Titanfall: All The 15 Maps Leaked with Full Top-Down Images and Screenshots of Key Landmarks

Titanfall fans can finally get a full overview of 15 maps that will be available in the game thanks to Reddit user FallenFusion, that leaked the top-down views for all of them, including a bunch of screenshots for each featuring the key landmarks.

In addition to that, we learn that the campaign mode of the game should be a “completely new experience” but it’s still based on the same game modes found in competitive multiplayer, that were listed in FallenFusion’s previous leak that also showcased a few 1080p screenshots.

You can check all the maps out in the gallery below. The screenshots are unfortunately a tad on the small side, but there’s still plenty to see.

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  • Thinkaboutit

    Loving it!

    • Ron

      Me too!! And I love goo.gl/MZzHWS !! Because of them I saved money 🙂

  • Pfffffahahaha

    Silence from Sony fanboys is deafening. Maybe they’re actually playing games instead of trolling forums.

    • Delsin Row

      What? we dont another call of duty with robots 😆

      • Hates bad writers.

        Must be nice being so ignorant.

        • Mus1ckFPS

          so hes ignorant because he has an opinion , i already pre ordered this game, the problem is with people who think someones opinion is fact and then calls them ignorant

          • Steph

            He is ignorant because he constantly says how much he isn’t interested in the game and yet on every single titanfall article he is there trolling, that my dear is him being ignorant

          • Mus1ckFPS

            does it matter ? its still HIS opinion and he’s entitled to say whatever he wants even if it doesn’t make sense to you, just like you can disagree and he’s trolling? big deal you are seen on articles containing Infamous SS or anything having to do with PS and trolling so now They can’t troll XB1 and PC games but your entitled to troll on PS articles ? tell me how much sense that makes…..

          • apostateCourier

            He’s not entitled to being taken seriously, though. If he calls it “Call of Duty with robots,” we’re entitled to take offense to that. It plays completely differently.

      • Steph

        Surprise surprise u are on another titanfall article saying how much u don’t want it and yet u are on every titanfall mention haha

        Nobody believes u bud but keep denying, it’s good for a laugh

    • Mikeherp Derp

      Maybe you’re the delusional tard fanboy?

      • Steph

        U are on a titanfall article lol u are interested in the game haha no denying it. Who cares if u like it? And to call him a fanboy when u spam troll every xbox one article 😉 Jeez such children.

        • Delsin Row

          so laugh and play another stupid shooter game. its all you can get on x1. oh wait…… you can play ryse: son of a bitch too 😆

          • Steph

            Actually I can play any and all next gen consoles as I am an adult with a career and as such I can afford them unlike u teenagers 🙂

            Keep crying tho bud. Keep showing how much u want it. Just keep it up, ur doing great 🙂

          • Delsin Row

            good for you grandma. please leave youre fortune for me 😆

          • Pfffffahahaha

            It’s probably going to be rated PG-13 so you wouldn’t be able to play it anyway little buddy.

    • TehP0werOfTehCloudz

      Superman 64 > TitanFail

      • apostateCourier

        wat. Man if you’re going to troll at least try, man.

        • TehP0werOfTehCloudz

          well that was more of sarcasm than actually trolling

          • apostateCourier

            Oh. Hard to tell, given the low bar for these kinds of conversations. Thanks for saying so, though.

    • Magic


      It great game! Maybe thay don;t know where find good pice :>:> I can show them 😛 goo.gl/MZzHWS

  • Stu Pearson

    First off, I’m a Sony fanboy. Multiple times I’ve come close to buying an XBONE because of this game, it looks great. But as someone who VERY quickly gets bored of COD games and BF games, I’m going to hold off on this until I can see the final released version.

    • Let me precise this by saying that I’m not trying to sell you a product. If you do or don’t want an Xbox One, that’s perfectly fine by me and more power to ya!

      That being said? While Titanfall feels very similar to COD (regarding the weapon handling and whatnot), it plays absolutely NOTHING like it! And that’s a good thing! I (personally) get very tired of COD. At max I can enjoy it for maybe 25 minutes, and that’s only if I’m playing with a lobby full of friends. Running lone wolf? lol yeah, that doesn’t happen on COD. Battlefield is easier for me to enjoy, but BF4’s bugginess set me off fairly early in its lifecycle.

      Titanfall on the other hand takes what I love about FPSs and puts it together in a very VERY streamlined package! The verticality – the maneuverability – the “transitional gameplay” (Titans vs. Pilots)… Everything bundled together is a game that I’ve wanted for a long time, but one that I never saw coming. It’s part of a “overpopulated” genre, but it feels like nothing I’ve ever played before – and that’s coming from someone who grew up on FPSs and has spent the past 20 years of his life playing FPSs.

      Were I trying to sell you a product? Were I trying to sell you an Xbox One? I’d currently be using Titanfall to “justify” your purchase. If you’ve got an awesome gaming rig, that’d be the other place to play, but I wouldn’t bother on the Xbox 360… Different dev, older hardware, and a cloud of secrecy to go along with it…

      My advice? If you want to play a truly “new” FPS, get this for Xbox One or PC. There’s a reason it’s won the 75+ awards that it has – they aren’t just for show.

      • Andrew Burtt

        I will second all of the points that Butterfly made. For me, the only thing COD like in this game is the control scheme, but you can’t really attribute that to COD anymore because even Halo uses a similar scheme. It is the fluidity and verticallity of the game that stands it apart from all other shooters. It plays much faster than COD, but not so fast that it is twitchy (like UT3). Being able to transition from Titan to Pilot is seemless, but the balance between the two is well… balanced. LOL.

        I have never tried to argue about which is better (PS4 or XB1), but if I also were trying to sell you on an XB1, I too would use this game to justify the purchase.

        • Stu Pearson

          Great replies from you two. Thank you.

          I do already own the PS4, so it was just a case as to whether I could justify paying another £400 pretty much just to play this game and use the Kinect features.

          It’ll be something I’ll continue to think about over the next few weeks

          • apostateCourier

            The hardest thing in the beta for me was learning to look up.

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  • Steph

    The maps look really cool and I’m surprised by how much variety they all include with all the differences, landmarks, and layouts. Will be fun for sure.

    • Combos

      heeheheh nice idea
      Did You play? I had order here goo.gl/MZzHWS and I am waiting

      • shinitaru

        Hey Moron! Nobody is going to click your on your spam. You can stop now

  • Brian

    dunno is it just me or most of them look pretty much the same.

  • ilovegoogleglass

    Can’t wait to have battles in the buildings!

  • buccaneer3

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  • Mike

    I also bougt it on http://www.kinguin.net/
    Best deal ever !!!

    • Meg

      Because of Your advise I decided to buy this game on goo.gl/MZzHWS! You had right. It is the best price!

  • Roszpunkax33

    So not only I preordered Titanfall on http://kinguin.net ? I’m so excited! 😀

  • mbobby

    I used this one http://goo.gl/MZzHWS – it’s same as yours. Anyway – ordered and waiting:)

  • alexxxj

    I`ve just ordered it on http://www.kinguin.net and I`m really happy with sales in that store!

  • Kimi

    Pocket designers did a map. Location is in the basic version 15, each without exception can be perceived that they were created from scratch in order to shift elements of parkour, jumping, and the presence of titans. There is always a reflection of what or for what hide. Titanfall recalls that good maps do not interfere with the liquidity and pace of the game, and only those elements of support. Unfortunately, I can not choose a specific location by joining the game – we’re on constant rotation. goo.gl/MZzHWS