XSEED: “No Plans” to Localize Valhalla Knights 3 Gold

Recently I’ve been covering Valhalla Knights 3 Gold, the updated re-release for the original PS Vita title that launched for North America in 2013. Today, however, publisher XSeed has confirmed on their official Facebook page that they have “no plans” to bring Gold to the States:

Xseed Xseed revealed the information after a Facebook user inquired about whether Gold would ever reach our shores. This announcement comes as no surprise, as sales for the original game in North America were lukewarm at best. Check out my review of the first Valhalla Knights 3 here to get a better picture.

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  • Mikeherp Derp

    What is it with Japan and borderline porn games on console? Sometimes featuring underage girls with their clothes being torn off. :/

  • James Darkly


  • nonscpo

    Months later and the argument remains the same, they should have waited and localized Gold and give folks the definitive version of the game instead of leaving gamers with the earlier incomplete port.