PlayStation 4 System Update 1.62 Released, Weighs 336 MB

Sony Computer Entertainment just released a new system software update for the PS4, which is now available for download on your console.

The update weighs 336 megabytes and the patch notes are most definitely brief:

Operation quality during use of some PlayStation 4 software has been improved.

Upon installation no change was visible on the console’s UI, confirming that we’re looking at one of the usual small “tweaking” patches released to improve performance here and there. No details on the specifics were provided by Sony Computer Entertainment.

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  • Luckily my PS4 is left in standby when not in use :-d…..bring it on

    • Gannicus

      “left in standby when not in use” bit of a power drain plugged in when your not using it for 2 months!!

  • Demetre HG

    Lmfao how pathetic go phonies

    • You are flat out wrong

      They didn’t have to patch in massive numbers of features because the PS4 wasn’t rushed like the Xbone was, Demetre.

      • Gannicus

        PS4 is still missing ALOT of features that should of bin there at the start failstation4

        • Neil Riley

          Enjoy Metal gear solid @720p on your superior xbone whilst I have to stuggle with 1080p on my ‘fail’station 4. LOL !!

          • HaVoK308

            I never cease to be amazed at how absolutely sad you fanboys are. An astonishing level of immaturity, guided by misplaced loyalty, and a severe lack of intelligence.

          • Neil Riley

            Why did I think of the ‘Blue Oyster Bar’ when I clocked your Avatar?

          • cozomel

            Or 1080p on SS, while they get 792 and dips into the 20’s in Tfail

          • Dale

            Useless fanboys chatting about framerates and resolution on consoles again… Ever heard of PC gaming? Don’t brag to other people about HD games at amazing frame rates if you can’t even bring the hardware to the table..

          • Neil Riley

            Of course you are correct and we all know it but this isn’t about the PC, this is about the ‘failstation 4’ vs ‘Xboner’. I guess you have similar squabbles….AMD vs NVidia or whatever.

          • Gannicus

            no we don’t actually, we don’t really have brand loyalty we have a preference but if 1 is clearly better for the game/games we want to play we’ll switch.

          • Gannicus

            yeah 280x here w00t, also dunno why you got gaming evolved logo on it sux.

          • Gannicus

            your MGS5 with 2-3 hours of gameplay fail

        • Lemondish

          $100 dollars cheaper and more powerful.

        • Bankai

          Only a handful of people care, all the rest are busy gaming. So I fail to see how that’s a fail, when it’s only a minor issue.

        • cozomel

          And the failbox was missing even MORE, and how’s it feel to have your a$$ kicked by a supposed failstation in every department? Games, graphics, power, price

          • Gannicus

            well the X1 was supposed to be released 2Q of 2014 so its rushed to hell

    • Bankai

      Trolls aren’t welcome on this site.

      • DarthDiggler

        Evidently they are tolerated by the moderators.

    • Ritsujun

      Poor Xkeletons can’t afford anything.

    • Neil Riley

      The Xbones OS was a total mess and needed fixing. The PS4’s UI worked well from day one for what it did offer hence the tweaks. And stop using the term ‘phonies’ as it makes you sound like an utter tool!

    • Lemondish

      At $100 cheaper and more powerful, I think we can handle a slow rollout of system updates.

    • cozomel

      Let me know when MS patches in

      56% more CUs
      50.5% more Shaders
      50% more Texture units
      100% more ROPS
      400% more ACE/queues
      88% more GPixels/s
      40% more GTexels/s

      • You are flat out wrong

        Would be nice if they could patch some intelligence into the Xbox Mafia

        • DemonFenton

          Not going to happen anytime soon. They’ll go repeat “Infamous Downgrade” to “Sony lied about Killzone” and finally they’ll support “DX 12 will give Xbox One 400% power over the PS4”. Sad state of affairs.

          • Gannicus

            X1 will do real time raytracing using the cloud, and I think I know how there going to do it

      • Gannicus


    • TehP0werOfTehCloudz

      so how is the 13 GB patch for DeadRising 3 ?

  • Batnut1992

    Awesome, been happy to see these updates come along, especially since now I don’t see that Error CE pop up anymore. Used to come up a bit during my game times but now it’s all gone, to me anyway.

    • Neil Riley

      I imagine this update fixes the CE messages during end of level save points within Dead Nation.

  • Gannicus

    MS wins again

    • How you work that out then? Last i heard MS last patch for Xbone was adding in streaming what PS4 already had. Silly trolls need to learn.

      • TrollHater

        Not quite. MS added full Twitch support with lots of more options and freedom than on our Sony badboys. It’s more stable and runs smoothly and with better quality options. I wish Sony could do that with my PS4 but i think that’s still coming. Although i’m happy with the twitch on PS4 i am a little jealous of X1 and their app. Hope we get it too. It actually doesn’t matter who has what first as long as everything that matter reaches all gamers.

        I’m sure that this update approves a lot of things that we still learn to appreciate.

        • Bankai

          The Twitch app on Xbone has been fully optimized for the system and it barely runs better, so it wouldn’t be hard for Sony to optimize Twitch for the PS4, which would have it running even better than the one on Xbox.

          • Gannicus

            why would it? its hardly GPU dependant… mor CPU and RAM, X1’s latency is a lot lower than PS4’s so prolly run worse also speed of the operating system at background task so PS4ail on that one

      • Gannicus

        lies, MS patches are pure gold

        • Michael Balchunas

          God you would think you work for them or something after seeing all the crap that youve posted the past couple of days.

          • Gannicus

            if posting the truth is a crime then send me to jail

    • Stranger On The Road

      MS is gaining ground, the way it is right now their IIS might catchup to Apache soon enough ( ). But it is not all as it seems, if you actually look at the number of ‘active’ servers then Apache is far ahead of IIS; and the same applies to the busiest websites. So while MS is gaining ground, open source is still powering what ‘matters’ on the Internet; so no, MS is still not winning…. just yet.

      Sorry, couldn’t help trolling a troll ๐Ÿ™‚

      • TomShoe

        You can catch up on features, but goodwill takes a long time to earn back.

        No one trusts MS after that DRM BS they tried to pull.

        • John Nemesh

          Or their involvement with the NSA for that matter.

    • Curtis Davis

      Lmao not with the Kinect packaged in that POS

    • Neil Riley

      That’d be right if less pixels and worse fps was an indication of winning but it’s not so M$ doesn’t win again!

    • Lemondish


      You have to win something first this gen to do it again lol

    • DarthDiggler


      Please share the math on this one. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Roxas3510

      Because of a patch? You fanboys have truly become that desperate to defend a company you benefit nothing from that any little thing is a war between them.

  • Alkanida

    oh boy, come on sony.
    we’re still wating for that MAJOR PATCH.

    • Jecht_Sin

      Major updates usually are multiples of 0.10. With the PS3 they used to come out about every quarter. So it could be 1.70 in May. Without considering the exceptions, sure.

  • Shajita

    Seriously, when are they gonna release the patch that removes the HDCP? It doesn’t make it impossible to do let’s plays on the PS4, it just makes it stupidly inconvenient.

    • John Nemesh

      Not a cheap solution, but HDFury will take care of that pesky HDCP for ya!

  • Dennis Crosby

    Its amazing how an article about an update turn into fanboy rubbish give it a break already we all know “Sony sucks””Microsoft sucks” because you guys say it all the time give it a rest and go play so games

  • Stu Pearson

    I’ve never had an issue with my PS4, the update is welcome if it was needed, but its not something I was waiting for.

    • DarthDiggler

      DCUO is blue screening often. Sometimes multiple times in a row.

    • jdp12

      some games crash (Dead Nation, not sure about now but BF4 used to a lot).

      asides from that my PS4 has been absolutely fine too.

    • blessedswine

      if this update causes Tomb Raider to not crash when i try to use my game save ill be super happy.

      • blessedswine

        well looks like after getting to 58% on Tomb Raider ill have to start over as my game save seems to be freaking currupt!!!! and so is the backup one on PS+ well this will be a game i dont play for a little while i guess.

        • AndyArmani

          Oh, that sucks ๐Ÿ™

  • Anime10121

    Wont be downloading until mandatory…considering they already make us install EVERY game we buy, and space is going to become a big issue sooner rather than later…I dont see the point in downloading an almost half a gig update that doesnt tell you what it actually does :/

    • Stranger On The Road

      Note, updates that do not introduce new functionality would replace the existing files on the system. They don’t take extra space [well, minor differences], they replace and utilize the logical* space occupied by the replaced file.

      * physically the file could be somewhere else.

    • Jecht_Sin

      You know that unless there are new features the OS updates are most likely going to replace files that are already there, right? Not to mention that the following updated will still include some of these new modifications. Thus, no, you’re are not going to save any disk space not installing the optional ones, you just save some bandwidth. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Anime10121

        Nah, I didnt know it overwrote other system files, but even still, and I know that the next “major” update will include this one in it, but saving bandwidth is always a plus too… ๐Ÿ˜›

      • shinitaru

        And it could actually save space if the newer files are smaller than the ones they are replacing

    • Michael Balchunas

      You know you can delete and reinstall games in a matter of seconds while keeping your save files if its a disc based version of the game. Digital copies take longer to install.. thats one reason I’m sticking with the physical copies of games. Plus my collection is huge already.

    • superkarma

      Lol, wow…if 336mb means that much to you…I just don’t even…

      • Anime10121

        When generally most games released are 30-50 GBs and you’re forced to install all of em, every little bit counts ๐Ÿ˜›

        • Colonel Sanders

          300 MB is 0.6% of 50 GB. It really is insignificant compared to the games.

        • blessedswine

          100$ or less go get yourself a 1tb drive for your ps4 and dont worry bout space for a while. i have Cod BF4 tomb Raider Madden Killzone Resogun Contrast, Flow Flower MGS5 all installed and still have over 700gbs left on my HDD

          • Anime10121

            Definitely gonna upgrade later when my finances recover a bit ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Buckwheaties

    I hope this fixes the issue with using the Pulse headset. Its always killing my wifi and booting me off PSN and AC4.

  • CCM

    Come on guys we need more substantial updates than this!
    – Appear Offline option
    – Game/app/media Folders
    – Dynamic Themes
    – More Avatars already – they’re ALL from PS3
    – Friends online/offline notifications
    – Show when friends were last online
    – Status comments
    – Ability to pause/prioritize downloads
    – Ability for master account to play with a DS4 while remote playing on Vita
    – Share directly with friends rather than just Facebook or Twitter
    – External storage support
    – More apps (where’s GameTrailers, Machinima, etc?)

    There are obviously more than this but these are the features I’d like to see in upcoming system software updates.

    • Yisa Yussuf

      Here Here!!

    • Jason

      you already can play with a dualshock 4 while remote playing, sign in with your dualshock as a second user and you can use both. works with any game.

      • CCM

        But you can’t remote play on a Vita as the main user profile, only as player 2 or a guest so you can’t earn trophies etc. right now player 1 is locked to the main user profile and you have to use the Vita controls.

        • Prime157

          Create a dummy account on the vita if your really want.

          • Josuรฉ B. Hernรกndez

            I wantto use my main account on my Vita ever… vita is not multi-user, only can be logged one account at time, and changing imply to reset the system.

            So is a proper petition from @disqus_5JMg4kyVK3:disqus

            I could add to see and coment on vita activities from PS4. A proper social app integrated on the system, instead of just publishing for Facebook and twitter is a must… something like the Live area on vita apps…

  • CervantesPR

    the OS is already mostly complete and very functional but its time to add more features.

    • blessedswine

      i need some way to organize my games like i did on my ps3, indie, AAA, completed games, folders man i need folders!!!

  • John Henry

    With the xbox 360 vs the ps3 All anyone ever heard was how the frame rates was the key from the microsoft kiddies and now for some reason it doesn’t matter . This is just how sad the world has come . Does microsoft taste just that good to you poor little abused kids ? . It boils down to “I MADE A BAD DECISION” ” I CANT ADMIT I DID THAT” this is it in a nutshell . If EA and microsoft had their way this gen , Nobody would have any control over your systems or your games , You “IDIOTS” should be fighting for your rights instead of fighting each other as fighting each other is just what these Nazis want you to do .

    • blessedswine

      what in the hell does that have to do with the ps4 getting a firmware update?

  • Wheres the Patch that we are all waiting for?

    • shinitaru

      Updates usually occur in the evening, IDK probably anywhere from 4-7:00 PST

  • Matt Dickinson

    They ought to give more details than that.

  • Roar

    Still no software solution to the audio problem?

  • mikeslemonadeFromN4G

    The update is 1080p and 60 frames!