Sony Santa Monica’s Canceled IP On Track Until Last Week, a Teaser was Being Prepared According to Sony Dev

More info are surfacing about the state of readiness of Sony Santa Monica’s new IP led by God of War III Director Stig Asmussen, that has been canceled a couple days ago, causing the loss of several jobs at the prominent first party developer.

According to NeoGAF user DemonNite, that is well known for working for Sony, even if his actual identity is a well guarded secret, a teaser of the game was already being prepared:

A teaser was being prepared – so take whatever you want from that.

He also mentioned that the project was still fully on track until last week:

I wouldn’t read too much into his comment about the SSM game to be honest. It was also still fully on track the other week so things change fast.

Finally, he also said that we probably won’t see rogue assets of the game like with Sony London Studios’ canceled PS3 project Eight Days:

That will never happen… unless an artist leaves it in their portfolio like Eight Days.

If you’re curious about a possible reason for the cancellation, Rocket Chainsaw published a report alleging that the new IP was judged too similar to Bungie’s Destiny when the game was announced by Activision, and that caused a radical rework that unfortunately didn’t go as planned.

It’s quite interesting, even if of course it should be taken with a grain of salt, like everything coming from insider information and not directly confirmed by Sony.

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  • Psionicinversion

    muhahaha unoriginal sony canning the project before they get caught out with a “new IP” taking the apple roll of copying from everyone else

    • Delsin Row

      shut the heel up and get out of here. you are here, these are rumors, no one knows what happend in the back stage.

      • Psionicinversion

        well if its on NeoGaf it must be true cus if its not they get banned, also theyll be praising sony for giving up an IP thats to close to something when in actual fact they were trying get it out the door before destiny and failed and not wanting to be put in a bad light from blatantly copying another game they probably thought we cant get away with this were not as good as apple and decided to cancel production.

        If you read between the lines thats obviously what happened!!

        • Delsin Row

          again, i dont believe this stuff until an official statement !
          but if this is true, we dont wanna see another destiny. we want a new ip. so thanks to everbody for shuting down this project

          • Psionicinversion

            well tbh if nothing has bin offciially announced i doubt its going to be “officially” shut down seeing as no one knew about in the first place

        • neko working

          whatever man, its just one game, and it doesn’t really affect us (gamers) as it was never announced to begin with. If it were an announced project then its a big letdown, but it’s not, none expecting the game.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      You do understand that the project was in development BEFORE Destiny was announced?

      When Destiny was announced, they allegedly decided it was too similar, but it was already in the works before the announcement.

      May want to hold the flamebait and snark at bay on people losing their job, or it’s the banhammer. End of story.

      • Marvin Deonte’ McClain

        Flex that muscle Admin! Im totally mirin’ bro lol

      • Psionicinversion

        well maybe they should of got a move on with it and announced it sooner. Sometimes the tortoise doesnt win the race!!

      • shinitaru


  • Gariya

    Not cool, Sony.

    Not cool. At. All.

    Yosp better not be behind this, or my respect for him will drop down drastically.

    • XXX

      I’m sure he wasn’t, he knows the value of Santa Monica.

  • XXX

    It really sucks this happened, I wonder why Sony had to do it??

  • aeris bueller

    I feel better about this now. I thought they were cancelling it just so they could pump out a God of War sequel, which annoyed me. Cancelling it because it looked like another game is what I wish would have happened with the 80 military shooters we’ve seen over the years from every random company.

  • JerkDaNERD7

    Possible reason for cancellation that QUICK, when it was on track at the SAME TIME?!

    Simple….dire financial straits. This is Sony’s major studio, to see the men in suits come in and completely shutdown a new IP….well, money does indeed talks. Especially when you have less of it. Compared to Microsoft who buys up a title like it’s nothing and forces there studio to develop for it.

    But once again, it’s NeoGaf…that guy could be a high ranked mopper for all we know.

    • shinitaru

      There are plenty of other reasons for it too. Just because the game was on schedule, doesn’t mean that it was any good. Or it could be that someone vital to the project dropped out. Finance is not the only possible cause, in fact with Sony doing as well as it has lately, it’s not even the most likely cause

      • JerkDaNERD7

        Well that’s the excuse for now. Until then, no one has a factual clue to what really happened. But if you look at all the evidence of what’s going on, financials is the obvious explanation.

        But who knows, probably it’s for a good reason. So they can focus on another project that seems more relevant. All speculation at the end of it.

        • shinitaru

          “But if you look at all the evidence of what’s going on, financials is the obvious explanation.”

          What evidence are you referring to? I see a failed project and the expected lay off of the dev team associated with it. Nothing more. The reasons for that are completely non-specified. Unless you are some kind of insider with knowledge the rest of us don’t possess….

          • JerkDaNERD7


            I’m talking about the financial situation that Sony as whole is in. It is just an assumption pointing to the obvious explanation that why Sony this early a stage and with “success” in selling consoles, would just outright cancel a new IP. As I had stated before, all SPECULATION at the end of it.

            But one speculation shot down was the ridiculous assumption (rumor) that it was too similar to Destiny and it’s hyped put into effect the choice to cancel the potential new IP. Which DOESN’T make sense AT ALL.


    • Bankai

      Sony was going through financial issues for 5 straight years and their studios were still dropping exclusives left and right, so money can’t be the issue here.

      • JerkDaNERD7

        Actually business is more complex than you think, and it seems you have no grasp at how major corporations function.

        No one said they 5 years ago they would have a drastic fallout. Everyone have been predicting the obvious that their decline will be a slow but sure process and since than every year Sony situation has be confirming it’self.

        Sony NEEDS Microsoft to truly be beaten in order for it to survive, and it seems Microsoft is NOT that far away given in how inflated the big deal is with PS4 beating Xbox One sells. Xbox 360 still dominating software for hardware sells and til’ now 90% of gamers STILL have not moved to next gen.