to convince me to buy an Xbone.

  • Robbie Yarber

    Or, you know, play it on PC. You can buy it on Steam for 10 bucks.

    • shinitaru

      yeah, if you have a WinXP rig that will run it. Unplayable on modern OS’

      • K4K71

        plays fine on windows 7

        • shinitaru

          It just plays for a while then crashes in the same spot. There’s a few documented fixes but I’ve never gotten them to work

          • Robbie Yarber

            Unfortunately, KotOR was an Xbox and PC exclusive, so that’s the only way to play it. :/