Destiny Set to Improve Further Graphically; Beta Testers Allowed to Stream, May Play a Role in The Story

Looks like what we saw so far of Destiny is just the beginning, as Bungie gave a few interesting tidbits of information today as part of the weekly update on the game.

First of all we learn that what we’ve seen so far visual fidelity-wise is not the final form of the game:

What you have seen is not even our final form.

Interestingly enough, we also hear that beta testers (the same post teases a possible start of testing in two months) will not only be allowed to livestream gameplay, but will have a chance to become part of the story of the Bungie’s upcoming title:

We will do far more than allow you to share your glorious war stories from the frontier. We’ll amplify your voices, if they are brave. Some of you will even be selected to play a role in our stories, as we go to war with (and against) our community in the wild for the first time. That will be as glorious a moment for us as it will be for you. Watch this space. We have plans within plans within plans.

Destiny, after all, is a thing to be shared.

Can’t say that’s not a definitely interesting perspective. Who wouldn’t want to be part of an epic story written by Bungie?

While we don’t know the precise date in which the beta testing will kick off, you can be sure we’ll keep you updated as soon as Bungie will share any further information.

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  • Preston queener

    Wow a dbz reference lol and im really excited for this game.

    • Fango

      lol I don’t think the author was even aware of it. That was pretty funny,

      • shinitaru

        he was just Saiyan….

        • Zach


    • alex

      Where was the reference? Lol

      • Preston queener

        ” this isn’t even my final form” was said by freeza when goku turned super sayian for the first time

  • Sticky Notes

    This game is gonna be huge

  • Steph

    Glad to hear they are updating the graphics because what they have shown so far has been mediocre with animations that are exactly the same as Halo multiplayers, the same for the setting…halo-like.

    I don’t have very high hopes for this game despite Bungie being the developers but it’s good to hear they are trying to improve it graphically….hopefully update the gameplay too.

    • ilovegoogleglass

      I don’t have a problem with the graphics? O_0

  • Bankai

    I’m still not completely sold on it yet, but I have high hopes for this game. I’m a big fan of sci-fi and I like what I’ve seen thus far, I especially like the setting.

  • ilovegoogleglass

    Totally gonna preorder to get in there… A mmo with out a subscription, I’m in…


      this is an mmo?

  • someguy

    my most anticipated next gen title for 2014

  • PrinceHeir

    Hype as hell for Destiny!!

  • TGAmeg

    It would be an amazing and exciting experience to be part of the story. Looking forward to see how the beta testing will turn out.

  • Martin


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