PS4 Xbox-like Official Licensed Asymmetrical Controller Released by Hori

If you have a PS4, but prefer asymmetrical analog sticks like the ones you find on Xbox controllers, Hori recently released the Horipad4 FPS controller that could fit your needs.

The controller has a few interesting additional features on top of the sticks setup, including a dial to set the sensitivity of the analog sticks, a “target” button that lowers the sensitivity of the right stick considerably for precise aiming, and two additional programmable bumper buttons. It’s wired (connects via USB) and it’s also compatible with PS3.

Unfortunately the additional features are counterbalanced by a few missing features. There’s no touch pad, no headset connector and  and no light bar (for some this might actually be a perk).

You can see a few pictures of the two available colors below. While the controller has been officially released only in Japan, it’s already delivered worldwide by several retailers (like PlayAsia) and it can also be found on ebay.

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  • Blackmaile

    Looks sh*t.

    • Boerewors

      It does, doesn’t it?? I actually have the PS3 edition with both thumbsticks lined up at the top; but I’m really satisfied with the performance. I use that one even more than the more expensive madcatz MLG controller. The MLG is stylish and customizable, where hori chose a cheaper look (although the materials used are great) with even a terrible led light function, which you can turn off. But the Hori does what it promises: great triggers, interchangeable thumbsticks (best feature) and a sensitivity switch so you can change the sensitivity on the fly.
      I always liked the Xbox layout better and although the DS4 is the best DS yet, I’m certainly getting me one of these. My hands are simply too big to properly hold a DS comfortably.

      • aeris bueller

        “My hands are simply too big to properly hold a DS comfortably.”
        isn’t ds4 bigger anyway?

        • Boerewors

          It isn’t really the size which bothers me, it the shape. Because I’m a big guy I have to arch my hands and wrists to get my thumbs on the analog sticks, whereas the hori/madcatz/360 controller I can put my hands around the controller… Almost like “hugging” it with my hands. My brother, who’s even bigger, explained to me a couple of times that I’m actually holding he DS wrong, I should be holding it more loosely… But the minute the action is underway I tend to tighten the grip and the DS starts feeling bad again.

          • Michael Balchunas

            Sounds like your gettin too excited to me… stay clam and loose and your gameplay will get better.

        • FleaTie

          The DS4 controller is the simply hands down the best feeling controller Sony has ever made but unfortunately believe it or not I am sensitive to wireless devices and you can not turn on the bluetooth connection on the DS4(unless you live in Japan, they were given a patch at release but Sony doesn’t want to give US patch for some reason, F*%#@^&!!!! So the Horipad is really the only controller for odd people like myself.

      • CHAINSAW305

        I’d like to get a PS4 but I hate the controller. What controllers do you recommend?

        • Boerewors

          For now I’m still using the DS4, but I noticed I don’t play the ps4 nearly as long as my other consoles because of it. I’m waiting for a wired MLG controller by MadCatz.. Don’t let the company name fool ya, they actually make quality controllers nowadays. The MLG controller for the ps3 has the shape and size of the 360 one and let you configure your thumbsticks/ d-pad, so you can mimic the 360/One style.
          But before trying alternatives, just try sticking to the DS4 a little while. Because I seem to be the only one I know with my specific problems. Everyone I know hated the DS3, but totally fell in love with the ds4.

  • SuperJamaican

    The Ps3’s Boomerang controller LIVES!!

  • ExTrooperBrenTurner

    And it’s wired… Definitely not buying it.

  • Jan Compaf

    LMFAO this is one of the reasons why i dont like XBOX , the analog placement and controller shape is retarded as ever but i guess its good for XBOTS who jumped that sinking ship called XBOX.

    • blAck-rOb

      I actually run on both so it’ll help to have a universal controller… It sucks to go from one layout to the other daily…

  • tubers

    Two additional bumper buttons? Interesting.

    Was recently thinking about extra shoulder buttons for controller design.

  • Solid Snake

    How would this work? You need to touch pad to access things like the map in assassins creed 4, and to use some features in killzone: SF.
    WTF were the designers thinking?

    • choujij

      Clearly they weren’t thinking about the extra input features of the DS4. lol

    • Jorge Garza B.

      Something in the lines of “Pfff, no one will use this gimmicky thing… for anything essential, anyways” back then (before it was released).

      Me thinks.

  • I would’ve bought this before I actually tried the DS4. Hated the DS3 plus I had an XBOX 360 for the last gen. Completely changed my mind after trying the DS4 for the first few days and I love it now.

    Another thing…they look like crap

    • Michael Balchunas

      DS4 is the shit

      • Guest

        you are the shit

        • Michael Balchunas

          You are Gdamn right.

          • Not A PC Gamer

            Go on Mr. White! 🙂

    • CervantesPR

      yeah the dualshock 4 is the best controller ive held, they should make it with better battery life or patch the PS4 to turn off the LED light to save battery. I miss the huge battery life from the DS3, and also change the material of the analog sticks because they have been pealing off for some people.

      • I actually like the LED light (plus I have the camera) but I see what you mean about the analog. Mine has a small split in it 🙁

  • Bankai

    Who thought that removing the touchpad (an integral part of the PS4 experience) was a good idea? And why make the analogs asymmetrical? Sure the ability to enhance the sensitivity of the right stick is cool, but asymmetrical sticks (in my experience) make games, shooters especially, worse.

    I guess it’s good that it’s not needlessly large like the Xbox controller, but that still doesn’t excuse this s**t.

    • Matt Dickinson

      When you put the thumbstick where the d-pad is it’s at least where your left thumb naturally falls when holding the controller. I find the DS4 most comfortable with the thumbs on the d-pad and face buttons. (That’s how the original PS controller was designed anyway).

  • RealityCheck2013

    Why would i want to buy a horrid Xbox ONE like Pad for?!?! LoL:D

    • choujij

      It’s probably geared to those making the switch from Xbox to PS this generation.


      i would buy that if it had the touch pad on it the regular ps4 controller hurts my hands after 2hrs of play the xbox controller fits my hands perfectly and i can play like 6-8hrs without my hands cramping up the analog joysticks are to close and i have huge thumbs so they rub together and create blisters 🙁

  • You are flat out wrong

    Only released in Japan? That’s a bit dumb, the 360 is as popular as HIV there.

    Strange that it resembles the old Boomerang controller a bit though.

  • TehP0werOfTehCloudz

    Meh … I hate the analog sticks placement for the Xbox Controller
    maybe this is aimed for the guys who changed from Xbox to Playstation this gen

  • CervantesPR

    this is a stupid controller made for people who havent tried the best gaming controller, the dualshock 4, the symmetrical design in the dualshock 4 is much better.

  • Redinferno124

    I like the idea, but was this really necessary. I love how unique both controllers are already. Xbox One has a perfect controller designed for comfort and the PS4 has a controller designed with a bunch of interesting features.

  • Quincy

    It doesn’t look bad but it does look like it’s made from cheap materials that might break half a year if not under a year. Original controllers are expensive but I’ve been using mine for more than 3 yrs and still feels like it’s not breaking anytime soon.

  • NeoTechni

    People have it and the lack of touchpad makes it worse than useless for ps4 games that use it. It sends random data which screws with games like killzone. Hori claims to be looking for a fix, but its too late to fix anything at this point

  • jacksjus

    Look for MS to put their foot down on this one. That’s not right and Sony knows it.

  • Waaiiit.. How can you not have a touchpad? Almost every game I’ve played maps something to the touchpad? That’s ridiculously limiting. :/

  • Heavenly_King

    and the touch pad is……nowhere to be found.

  • Nihelus Aurenis

    If there’s no touch pad, how are you supposed to play games? Games like Killzone are literally impossible to play without the touch pad. I wish official game companies would make controllers like this. I’d really like Sony to just make a wireless controller option with asymmetrical thumb sticks….

  • jeremy

    I want a ps4 but my right arm is paralyzed but fortunately I taught myself to use a xbox 360 controller with just my left hand. Is there a way to use a xbox 360 or xbox 1 controller with the ps4 like the pic below. there is the cronusmax but there is no ps4 support yet. please help

  • john johsnon

    We need the gamecube Pro controller to happen!:
    Back it!

  • Dylan

    I am amazed at how difficult some of you guys find the idea that symmetrical joysticks aren’t comfortable for everybody because not every person is the same. The idea that this is something that needs to be explained blows my mind.

    • Sucka Free

      Same goes for many of you guys always going on about how asymmetrical sticks are supposed to be so superior but can never give any rational reason why that would be so. It’s just a matter of preference and what you’re used to, one is no better than the other

      • Dylan

        Yes, that. Exactly that. The superior stick alignment is the one that you can use to the best effect. The end.

        It’s not too complicated, really. o_o

  • Chris

    I like the shape of the PS4’s controller the touch pad, and the built in speaker. I like the asymmetrical sticks and the responsiveness and vibration of the triggers found on the X-box one controller. Is there anybody that can make a controller like this for me?

  • blAck-rOb

    I use the Cronus crossover to run a 360 controller on my PS3, but I’ve heard that the new CronusMax has issues because the PS4 requires authentication every 30 sec or so, which causes the Cronus to constantly need to be reset while you’re playing… They fix this bug and imma get one… I only need it for COD, any other game and the PS4 controller will due… I’ve read reviews on this controller and it sounds pretty solid as long as you aren’t playing Destiny or a game that brings up essentials with the touchpad…

  • BenDrinkin

    I’ll try anything other than the actual manufacturer’s products, they are only guaranteed to last one year, at $80 a pop.