Masamune Shirow’s Art for Fire Emblem, RF Online and More Featured in New Artbook by Dark Horse

The massively popular mangaka and illustrator behind The Ghost in the Shell Masamune Shirow has worked on quite a few games during his career, and the upcoming artbook Intron Depot 5 Battalion to be published by Dark Horse will feature some of that work.

Between the most well known games included in the book there are Fire Emblem‘s remake Shadow Dragon for the Nintendo Ds, and the PC MMORPG RF Online, but there are quite a few lesser known titles as well.

Below you can see the cover and a few sample pages from the book, that will be released in the US on March 12th for $44.99. Having already seen the whole thing I can tell you that if you’re a hardcore Fire Emblem fan, this is definitely worth your attention. Seeing Marth and Caeda drawn with Shirow’s masterful hand really hits the spot.

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  • PrinceHeir

    Love Masamune Shirow’s art 😀

    But he has a lot of Hentai artworks still being made to this day ^^

    Some are NSFW

    • MasterofMidnight

      His Dominion Tank Police and GitS were the reasons I got into anime and manga in the first place. But his current art style looks bloody atrocious. He should return to traditional drawing, not this shiny, computer enhanced crap. It has no soul.

      I’m surprised dualshockers has bothered to mention this. He fell out of favour in the anime community more than a decade ago, and I doubt many of this generation of anime fans know who the guy even is, despite the contributions he’s given to it in the past.

      • Giuseppe Nelva

        I bothered to mention it because I like a lot of the stuff he does. I’m not particularly interested in what the “anime community” thinks of him 😀

        • MasterofMidnight

          Soz, I didn’t mean it in THAT kinda way. I’m just surprised anyone cares to mention what he does these days. He’s pretty done nothing other than ‘those’ mangas for quite a while now.

      • PrinceHeir

        Nah he’s still relevant, but not as known compared to Mamoru Oshii or Kenji Kamiyama which is funny since they didn’t made Ghost in the Shell, only they made their own version on based on Ghost in the Shell original manga which is nothing a like compared to the films and anime.

        Shirow is still overseeing ARISE as evident where there’s an announcement regarding ARISE, he’s always there present with the staff.