inFAMOUS: Second Son’s Lasts 10-12 Hours; “Steel” Power Was Discarded, Destruction is Permanent

inFAMOUS: Second Son is building up to be a very interesting game, but how long will it keep you busy, especially considering that it doesn’t have multiplayer? Sucker Punch Productions Co-Founder Chris Zimmerman gave some more details during a livestream on Destructoid.

Zimmerman explained that the game will last about 10-12 hours to complete the main story (we also know that there are collectibles and side missions), depending on how fast you play. If you play evil, since it’s a bit more about dashing in and destroying everything, it may last a little less. Of course this is for each playthrough, and since the story is very different depending on whether you play good or evil, you can multiply that at least by two.

In addition to this, we finally learn something about a power that isn’t neon or smoke, even if we’re told about that just because it didn’t make it into the game.  Sycker Punch experimented “steel”, did “a whole bunch of stuff,” and it was cool but it felt “been there done that,” so they decided to discard the idea.

Finally we learn more about one of the coolest elements in the game, environmental destruction: not only all black and yellow elements in the game (that belong to the DUP) are destructible, but they’re actually “perma-destructible”. If you take something down, it’ll stay down for the whole playthrough. This will influence the DUP control percentage of each district.


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  • Escopablobar

    @ 10 to 12 hours there needs to be an excellent narrative in place. GTA5 has placed a lot of pressure on other sandbox games with its ability to deliver a compelling story along with endless hours of equally compelling gameplay. I think many can excuse playtime if the story is rock solid. We’ll see.

  • MattS71

    Since I do a lot of the collectibles, play through will be 20 hours for me, I am sure

    • lester perdomo

      yea same here …

    • Averix

      I did a ton of side missions in the other Infamous games. That was half the fun.

  • jacksjus

    Permanent destruction is huge and def next gen. Can’t wait.

  • lester perdomo

    cant wait to switch from this to titanfall and from titanfall to this …lmao …

  • Steph

    After watching both IGN and Gamespot do their live playing of Second Son, my initial worries turned out to be true.
    First of all the graphics are pretty good but the decision to not have dynamic shadows is a bad move and there is some screen tearing as well.
    The gameplay is repetitive and just a rehash of past games just as I worried it would be.
    The destructible environments are a nice touch but not enough of a change to be anything special.
    There’s a couple other things I didn’t like from the live gameplay but I didn’t see enough of them to know how bad it is.
    I love the developers it am just not feeling this game, I hope it does well so the devs can continue to make games.
    While I am not buying it, I will rent it. I just can’t justify $60 for Infamous SS.

    Ps this is my opinion, not urs, so don’t get all defensive about it.
    If u haven’t watched the IGN and Gamespot love gameplay videos u still can although it is obviously not live now.

    • CervantesPR

      More PS4 bashing?? your always bashing playstation and praising xbox 72-err-one
      game looks amazing and as a PC owner, i will pick this up over titanfall 🙂
      and worth EVERY penny unlike that half of a game titanfall

      and I still dont believe you have a PS4, but keep trying.

      • Kingdom17

        The shadows thing is ridiculous, you really must be nit picking if shadows are going to be a big downside for a game. But how can one call a game repetitive over just 40 minutes of gameplay that is near the beginning of the game, and after viewing it for myself, it seems far from repetitive to me (they might have been playing it repetitively to keep content hidden). If thats the standard for a game to be considered repetitive then most games now a days must be boring as hell for being so repetitive. That aside everyone has their own opinion.

        • Guest

          i think you ment to reply to @neonpriest:disqus 🙂

        • CervantesPR

          I think you ment to reply to Steph 🙂

          • Kingdom17

            No, will yes. I was agreeing with you, but I speaking on her points. So in a way I addressing her, while talking to you. And when I said you, I didn’t mean “you”. I meant as just any person making that point. OH BLAH BLAH BLAH. I was rambling.

        • Jeff Pee

          It is pretty ridiculous, especially when you take into consideration the amount of stuff going on on the screen at the same time. She deliberately chose to focus on that. If there wasn’t an article about the shadows I don’t think she would have noticed. But to be fair it is her opinion and she’s entitled to it… and to be even more “fair” just cause you put “just my opinion” at the end doesn’t mean anything, it’s like saying “I’m just saying” how about you not? haha

      • LOL

        Don’t care what that fag’s bragging,,,,
        game is gonna rock that steph shemale’s ass!!!

    • static5125

      “The gameplay is repetitive and just a rehash of past games.” This statement can never be more wrong. We don’t know the other powers other than neon and smoke, so your claim that gameplay is repetitive is premature. Destructible environments makes Seattle more realistic. One of my major gripes in Infamous 1 was that the destruction magically undid itself. I would blow up a car, run a block away and return, and the car magically repaired itself.

      Just because you acknowledge that what you said is your opinion does not mean your opinions are badly formulated and supported. Also, I suggested that you should prove your ownership of all 3 consoles, but you didn’t, making your claims of owning all 3 consoles highly questionable. Whether you own them or not, that does not exempt you from being called out of stating total BS.

    • I understand…I feel the same way about Titian Fall.
      A full price multiplayer only…
      No single player campaign game…
      100 ton Mech that’s unable to destroy much in the environment….
      Only 6v6..
      Plus the added bonus of the inability to be played in 1080p.

      I sincerely understand your stance…

    • Wargreymon559 .

      You’re a damn well known xboner troll.I member you from N4G.

  • Craig Sloan

    Well I’m obviously going to have to platinum this so about 25 – 30 hours then.

  • Trim Dose

    permanent destruction ? wow I totally wasn’t expecting this, one of the hardes’t things to implement in games, cause it has to save like every moment of you playthrough, that’s really something incredible and it will add alot of deep to the game!, freaking hell I want this game now!

    • LOL

      You guys didn’t understand, black and yellow things that belong to DUP are perma destructible, not every random green lights, cars, windows or whatever LMAO,,,,,,

      • Deku-Johnny

        Having anything be perma-destructible in a game is an impressive thing. The DUP look to be everywhere in this game so I imagine there will be hella black and yellow things.

  • Zaher Dabboussi

    Fix the Syker punch typo

  • Jeremy Jacinto

    on the first infamous…. finding those blast shards is really hard….. took me 30+ hours to finish the game because of that and the the boss fight in hard mode……. got my platinum baby

    • BalramRules

      It was hard? No it wasn’t, it was extremely easy, I did it all in under 2 hours.
      There was just one blast shard that wouldn’t appear on the map, not because of a glitch, because the dot was the same colour as the surrounding area, and it was off on the edge of the bridge and what not.

      • Jeremy Jacinto

        well after finishing the game, i start looking for blast shards from scratch…. because idk which one i found and which one is still missing

  • Michael Norris

    love the perma destruction,that has been a huge pet peeve for me.

  • You are flat out wrong

    12 hours? Nice. So much for those Xbots who said it was 5 hours. Time to take your lumps!

  • Crapgamer

    So no multiplayer and a 10 hour campaign? That screams rental if I ever heard anything scream rental. Didn’t we hear a lot of hate for Ryse and it’s 10 hour campaign? And that actually has multiplayer.

    • You are flat out wrong

      Big different here being that Ryse was refried dogsh*t that shouldn’t have been released.

      Keep being scared of Infamous though for actually being a game instead of a mindless grindfest.