Ryse: Son of Rome’s “Mars’ Chosen” Pack Trailer Introduces Survival Multiplayer to the Game

on February 28, 2014 2:38 PM

If you like Ryse: Son of Rome, than it’s highly likely you like gladiators too, with the themes of survival and brutal skill conquering all so prevalent to narrative of the arena. The new “Mars’ Chosen” DLC introduces Survival multiplayer to the game in the form of five new multiplayer maps and gladiator battles (along with a new Legionnaire Skin).

As the trailer shows below, these maps will each have their own theme and tasks, including “Firestorm,” where players must outlast their impending death; the “Courtyard” and “Dockyard,” where players must execute others to survive; a map where players must construct a pyramid, and a map where they must protect an obelisk.

As previously reported, the “Mars’ Chosen Pack” will be available to download for $8.99 (or free if you own the Season Pass) today. So get to slayin’ and invoke your inner Spartacus (RIP, Andy Whitfield).

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