Titanfall’s Campaign Will Last Two Hours for Each Side; Paid DLC Confirmed but no Microtransactions

Interviewed during the Lobby videocast on GameSpot, Respawn Entertainment Co-Founder Vince Zampella shared a few more details about the single player campaign and upcoming DLC.

Zampella explained that the company focused on multiplayer because┬ásingle player campaigns normally get devoured too fast, so they preferred to focus on the part of the game that will entertain players for hundreds of hours. He also mentioned that players will be able to play both sides of the mutiplayer story campaign and it’ll last them a couple hours for each side.

He then confirmed that both paid DLC and free updates (like private matches) are already planned, and there’s going to be a season pass, but no microtransactions.

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  • Dirkster_Dude

    I don’t have any interest in playing this game. However, a season pass is reasonable if it relates to paid DLC, but not if required to play multiplayer at all even if the game is used. No micro transactions is also a good thing.

    • Dan

      Would you consider it fair for Gamestop to make money on the sale of a used game, while the company that MADE it makes ZERO? An online pass on a used game purchase is very fair. That is if you want these companies to make money, and making games.

      • Dirkster_Dude

        I believe in the First Sale Doctrine. Season passes for used games that are only for online play without a single player component to me is no different than reverse piracy. People will be paid what the market supports. If that means it can’t go on like it has been then the video game industry needs to change.

        • Jesse

          You still have to pay for Xbox Live Gold if you want to play the game at all but the PC version only needs internet connection and a free origin account. They did however say there will be DLC but no microtransactions which means the DLC will be map packs and bigger stuff like that.

        • Dan

          If you look at options available to the industry there are few. Outside of online passes, or DRM (similar to what MS was trying to implement) Game stop will continue to gouge both the consumer (in terms of trade in) and the developers/publishers (in terms of lost revenue).
          My biggest grip isn’t with Game stop however, its with gamers. We all seem to want bigger, and more expansive experiences, but are to a degree unwilling to pay for it. Look I’m not saying rush out and buy a bad game, but if a game is good the company that made it deserves to make money off of it. If only for the selfish reason I want to see more from said company.
          As some have said, the world is not a better place with out the likes of THQ, Atari, or Sierra.

  • Steph

    Looking forward to learning the lore and story while playing campaign multiplayer, good times ahead.

  • Jamal

    Can’t wait

  • HeczTehFinezt

    “single player campaigns normally get devoured too fast, sp they preferred to focus on the part of the game that will entertain players for hundreds of hours.” What I got out of that, translation: this is a message from the gaming community of how gamers skip the sp and play the mp instead.

    I prefer to play single player mostly because of the story and trophies, unlockables and play the more difficult modes. I still hold on to the traditional old school SP type of gamer “pledge” but I enjoy mp here and then, with friends and online buddies mostly.

    I think the only people that enjoy playing mp are the new gamers or casual gamers and cod commentators. The campaign is 2 hrs long, the game’s main focus is mp and its priced at $60, a rip off in my opinion, the price should have been $30, tops.

    • datdude

      I’m with you….single player first and foremost. I need a story to move the gameplay forward. I enjoy multiplayer occasionally, but I don’t have the time necessary to devote to it in order to be as competitive as I would like to be, and that’s to say nothing of the cheater, glitchers, or a$*holes online who make the experience less than it should be. Nothing beats sitting down with a great game with a compelling narrative for a half hour or an hour, and being able to come back to that game a week later and pick up right where you left off, no problem. Most of the best games of all time, and the best games of the ps3/360 generation, are single player only or single player first titles. I can’t think of any multiplayer only games that have been considered goty or game of the generation type games.

    • Zerosion

      I’m on the opposite end myself. I find Campains in game such as COD and Battlefield to be completely unengaging, boring, and pointless wastes of resources.

      Each to their own, if you don’t want to buy Titanfall, then don’t. I’ll be enjoying it myself.

  • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

    “Campaign” right you mean some sort of MP pseudo joke of a campaign, this game is nothing more then a MP only dude bro shooter wank fest, they shouldn’t even be allowed to use the term campaign when it doesn’t really have one, they are just trying to get people who prefer single player campaign experiences into the game, they will be sorely disappointed when they find out this COD clone garbage doesn’t have one. Shame on Respawn for lying to the gamers, shame on Microsoft for lying yet again.

    • lester perdomo

      you sound hilarious

      they said from the get go, no campaign.

  • incendy

    Definitely getting this game for the MP, but that launch trailer does have me very curious about the story. Regardless, March 11 cannot come soon enough

  • Marti Dzik

    hey i wanna buy tf in preorder ( http://www.kinguin.net/category/3242/titanfall-ea-origin-key/ but before it id like to play beta, has anyone have a key? Plz share <3