Nippon Ichi Software Opens a Teaser Site for an Unannounced New Game

Nippon Ichi Software just opened a new teaser site for an unannounced new game. It can be found here.

The new title, the platform(s) of which hasn’t been announced yet, seems to be themed after darkness and fireflies.

By moving the glowing firefly on the black page of the website you can shed light on the letters “t h i Q N L o #” and by clicking on them you can try and arrange them in different orders.

I actually already found the correct order (the right word will glow if you complete it, also playing a tune, otherwise you can drag and drop each letter to rearrange them), but I won’t spoil it. You’ll have to try and find the solution by yourself.

One thing is for sure: as soon as the game will be revealed you’ll read all about it here on DualShockers.

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  • Anime10121

    Hint? I cant seem to make a word out of the letters available no matter how hard I try 🙁

    • Anime10121

      Ok, figured it out, its not a word…

      The letters chime when you get them in the correct positioning. You get some “mystical music” for getting all of them in the correct order. Now, I know no more than I knew 5 minutes ago… Dammit Nis, this is just as bad as a countdown clock 😛

      Need more info 😛

  • Heartless ㅤ

    For those that just want the answer, see below:


  • neko working

    Hotaru no Nikki, some said it is action game

  • stealth20k

    The game isnt what people think it is.