Sony to Integrate “New PlayStation Technologies” in Popular Engines like CryEngine, Unreal and More

Sony Computer Entertainment has always been keen on technological innovation, and many are waiting for the next big attempt to revolution the gaming landscape. Some think it’ll be a new virtual reality headset to be announced at GDC, that will kick off tomorrow.

Whatever new technologies Sony is working on, they’re looking to integrate them with popular engines and middlewares, as indicated by a new career opportunity ad seeking a Game Engine and Middleware Software Engineer.

Sony PlayStation’s U.S. R&D Organization is looking for a talented engineer to join one of their software development teams. This engineer will work with game and middle-ware developers in order to integrate support for new PlayStation technologies. Knowledge of a wide variety of console game engines and middle-ware is highly desired. Examples of such engines and middle-ware are Bullet Physics Engine, CRI Middle-ware, CryENGINE, FMod, Havok, PhysX, Unity, Unreal Engine, WWise. Prior experience in developing games is highly desired. Specialized knowledge in either audio or computer vision is a plus. Imagination is essential. An ability to learn what is needed and get things done promptly is required.

Principle Duties / Responsibilities:
* Application- and library-level programming and debugging
* Implementing support for new PlayStation technologies in a variety of in-house and 3rd party middle-ware.
* Providing technical support to game developers for new PlayStation technologies
* Writing documentation

While we don’t know for sure what these “new technologies” could be, we’ll possibly have a chancer to catch a glimpse on them during the Game Developers Conference. On Tuesday Sony will host a promising panel titled “Driving the Future of Innovation at Sony,” and something interesting could be unveiled there.

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  • You are flat out wrong

    New technologies = VR?

    • Giuseppe Nelva


      • ExTrooperBrenTurner

        Let me add : “hopefully” ^^ Can’t wait to see what Sony have up their sleeve on tuesday.

      • You are flat out wrong

        Making sure the engines work smoothly on VR tech would be very important before launching the hardware. Juddering framerates would kill it off.

    • PCS4-Box U

      Seems logical but there could be more to it…

    • VR tech will probably end up like Move, not very popular, a dead concept within months of launch.

      • truthtellerdealwithit

        No. lol

        • No. lol, explain why?

          • Krepler

            Why, if you didn’t explain why?

            Is it because you think it’ll be a niche product? A gimmick? He probably thinks it won’t. Can we all sleep at night now? I hope so!

          • Krepler

            Sorry, I missed the past you said not very popular! My foot is in mouth..

      • Craig Sloan

        Possibly I don’t see millions of PS4 users gaming with the VR headset often. I see it being somewhat niche at least for a while. I also only seen some games actually taking full advantage of it.

        • PatcherStation

          I agree. Only the cost of it will scupper its success.

      • DJ Evans

        I think you really need to think outside of the box on this. Yes it is a VR headset which is made primarily for first person games. However it has two screens, thus it can at the same time be full HD 3D headset. Ok not a fan of 3D gaming you say? Well just so happens that in standard mode, the headset display is equivalent to a +55in 1080p (maybe 4k) screen.

        Now couple that with it possibly having built in speakers (5.1 or 7.1 simulated) and a mic and you truly have a compelling device that will sell if it’s priced properly.

        Just my thoughts anyway.

      • Steph

        Sadly I agree

        • Duke

          Of course you do.

      • Bilal Prince- Ali

        i 100% agree.. people are touting it to be the next big thing but i dont see HOW the implementation could possibly be any better than playing it on screen, you can look around sure thats great but i can do that with my right analogue stick.. moving around will still require the left analogue stick.. so the question is whats the point…? who ACTUALLY asked for VR and who is it marketed for..? :S

      • maxinthefax

        a stillborn concept.

    • Trioptical

      Not just VR, new PlayStation technologies are also things like PlayStation Now, Remote Play, Interactive Streams, PlayStation Camera, the light bar, etc. If all of that is just built into the various middleware solutions, we can expect to see those things utilized more and more often, since it’ll mean that devs will have an easier time experimenting with them.


    Maaaaaaaaaan…… Anticipation is killing me!

    Feel like a child that was told is going to Disney world, but can not go for another couple months. Now I just drool over the tidbits of info that is trickled down through the sources….

  • jujubee88

    This is for PS VITA 2.0: Revengance.

  • Boerewors

    I just hope the headset will function as a regular “screen” as well. I just wanna game laying down… The VR features are cool and all, but it’s just not for me… But if it can also be used like Sony’s other head mounted displays that’d be awesome! Those things are so freaking expensive over here, whereas in Japan you get them for free with buying 4 boxes of cereal (okay, I’m exaggerating… But they cost 3 times as little).

    • shinitaru

      I question how good these things (Oculus Rift, Sony VR, etc) will be for your eyes. I can’t even handle the 3D on the 3DS for more than 5 minutes without my eyes crossing, I can’t even imagine what would happen if those screens were 1/2 an inch away from my eyes

  • ilovegoogleglass


  • Demetre HG

    Who cares

    • superkarma

      Apparently you, considering you not only clicked this article, but then took the time to reply.

      • jujubee88

        I care enough to say this was a mighty fine burn.

    • shinitaru

      Hey look, it’s Dualshocker’s pet troll….

    • You are flat out wrong

      A lot of people do, Demetre. Don’t be upset you could lumbered with the crap camera when others are going to enjoy proper next gen. 🙂

  • Thats Mr. Smoove
    • shinitaru

      Like the shirt and you’re pretty good, too bad you’re a hater posting this on a Sony topic.

      • Thats Mr. Smoove

        Don’t Worry this Video can be found on Wii feeds, XBO and PC as well.. I’m not hating. I have no need to hate any brand. However the console is the most interesting

        • Thats Mr. Smoove

          Console War**** Is the most interesting

        • shinitaru

          I guess, I’m just getting tired of hearing that childish term. “Sony Ponie”
          Doesn’t it embarrass yo that your peers couldn’t come up with anything better?

          • Thats Mr. Smoove

            It became music to my ears after being Called Xbot, Xtwat, Xfag for the last 8 years. I don’t really get insulted by it. I mean what would they call a Iphone user? its whatever. I understand where you coming from though.

          • shinitaru

            I hear what you are saying but it only perpetuates that kind of behavior. Stupid people say stupid things. Can’t be helped but we don’t have to add to it.
            Sorry, don’t mean to get preachy, just sick of the stupidity that is ruling our community these days


    • Guest Vote

      No freak shows please

  • Gannicus

    Wwise engineer, proves that sony is using AMD’s TrueAudio chip then. VR will be a gimmick and wont be that good. Ppl get annoyed at wearing the cinema 3D glasses your not going to be gaming for 6 hours a day with something like a VR headset stuck on your face tbh.

  • Steph

    Some new innovations for/with ps4 would be rad

    • rivencleft

      I think so as well, I think a VR headset could be an amazing new(ish) innovation that could create some fantastical worlds in game. Look at what’s being done with the Oculus Rift, being able to first-person view the original Legend of Zelda, being able to explore the entire Seven Kingdoms of Westeros from Game of Thrones first person including actually climbing the wall, there is just so much that can be done with a VR headset, the possibilities are endless. I also think it’ll be more immersive, whereas you won’t have the everyday distractions you normally have when playing games now, sunlight blinding you while you play, people walking by or in front of the TV blocking your view, etc. The idea of the headset is exciting to me, it’s new and it can only be limited by developers imaginations. It’s also kind of cool to think, like back when I was a child, NES was IT, playing Super Mario Bros. with the kid down the street you never knew in 20 years these kind of systems and accessories would exist. Innovation is exciting.

  • Fersay Ferrera

    Pc elitists and x bitches gonnaa

  • marc berry

    Sony is on the defense ? Wow. Why? If you have the most powerful system.

  • junguler

    i’m not really biting that vr crap, it’s all gimmick.

  • Dirkster_Dude

    It just seems like they want someone to help develop a better SDK, which is always a good thing because I doubt the holders of these technologies are going to give up there rights to them for Sony.

  • Landsharkk

    Just another chance for Sony to ‘checkbox’ a feature/ability in some half-assed way, I’m sure.

    “New Technologies” could be referring to new products as well, like TV’s, etc. Or they could be referring to the new on-disc storage type they’ve been working on (something beyond blu-ray).

    • Jdrm03

      shouldn’t you be at the misterxmedia blog talking about stacked gpus, arm processors, and 128gigs of esram hiding in the SoC?

      none the less, shill away.

    • shinitaru

      I’m sure it will be right up there with MS’ implementation of DX12 into a machine that was built to support DX11.2

  • Jdrm03

    Going to assume VR stuff and what not. Everybody already knows both consoles will improve on the software side over time.

    I hope the VR/AR stuff get’s some following. The Rift is pretty damn neat, but doubt it would ever go mainstream.

    Maybe Sony’s/MS’s competing products will have better chance of penetrating the mass consumer market.

  • maxinthefax

    no no what i hope for is new sony proprietary graphical engines something of that type

  • Karlo87

    Obviously going to be VR, but they’re a bit late considering it’s getting announced next week at GDC.
    Although I guess it’ll end up coming out in 2015.. along with Driveclub 🙁

  • DMPrince
  • PatcherStation

    If it’s VR, who’s going to be able to afford one? It’s by Sony.

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