30 1080p inFAMOUS: Second Son Screenshots Show Amazing Reflections and Lighting but Won’t Spoil the Game

inFAMOUS: Second Son is less than a week from its massively anticipated release and a few screenshots are leaking out. While some are definitely low quality and dreadfully spoiler-ish, we selected a few that aren’t either for you to enjoy.

You can check them out below, courtesy of our reader Courtney, and NeoGaf users WordsintheWater and WeAreStarStuff.

Those definitely show the game in a flattering light, and as a added bonus you can enjoy them without any fear of them spoiling the story or Delsin’s unannounced powers for you.

The last one is a little bonus, showing a funny bug that’s actually quite common in third person games with a complex environment (it normally happens when the camera is pushed inside the character’s head by an environmental element placed behind it). It should be very hard to reproduce in game, so enjoy a good laugh while you can.

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  • Temjin001

    That last pic in the gallery gloriously shows off a lovely set of teeth =p

  • someguy

    Lord I normally don’t ask for much…but just this once can we skip the next five days. No one will miss them i swear

    On a side note though,the game looks beautiful..

  • Delsin Row

    steph trolls coming in 3 , 2 , 1 …… just look at this picture and go home

    • Bilal Prince- Ali

      OOMMGG lool.. do you mean that annoying ‘chick’ who comes here starts ‘her’ comments with “As a PS4 owner…..” then starts ripping on PS4 and its games talking about how inFAMOUS is the same old BS game and how shit the games gonna be and how its not even graphically good lol..? that bitch is annoying as hell.. if she legit comes here singing them old tunes i hope she reevaluates her life then spontaneously combusts.. ¬___¬ lool

      • Delsin Row

        yes thats her. it”s funny how she says she have the both new console and just love th game , buy in the act she”s just trolling sony and ps4. she trolls the order 1886 too. LOL

      • Dynasty2021

        As awesome as the game looks, Infamous 1 and 2 teach us the game gets boring fast.

        Yeah, the PS4 has enabled a bigger world in Infamous SS. Great. If there’s nothing to do in it other than collect blast shards, blow up antennas and kill some guards in pre-determined areas, what’s the point?

        Once you clear the zones, the game becomes really empty.

        “Look at how many people are on the street.”

        So? If they don’t do anything, who cares? It might as well be empty then.

        • shinitaru

          Empty streets aren’t realistic. This is Seattle we’re talking about here.

          Boring fast? I’ve got hundreds of hours into each game, running around finding shards, side quests, trophies, etc. They’re not the best game ever made but there’s no shortage of things to do and best of all, it’s not another shooter.

          Looks fun, can’t wait. 6 more days to more greatness

        • Somebodyissilent

          You xbot already got bored of Dead rising and Titanfail huh?

        • Bilal Prince- Ali

          yeah i get what you mean but inFAMOUS has got a lot of things to do once the story mode is over it always has.. it seems to be a game people want to platinum…. and there;s 2 routes on how you play the game which is ALWAYS a plus, but i do get what you mean but this inFAMOUS will be a lot more story driven with stronger character development and acting so you never know it could keep you entertained until the very end…? (hopefully at least lol)

      • DemonFenton

        Going to be honest I don’t think she owns anything outside an Xbox system. I going to be honest I don’t think she even plays on any of the Xbox systems as hard as many of us including myself on our systerm(s) of choice.

      • Rasheed Jackson

        Imma rip “her” a new one 🙂

      • YP

        I’m a primarly PC gamer but I always buy a playstation for console/sony exclusives (and FIfa). I thought I I’ll get a ps4 for The Order or Destiny but this game really does look good, sharp and sexy. Want.

      • BalramRules

        Loooooool! I was thinking the same thing. xD

  • Michael Clanton

    massively anticipated is a understatement when alot of gamestops are not doing midnights due to low pre orders….. fanboyshockers trying to hype an average game like the other ones in the series…look good but gameplay is just ok

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Someone’s still salty.

      You didn’t sound that salty when I said that about Titanfall. Wonder why.

      • ace-meza

        don’t even bother, people like these doesn’t deserve the attention. this game alone put every xbone game to shame

      • someguy

        LOL !!! tell him again

      • Utedude

        Keep telling the troll off!
        Why do people get so upset over Infamous? The PS4 is allowed to have good games too!

    • twinspectre

      stop being fanboy

      Titanfall is made for Filthy casuals DealWithIT (SmartGun , Aim Assist and other Filthy casual stuff)

    • twinspectre

      stop being a fanboy

      titanfall is for filthy casual Deal with it (Smartgun , Aim Assist and other filthy casual stuff)

    • bigevilworldwide

      LOL Gamestop had low pre-orders for Titanfall, only did a midnight launch because EA/Micro$haft got out their checkbook

    • shinitaru

      “look good”

      Bet that was painful to admit

    • Guest Vote

      People mostly shop online these days! KEEP UP!!

    • 9li8

      Awww, still crying tears of jealousy because Dudebrobo that he bought is just another paperweight.

    • Bankai

      “massively anticipated is a understatement”

      It’s good that you can admit that. And like I said before The Last of Us, GTA V and Titanfall didn’t get midnight launches around where I live, so your statement is invalid, as always.

    • Honestlydontcare

      you still shop at gamestop ?

    • You are flat out wrong

      I read a lot of Tituhfuhh midnight launches got cancelled because of lack of interest and even more had only a half dozen turn up.

    • shinitaru

      “massively anticipated is a understatement….”

      Glad that you agree, I’m really looking forward to it too ;D

    • ANDS!

      Wouldn’t that be. . .overstatement?

  • XB!

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    • ExTrooperBrenTurner

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        • YouSuck

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          • XB!

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        • Ritsujun
        • shinitaru


        • Matthew Bryant

          LOL MisterX? You mean that retard who constantly chattered on about a second GPU in the Xbox One even though Microsoft specifically stated that there isn’t one? That moron? You’ve got issues kid.

    • B. Ritchie

      LOL! Infamous looks simply amazing!

      You wanna talk about downgrade since E3 look no further than Forza 5


    • B. Ritchie

      Did someone say downgrade since E3?

    • shinitaru

      See? This is what happens when you defund the education system…..

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        • shinitaru

          It wasn’t your English I was referring to, it’s the stupid things you keep saying and that offensive jpg you posted. If you think that was funny, then yeah, you’re an idiot. Your illiteracy is the least of your problems

          Have a nice day

        • Matthew Bryant

          Better is subjective. The PS4 does have more powerful hardware. Congratulations on trying to learn English, but you don’t seem to know anything about the consoles. At all. Also, stop reading MisterX. The guy’s a conspiracy theorist retard.

    • DemonFenton

      Not another of MisterX cult members. You know he’s a moron and lacks any technical knowledge right? Oh wait your drinking his Kool-Aid.

      What you don’t know is that consoles are just PCs with components soldered onto the board. That means what you see is what you get. No secret sauce, firmware update, Direct X Update and many other forms of software updates will fix the ESRAM issue.

      My advice is to tell that cult master of yours to go learn something about building an PC and electronics.

      • XB!

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        • DemonFenton

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          • XB!

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          • Matthew Bryant

            DirectX is the higher level API. DirectX 12 won’t make that much of a difference kid. Most developers worth a damn use the low level API as much as possible. It’s far more efficient.

        • Swifty

          If memory serves correctly, they said the exact same thing about DirectX11 and look at how that turned out. 720p games on a so-called Next Generation console…

        • Matthew Bryant

          There is no dgpu in the Xbox One kid… Microsoft already officially dispelled that rumor last year, and tear downs have confirmed beyond any shadow of a doubt that no dgpu exists. You have an apu that has a CPU and GPU in it. That’s it. No dgpu. Stop reading MisterX. He’s retarded.

      • Matthew Bryant

        I’m definitely a Sony fan, but DirectX will actually fix most of the problems developers are currently having with the eSRAM in the Xbox One. Tiling will allow 1080p images to be split and post processing done on each section before putting them back together again. 8 GBs of GDDR5 is still WAY better than 8 GBs of DDR3 and 32 MBs of eSRAM, but DirectX 11.2 will help developers use the eSRAM better. The eSRAM isn’t really an issue anyway. It’s just another resource that developers can use if they choose to do so. It’s no where near as awesome sauce as Microsoft pretends, but it’s still useful.

    • Jhora Zakaryan

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      • XB!

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    • YouSuck

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      • XB!

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    • Courtney Strayhan

      Oooooohhhhh really now lol you still going by that lighting and compressed shots huh lol. Lol Greatness is coming to the masses

      • XB!

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      • XB!

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        • Jecht_Sin

          Oh yeah.. DX12. Wasn’t DX11.2 already the one supposed to change the fate of the video game Universe? We have all seen how it ended. Enjoy your 792p screen tearing no gen games.

        • Matthew Bryant

          Actually, you can use DirectX on the PS4. There’s really no good reason to unless you’re an indie developer because it’s not overly efficient, but it can be used. Sony’s API wrappers enable openCL and DirectX library usage (though they obviously had to code the library functions for DirectX since Microsoft would sue them for using theirs). DirectX and OpenCL are used as little as possible by developers though. The low level API allows for a lot more performance gains.

    • You are flat out wrong

      I can’t tell if this is parody or not.

    • Matthew Bryant

      Awww, the fanboy’s jealous.


    i feel it’s next-gen

  • jacksjus

    What’s up with the tongue and teeth pic? Is that a glitch?

    • Shaune Clement

      Just a zoom from turning the camera against a wall, happens in pretty much every third person game.

      • jacksjus

        A glitch from inside of his mouth looking out?

        • Matthew Bryant

          Yep, it’s called clipping. Some games prevent the camera from turning at an angle that causes clipping, others make the character disappear, and others just deal with the clipping. 3D models are hollow. 😉 That’s why this happens.

  • Obambush

    How about we put this screenshot up there

    • You are flat out wrong

      Nice Youtube screencap, loser 🙂

  • Obambush

    Can we put these up there as well? it shows how we can step right into puddles with no ripple effect or getting wet.

    • Honestlydontcare

      I’d be surprised if you could even make out a ripple at that quality yesh.

    • You are flat out wrong

      What is that, 144p Youtube screencap? Can’t see sh*t, captain. Your fear is delicious though. 🙂

    • WellWisher

      C’mon man. This is pretty sad. I hope the game sucks too (because if it’s awesome I’ll have to buy a PS4), but but this reeks of desperation.

    • Loledhard

      The anger, despair, sadness, self humiliation, low self steam is strong on this one fellas… hahaha

  • Gannicus

    bored of BF4 so… omg this game is so last gen, seen better graphics in south park:stick of truth like you can compare this game to the the most powerful thing in the universe, which is actually just a really unimpressive stick, ah well

  • ISISSecretAgent

    damn it would be awesome if somebody mistakenly pushed a button an released the digital version before launch

    lucky people that got it before release it looks freaking awesome


  • Courtney Strayhan

    Not even halfway through this game and I have clocked 15 hours or more and let me just say that third power……is a sight to see. #4theplayers

  • Nicholas Perry

    Fantastic lighting and model quality. Good luck to them, it should hopefully do well.

  • Orionsangel

    Dayum, now that’s what a Next Gen game should look like!

  • maxinthefax

    screenshot #25 strikingly reminescent of Maxpayne 1

  • Kreshnik Halili

    lack of dynamic shadows. other than that – great graphics.

  • AndrewLB

    You guys do know that the footage where these stills are taken from came with the following disclaimer:

    “Footage provided by Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC is for
    your unrestricted broadcast use. Broll is for editorial use only and
    should not be posted as raw gameplay footage. Please incorporate broll
    in an editorial package with team interviews, media commentary,
    additional assets, etc. DO NOT feature broll as stand-alone footage.”

    And the usual suspect PS4 fanboys did EXACTLY what Sony told them not to do. You guys are great.

    If anyone is interested in seeing the actual 900mb UNCOMPRESSED 1080p BullClip, you can find part of it here:


    Or here:

    • shinitaru

      Nice, thanks for the link.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      You may want to stop posting falsehoods. That broll video you’re posting, and that mind you, you should not be posting, doesn’t include any of the pictures included here, that are taken by normal users that already have the game

      Looks like the fact that the game looks awesome makes you unhappy somehow, but that’s just how things are.

      Now, since we don’t like people posting factually false information here, I’m sure you don’t mind taking a (long) break from commenting.

      • shinitaru


  • Dirkster_Dude

    “30 1080p inFAMOUS: Second Son Screenshots Show Amazing Reflections and Lighting but Won’t Spoil the Game” — Was there ever a concern that the Reflections and Lighting would ruin the game? I hadn’t heard that. What I had heard was the real trolls were more worried about the resolution and frame rate, which also amount to bogus concerns.

    • Jecht_Sin

      I think it was meant more as “the screenshots won’t spoil the game”.

      • Dirkster_Dude

        Sometimes you can’t tell with DualShockers. They can be as bad as CNN or FoxNews.

        • Jecht_Sin

          In some cases i agree. That 9.0 to Titanfall was waaaay over the top!!! .p