inFAMOUS: Second Son’s “Mind Boggling” Unannounced Power is Something Everyone Uses Every Day

A few days ago inFAMOUS Brand Development Director Ken Schramm teased an “absolutely mind boggling” power part of a yet unannounced power set that will be included in inFAMOUS: Second Son.

Today,  during a preview event I had a chance to have a chat with Schramm, and asked him more about that mysterious power set.

Turns out that it really must be something hard to guess, because he mentioned that during all the interviews he ever had so far about the game, no journalist (me included, and I tried for a while) ever managed to name the power or the power set it belongs to.

But there’s more, as Schramm gave me a further interesting and brain-teasing detail: the power set is something almost everyone uses every day.

What could be so common and at the same time so hard to guess? And “mind-boggling” to boot?

My personal guess is radio waves, but that is just my own speculation. Everyone uses them every day with their cellphones, after all. Feel free to throw your own guesses in the comments below.

One thing is for sure: we’ll soon know, as inFAMOUS: Second Son is only ten days away from its release in North America and Europe. To help you with the wait, you can also expect to read more coverage and interviews from today’s event very soon.

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  • Digital Hokage

    thats a pretty good guess…i have nothing right now lol

  • Sad Hill

    Sound or paper

  • Gamist

    It’s “mind-boggling.” The Force…

  • Jewy McJew

    Is it the power of love?

    • Sasori Nagashi


    • mekh_grg


  • Sasori Nagashi

    Internet porn, obviously.

    • Honestlydontcare


  • Michael Balchunas


  • GeO

    definitely water effect. This is gonna be awesome to see

    • jacksjus

      Not so sure on water because you have to be able to pull it from a specific location. With water all over the streets throughout the game I doubt they will make replenishing a power so readily available.

  • brandon

    sound or gravity

    • BalramRules

      Gravity… fml, that would be awesome!

  • ragingmerifes

    I wanted it to be paper or glass, but what if it was metal or concrete? Like Luffy from One Piece, Delsin could harden parts of his body and attack slowly but with a big impact and increase his defense. That would be a good opposite of the fast and fragile neon power.

  • Trim Dose

    breathing ?, he will breath you to death!

  • jacksjus

    My guess is something do with wave lengths and radiation.

  • ISISSecretAgent

    facebook or twitter probably

    but after Stick Of Truth hmm….

    • shinitaru

      Unfriend Al Gore

  • a guest


    • BalramRules

      We have got smoke, so I think that if it were air, it’d be too closely-related.

  • shinitaru

    I was thinking something along the lines of a technopath or like the guy from Watch Dogs, having the ability to manipulate the technology around him

  • txpackman


  • Mikeherp Derp

    Delsin uses the power of the internet to troll his enemies to death.

    • jacksjus


    • Gannicus

      buh buh buh 4k gaming super computer PS4

      • Mikeherp Derp

        I believe it’s MS that keeps talking about “4k capable”.

        • Gannicus

          it is 4K capable… at playing movies on. I think the big E3 announcement is probably just Japanese gaming title tbh

  • shinitaru


  • Asif Bashir

    Has no one guessed it yet given all the clues? *Mind* boggling, something we *use everyday* Im calling it now its the BRAIN! Delsin probably uses his mind to implode enemies.

  • Robert Jones

    The power of the Fart!

    • Averix

      That’s in South Park Stick of Truth, not Infamous.

  • I agree w/ya. I think it’s the “wavelength” power too. 😉

  • Damian Wayne

    I say water

    • BalramRules

      Kind of sucks if it’s that, as we can’t swim, so we can’t experience the power of water, AquaMan style!

  • Aria68

    Electricity Returns mothafakars !!!

    • BalramRules

      I hope it’s that.

  • jacksjus

    Oh I didn’t even bother reading. I guess the writer feels it will be wavelengths too. I’m almost certain this will be at least one of them. Those satellites aren’t there for no reason.

  • Analdo Gomez

    The power of the CLO…neh

  • Fango

    the power of diabetes?

    • Fear Monkey


  • Paper

  • RealityCheck2013

    The… PS4!!! 😛

  • 3rdworldgamer

    it would be quite ironic if it turns out to be the power of the cloud 😛

  • Fear Monkey

    It’s the power of flatulence….Helps with clearing a room….

  • Bankai

    I’m gonna say sound.

    • Jessika S.

      It’s water, remember the game is set in Seattle the one thing they have a lot of is rain. So I’ll say water.

  • Preston queener

    Is it the power of sound we use that every day an that could make for an awesome power. ( not as cool as Internet port obviously lol just )

  • joe

    water? electricity? air? wifi?

    • BalramRules

      Lol at that wifi :p
      Next up, 2G,3G,4G and now… 5G!

  • paul jones

    WiFi has to be.

  • Delsin Row

    I Agree with giuseppe. im sure its the power of radio waves

  • Gannicus

    Well with all the fanboys around, the power of talking rubbish till they die of boredom

  • kontis

    *** MIRROR ***

  • Josh

    Sound Waves… Like that scene in The Hulk

  • themuIe

    If no one mentioned it in any interview then it can’t be that common or all videogame journalists are creatively dead.

    I agree “sound” could be really cool.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Unfortunately I mentioned Sound myself. So that’s probably not it 🙁

      • themuIe

        Well, I guess you have to think about the sources in the environment where it can be sucked out from. Sound could be troublesome for that reason. I don’t think they would limit some power sets to certain areas, though all can’t be available everywhere. I also wonder if every new power he takes it from another conduit and those are kind of like “boss fights” or challenging events in the game.

        • shinitaru

          The power doesn’t necessarily need to be used for combat though, there could be abilities use to manipulate the environment or solve problems.

          • themuIe

            True, but it would be a waste to not use it for both.

      • shinitaru

        Yeah, but technically, is sound something that we “use” everyday. I mean sure, we do when we talk or listen but they said “something everyone uses every day” that leads me to believe that it is something tangible, like a tool or device. I could be reading too much into it though

  • Young Tuan



  • oddvintagetaco


    • shinitaru


    • themuIe

      You might be onto something.

  • Jessika S.

    It’s Water

  • Andrew Price

    its going to be brain power and how he uses it, will be

  • Andrew Price

    well either that or earth power idk i think it will be
    Telekinesis more than earth

  • DaneBohan

    Something that we use everyday? Electricity-Electric?

  • Invisbin


  • The power of Seattle Starbucks Wi-Fi!

  • ShutUpDonny

    The power of…

  • Hahaha

    Comon people Think!!!! Its ELECTRICITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WhyWai

    it’s the Internet! DDOS attack!

  • Spud


  • BalramRules

    I feel that is is going to be telepathy, the power to think. Who doesn’t use their brain everyday? If not that… perhaps it’s radiation, gravity (which would be ace), or electricity (woop!), or even… the ability to exit the dream! (we could potentially do this everyday, as a day in the dream, is not always a day in the outside realm). 😉