Xbox One Will Also Run Wolfenstein: The New Order at 1080p/60 FPS, Bethesda Confirms

The Xbox One version of Wolfenstein: The New Order will be able to run the title at next gen 1080p/60 FPS, publisher Bethesda today confirmed.

The Xbox One version of Wolfenstein will run at 1080p/60 fps.

This follows a previous announcement which stated that the PlayStation 4 would be capable of achieving 1080p/60 FPS. Due to other games running at lower resolutions on the Xbox One, some began to fear that Wolfenstein: The New Order would also have lower specifications.

Wolfenstein: The New Order is slated to release May 20 on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC

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  • Blackmaile

    Great. Now people who have a Xbox One can stop saying ” Resolution doesnt matter ” Id rather 720p 60Fps over 1080p 30Fps which is a invalid argument to begin with!!!!!!!

    • Delsin Row

      you wiil see that in a minute. when its come to this, it does matter. this is who they are

  • Delsin Row

    im sure they cut many details of the game to run it on 1080p. mark my word, when digital foundary compare the ps4 and x1 version, we will see the x1 version has the less details than the ps4 version. if the game actually runs at 1080 on x1

    • Mikeherp Derp

      Or it has scaling resolution, or slowdown, etc. There is no getting around PS4’s stronger hardware.

      • Psionicinversion

        umm PS4 has resolution scaling to ya know and slow down, well at least on PC ports defo cus its still not strong enough to compete with the might, the speed the POWER that is a custom built PC, components hand picked from the vineyard that is manufacturers and only the ripest and most juiciest of the plantation will do… the combination of the juiciest of components, hand squeezed to perfection and a little bit of love go into making a sexy a$$ puter….

        on topic though boom 1080p 60fps muhahaha the rise of X1 is here and is the start of “The New Order”!!!!

        • Bankai

          You need some serious help, and I fail to see how one game running at 1080/60fps since Forza 3 months ago marks the rise of the X1.

          • Psionicinversion

            if this one can so can others, rebellion games said theres can do 1080p to so is the rise of xbox rising like a phoenix from its ashes created from its sucky SDK + drivers, its wings will spread out and burn the PS4 into ashes spreading it across the field of rotten fruit that will be the waste of sonys systems and games and xbox will stand king to rule over the generation with an iron first

          • Michael Norris

            You mean Forza 5..which no AA and has some ugly ass environments.1080p/60 isn’t hard when you have a game looking like that…oh, and it’s a racer.

          • Mikeherp Derp

            Misterx’ers immediately started using this as “proof” Xbox is reaching parity despite that being impossible if both consoles hardware are being pushed.

    • Stranger On The Road

      It would have been a surprise if it wasn’t running at 1080p60; Wolfestein is not high on graphics or texture usage, its details are nowhere near what other nextGen shooters have.

      The problem with the eSRAM, in the XB1, is getting data to it from main memory; by reducing the amount of data that need to be transferred you could get higher framerate and resolution.

      The processor and GPU of the XB1 can handle fullHD graphics, their real problem is that they keeps waiting for data to arrive to the eSRAM, this makes them waste precious cycles waiting for data to process. Luckily the eSRAM is divided into 4 different section, so each one can be refreshed separately while the others are being used…. but this require good planning from the developer to try to ensure that starvation doesn’t happen.

      Another way is to use the same texture and objects tricks they were used in the previous generation of consoles. Such as the Skyrim trick of using an empty shelf as a table; this trick reduces the number of objects and textures to be kept and transferred to the eSRAM. I do expect to see such tricks used in the XB1 games to push their framerate and resolution up. Another trick is to simply use lower quality textures or simpler and less detailed objects and environment [which seems to be the path taken by Wolfestein].

      tl;dr: not impressed by the game play footage shown for Wolfestein.

      • Michael Norris

        It’s also running Idtech 5,which uses forward rendering instead of deferred rendering which the Xbox one hates.

      • Mikeherp Derp

        Misterxtards will grasp at the smallest of straws to prove down is up. It’s like a crazy person trying to prove the earth is flat, they start with the (false) conclusion then work backwards with insane, wrong, and delusional claims and speculation.

      • Nicholas Perry

        Which is ironic given it’s 8GB of system ram that is just simply going to waste. No wonder texture quality for so many games is just terrible.

  • Is it just me or what but it seems rather foolish for people to be all upset at Xbox being able to run games in full HD. What’s the point in getting upset over it if you don’t plan on buying one?

    • Stranger On The Road

      Because many people didn’t grow up from the schoolyard days; they justify their decisions as being the ‘right’ one by trying to point out the faults of the alternative.

      Or perhaps I’m just too old for forums ^.^

      • Delsin Row

        how old are you my friend?

        • Stranger On The Road

          Will be reaching 40 in few year….. but man, looking at the music charts makes feel like I’m a hundred years old from another planet!

          • LOL. I’m right there with you on that. Even looking back at Pole position on Atari to Forza and GT nowadays makes me feel ancient at times. God do I miss the 80s music. One of the most creative periods of music since the sixty’s.

          • Delsin Row

            respect man. respect. well your wisdom is bigger than us, so excuse us to be a little fanboy..

    • Mikeherp Derp

      Some people still refuse to admit the hardware difference facts and that parity will never happen.

      • I think parity has already happened on most EA sports games. Need for Speed and several others like Rayman Legends. I think most can’t deny that the PlayStation is a little bit more easy to develop for with a faster GPU.

        • Mikeherp Derp

          Sports and indie games don’t push the hardware. NFS is not parity, the effects are better on PS4 and the framerate is capped at 30 on PS4 and PC, clearly holding back the hardware potential.

          • Its cap because that was the best performance determined by the developers. What do you get out of non parity? Bragging rights. If so this is a senseless argument because we are starting to see more games that are parity. Two of them were announced today.

          • Mikeherp Derp

            No. Any big AAA multiplatform game will still have res/framerate differences. These indie, last gen, and sports games don’t push the hardware enough. Keep crying when the Witcher 3 is 720p to 900 or 1080p.

          • What a pointless conversation. You’re talking about an unknown future.

          • Mikeherp Derp

            LOL no. The hardware is known and not changing, anyone with half a brain knew there would be a performance difference the entire generation.

          • Exactly hardware doesn’t change it remains stagnant. Software makes the hardware dance. Without great software to back up the hardware it doesn’t matter. You are a fool to believe that one will completely dominate all generation. Have you learn anything about last Gen of how consoles evolve with time? Don’t just think the PlayStation is the only one that will get better with time. That’s just stupid.

          • Mikeherp Derp

            You’re dumb as a brick and wrong. PS4 has stronger hardware and PS4 devs will get the max potential out of it. It will be ahead in graphics performance the entire generation. Keep crying and shoving your head up your rear.

          • Keep telling yourself that dumbass. What good is hardware without great software? PlayStation doesn’t have great software and that is why you are online right now griping instead of on your ps4 because it’s boring. You know it. Listen stupid. Killzone may be in 1080p but it is not even in the same league as Titanfall or Halo. Infamous second son may be in 1080p but it won’t be groundbreaking like Quantum Break. If you had one percent of intelligence you would understand this. More pixels don’t make great games dummy. You’ve got to have a great game first before you can make it look better. Already we are hearing of more games coming out that are in parity with both systems. Microsoft are now only starting to get their drives updated. Once 1080p 60fps is the standard for both consoles what will be your argument then. Let me guess the PS4 has a better color of black on it. LOL

          • Mikeherp Derp

            That will never happen. You’re clearly too stupid and delusional to understand. PS4 has a great games lineup and that includes the far better version of multiplatform games for the entire generation.

          • Xbox already has a major AAA exclusive coming out in a week for next gen console. When PlayStation gets a less than mediocre title then you can talk. Right now you’re the one who is delusional. Both will have great games throughout the generation but don’t think its all about one console completely dominating and the other lackluster because of hardware. That’s insane thought processing going on in your brain.

          • Matt Dickinson

            Well the Xbox One has had trouble with “crushed blacks” – with limited color range settings

            but I kind of like that effect of enhanced contrast. It often makes the games look more vibrant. (even though it’s an error and you can adjust settings of your TV to get a similar effect)

          • Yeah they fixed the upscaler this past week. The games are looking a lot smoother now. I first noticed it on assassins creed IV but after the update it looks great. Now you can use your TV’s upscaler to get the proper settings you want.

        • Matt Dickinson

          Do you happen to know if Rayman Legends on Xbox One has the blurring problems that it has on PS4? I wasn’t sure if every version was like that (when you move the screen gets a bit blurry). It may just be the engine

          • So far i haven’t encountered any blurring problems on Rayman legends for Xbox. That’s odd. It plays well and is a beautiful but weird title.

          • Matt Dickinson

            It’s just right when you run. I think you can see it in the third one:


            if not just in a video on youtube.

            it’s not important.

          • You’re right. Its not important because as long as the overall experience is good it doesn’t matter. All games and hardware have flaws in all platforms.

  • Michael Clanton

    its pathetic that this is news…rather then features, how it actually plays…and things that matter…and if 1080p/60fps were that important you would of been a PC gamer.

    • Mikeherp Derp

      Price/performance, dimwit. What’s pathetic are the constant PC red herrings, as if that excuses a box being more expensive yet significantly less powerful.

  • Alkanida

    4K/120FPS Confirmed for PS4 then.

  • ISISSecretAgent

    im getting this day one, hope they release it on Day 1 Digital to pre-order it.

  • ExTrooperBrenTurner

    So, it looks like the Xbox One is capable, after all. Then why wouldn’t the other developers do the same ?

    • Michael Norris

      Just look at the game also i have a comment that tells you why it can run at 1080p

      • ExTrooperBrenTurner

        Don’t have time to search for every one of your comments.

  • IndubitablyMe

    So even when a game is capable of running at 1080p/60FPS on the XB1 people still find some way to accuse it of being a vastly inferior version. Fanboys are the worst. The way I see it, if you like this game then you’ll like it on either console and if you don’t like it then you won’t like it on either console. Same with every other multiplat game that’s been released thus far.

    • Mikeherp Derp

      Wahh wahh I hate facts LEAVE XBOX ALONE!!1

      • IndubitablyMe

        Pardon me?

    • shinitaru

      It is vastly inferior, it’s on an inferior console 😛

    • CervantesPR

      Its funny how they only said the bare minimum in that statement, we already know the ps4 iz more powerful so i bet the ps4 version will have better framerate and more particle effects and more polygon count lol unless bethesda made the game for the xbox one and just copy pasted it to the ps4 which would be a HUGE bitch move and if true i will never buy a bethesda game in my life

      • PCS4-Box U

        “bitch move and if true i will never buy a bethesda game in my life” I swear to god i say this evertime i buy a bethesda game.

  • Fango

    I’m curious to see how it will run on xb1 or if they decide to downgrade it to 900p closer to release. Which is likely. too early to set specs in stone. IMO. We have seen game resolution s and framerates change before…..

  • DemonFenton

    Wolf Uses IDTech 5. Not too keen on it with it’s screen tears and texture popouts. Hopefully they improve it but doubtful. At least there’s an beta for Doom 4 in the game

  • Nicholas Perry

    People need to realize. IDTech 5 is very optimized and very scalable. This shouldn’t be an issue.

  • Jecht_Sin

    So, what’s the catch?