inFAMOUS: Second Son’s Soundtrack May Hint at Unannounced Powers; Full Track List Available

The inFAMOUS: Second Son original soundtrack is available for pre-order on Amazon for $16.09, and its listing page has the whole track list, that you can read below:

1. Second Son – Marc Canham
2. The Vandal King – Marc Canham
3. Speed of Light – Brain
4. Conflict Resolution – Marc Canham
5. Brothers Nathan – Johnson
6. Double Crossed – Brain
7. Henry Daughtry Marc – Canham
8. The Bio-Terrorist Threat – Nathan Johnson
9. The Call – Marc Canham
10. Cumulonimbus – Marc Canham
11. Martial Law – Brain
12. Freedom and Security – Nathan Johnson
13. Serial Tagger – Nathan Johnson
14. Brooke Augustine – Marc Canham
15. Higher Elevation – Brain
16. Abigail Walker – Marc Canham
17. Wavelength – Nathan Johnson
18. Owning the Future – Brain
19. Smoke and Mirrors – Marc Canham
20. Alibi – Brain
21. Enemy Territory – Marc Canham
22. Scraping the Sky  -Nathan Johnson

What’s more interesting is that some of those titles could even include some hints to some of the yet unannounced powers that will be in the game.

There are three songs that hint at the sky. “Cumulonimbus,” “Higher Elevation” and “Scraping the Sky” Those could be hinting to some kind of ability to control atmospheric effects like clouds and rain, especially considering how rainy Seattle is.

Wavelength” could hint to the ability to control sound, music or radio waves. This also wouldn’t be too surprising considering the very lively music scene in Seattle. We’ve also already seen the presence of prominent indie record shops and live music venues in the game.

Smoke and Mirrors” probably hints to the already known smoke power, but could also include a reference to some kind of optical power or even the control of glass, that has already been mentioned in the Alternate Reality Game.

Finally “Speed of Light” might be related to the already known Neon power, but it could also hint to another light-based conduit element. 

On Tuesday I’ll have the chance to have a chat with Sucker Punch Productions’ Co-Founder Brian Fleming, and you can be sure that I’m gonna pick his brain about this and more. Will he give me any kind of hint? Something tells me he won’t. But I’m gonna try anyway.

[Thanks for the tip: GusHasGas]

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  • Batnut1992

    This is pretty interesting. I can’t wait to see if these predictions are true, and if I could control the weather like Storm than that’d be pretty sweet!

  • Christian Dixon

    “Cumulonimbus,” “Higher Elevation” and “Scraping the Sky” might point to full-on flight powers. I hope so!

    • ExTrooperBrenTurner

      Don’t place your hopes too… high. 😉

      • BalramRules

        That was puntastic.

  • Steph

    I seriously hope nobody buys this soundtrack haha

    • Bankai

      I seriously hope you get a life.

    • static5125

      $16.09 for 22 tracks is very cost effective and the Infamous soundtracks have been really good. You have no idea what you’re talking about.

    • Delsin Row

      i seriously hope you get a boy friend. because obviously you need it so much.

    • truthtellerdealwithit

      Banhammer needs to come out for this one.

    • Mikeherp Derp

      Mods please ban

  • Bankai

    I hope we get shadow powers. If so, I’ll buy 2 copies of this game.

    • Mitch

      But how would you attack someone with a shadow?

      • Bankai

        Take control of people’s shadows and use them as puppets or attack by jumping into and out of shadows.

        • Mitch

          While we’re talking about shadows…. Am I the only one who has noticed Delsin doesn’t have one?

          • Bankai

            He has one, just not at night.

          • Mitch

            Pretty sure he also doesn’t have one at day

        • shinitaru

          Sort of like Shikamaru from Naruto, could be a cool power

          • Bankai

            More like that guy from Fairy Tail who was inspired by Shikamaru, but yeah.

  • I’m thinking that the “Wavelength” track DEF hints at a power. If you notice some of the inFamous:SS gameplay videos on YouTube, you’ll see satellite dishes on rooftops and other places throughout the world. I was thinking that this is where Delsin draws his “wavelength” power from, if the power truly exists. Also, the idea of “weather” being a power is believable… I’d have to say that “clouds/rain/lightning” as a power seems quite reasonable. 😉

  • jacksjus

    Two things are certain you will either be completely surprised or completely disappointed once the powers have been revealed. The beauty is we have no idea. This is how it should be because I hate spoilers.

  • shinitaru

    Is anyone else having trouble with Disqus right now?

  • zdccrrfr

    the power of video