inFAMOUS: Second Son Will Have a Day One Patch; Sucker Punch Working on the “Finishing Touches”

If anyone had any doubts, inFAMOUS: Second Son, like most games nowadays, will have a day one patch to address the last few nags, as explained by Sucker Punch Productions Co-Founder Chris Zimmerman during a livestream event on Destructoid.

We’re pretty much wrapped up now, but there were a few last minute things that are hapening now that people are starting to discover, that we’re just putting the finishing touches on.

This is it, there are disks being manufactured. It’s gold. There’s a day one patch that also happens, we’re finishing off the last bits of that, but yeah, the game’s gold.

Lately day one patches have become pretty much the norm, but in the end it’s definitely better than having to deal with bugs and glitches for a while after launch, if not forever, like we did a few years ago.

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  • Delsin Row

    No biggie. you guys have no idea how excited i am until this game release 😀

    • Boerewors

      Well, your name did kinda give it away 🙂
      I’m actually experiencing the opposite. This is the first big exclusive for the ps4 and I just couldn’t care less. Especially after seeing the ign live stream I was left underwhelmed to say the least. Never during that footage I had the feeling this couldn’t be done on the ps3, apart for some lighting and explosions. Furthermore I was really disappointed in the gameplay; it’s still the same old infamous with some special moves to make it look better. It didn’t feel like a new game or a game which tries to innovate within the franchise. Honest to God I hope I’m wrong, but the game feels more 7,5/8ish than a 9/10 to me at this point.

      • jdp12

        well, no game is for everyone.

      • Bankai

        Well, I disagree, but I respect your opinion.

      • TheDreamerMark

        I understand what you’re saying but this is only a sample of the game to be honest. This is why I think they are against the demo route this time because people may think it is representative of the entire game. I would say give it a try because there are some big surprises they are holding back apparently. Don’t let the web ruin those for you after release. Plus…this looks pretty fun and awesome.

        • Boerewors

          I’m actually glad the company is holding back big chunks of the game for us to explore and discover…but in this case I just got the feeling there is nothing more to it than what we saw in the gameplay footage. You can add 10 different powers to the ones we already know, but I think that will be more of an esthetic plus than that it will enrich the gameplay….but again, I hope I’m wrong! I wrote Killzone off completely before even playing it, based on my history with the franchise, but when I did play it I was hooked. So maybe Infamous will surprise me, I’m getting a copy anyway and I can surely use a killer exclusive at this point; my ps4 is gathering dust where my Wii U, 360 and PS3 see action on a daily basis.

      • Neil Riley

        I love the InFamous series so I personally can’t wait. From what I hear, Sucker Punch have held a lot of stuff back which, if true could raise your 7.5/10 predictions up a notch to 8.5 which is a very decent score.

        Still, time will tell I guess.

  • Shajita

    For anyone wondering, when the game goes gold, that means that the disc is in mass production, and it’s too late to change anything being printed. However, that leaves a month where all your developers and playtesters are just sitting around doing nothing until the game ships, while the planners, writers and artists plans the development of their next game. So people decided that the devs and testers could continue fine-tuning the game, and work on DLC so it can be released while the game is still fresh. It’s not about rushing out an unfinished product, it’s not about releasing DLC that was done before the game itself, it’s just because having almost an entire team sit on their ass reading comics all day until the next game can go into production, is a waste of time, money and talent.

  • static5125

    Steph posts troll comment about Infamous in 3…2…1…

  • foureyes oni

    thats a bit disappointing

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Disappointing because?

      • ExTrooperBrenTurner

        Probably disappointing because Sucker Punch is still working on their game to give gamers the best experience possible. Oh yes, we should blame them for that, I was so hopping to get a glitchy game.

        • foureyes oni

          I have no problems with giving gamers the best experience i just figured they should have put this patch on the disc. Wait 2 to 3 months and maybe do a beta gold disc run then see what bugs there are then after they have ironed those bugs out and fined tuned the game some more then release the game. I Keep feeling that i’m getting sold an unfinished games this gen.

          • Duke

            Years and years ago, we would not of been able to get these patches to fix our games. The game would either of been delayed or released with the bugs.

            Nowadays these patches are refreshing and that’s what these day 1 patches allow. Instead of delaying a game, they can certify it for gold and start on production. Meanwhile any small bugs will be ironed out over the few weeks between going gold and release. A day 1 patch might be annoying, but it’s even less annoying having to wait months after another delay or getting a broken game.

            There is always the other side where a game must be released and even after patches, the game is riddled with bugs…. Looking at Battlefield 4. EA had the audacity to move the team into developing DLC while the game was buggy as all hell across all platforms. Lucky the public outcry knocked some sense into EA and they halted DLC development until the bugs were ironed out but that took a month or 2 to get a hold of. So in this case a delay should have been made.

            But for Infamous Second Son, I am confident this is not the case.

          • foureyes oni

            i understand that being able to patch a game quickly is great its just the fact that before the game is even being released we are already hearing about a patch for it. Its not a big deal just wasn’t expecting it for this game, i’m still going to buy it. Oh yeah don’t forget the 1080p assassin’s creed patch as well.

          • Neil Riley

            Sadly the days of cartridges etc are long gone. Today it’s get a game 99% working with minor issues (ignoring BF4, Skyrim etc) and patch ASAP. The devs are under huge pressure to release to a deadline and not many have the luxury to take their sweet merry time anymore.

            Also, I suspect that often it is only when a game is released that some bugs actually come to light due to the immense complexity of games nowadays… 1990 this is not.

          • foureyes oni

            It wasn’t as big an issue during the ps2 era as well but i guess this is just the way progress goes.

      • foureyes oni

        i was just hoping i wouldn’t have to download a patch right after i put the game in. But i guess thats gonna be the norm this gen.

        • Doc Burns

          See, as was said above, they /can’t/ put this patch on the disc. Not without delaying the release. It’s a common misconception that when a game goes “gold”, they’re just putting a seal of approval on it. In reality, they have moved into the stage where they’re printing the physical discs.

          As Shajita said, this leaves the dev team lying around twiddling their thumbs, back in the days of yore. But nowadays, they do day 1 patches so that any possible bugs they might find between “gold” and release can be ironed out.

          As you may infer from this, there’s no way for them to put the patch on the disc. When the game is printed, the patch is still in development.

          I can understand your frustration, as it does appear to be the result of getting an unfinished game. But in reality, the level of polish patches have allowed for in recent gens is above and beyond what could have been pulled off in, say, the NES era, or even the PS2 era. Those games were much simpler in terms of coding and engines, and thus had less potential for bugs. Back then, you’d spend more time in QA before shipping a game, because you had one shot to do it right.

          But they can’t delay the ship dates on modern games in the same way, because they’ve grown costlier to make. There’s a point where the budget for development exceeds any projected sales for the game. Ship dates don’t get pushed any more because it’s not profitable to delay when you can just patch any bugs later, after the game’s already making you money.

          Hopefully that helped your feelings of getting an unfinished game. 🙂

          • foureyes oni

            Its a satisfying reason.

        • XDrone (is the new name)-lol

          You do know that any updates on the ps4 run in the background while you are playing the game??? But I have a feeling that you’re stealth trolling here because the xbone does the update before you can start the game. As with the ps4, it first installs the initial game then you can play the single player of said game, then downloads any updates while you are playing. Maybe you didn’t know this, maybe you did. But I have a feeling that you all ready know this in which case you are then trolling.

          • foureyes oni

            i’m not trolling just a little annoyed with all the day 1 patches for these next gen titles.

        • Jecht_Sin

          You can still play the game if you like. It is SP only, just cancel the patch download or start with with PS4 offline if for any reason that doesn’t work.

          • foureyes oni

            Its not the downloading that bugs me its just the patching thats somewhat necessary for the game. You keep hearing about it for every next gen release. Just watch the order 1886, quantic dreams, the next call of duty, assassin’s creed ninja, and halo 2 hd will probably all require a patch on the very first day.

    • Neil Riley

      whys that then?

    • Mitch

      Yeah, it’s really disappointing they are patching some glitches and bugs day one :'(
      See the sarcasm? All they are doing is fixing your game…