Morpheus Targeting $249-299 Price; Sony’s Studios Working on “Absolutely Fantastic” Things According to Insider

Industry insider Ahsan Rasheed has been talking about Project Morpheus for a while, and since the new VR headset has finally been announced and the gag has been removed, today he’s been sharing a lot of the information he’s been given by his usually reliable sources.

Sony mentioned that the headset will be “affordable,” but that’s quite vague. So how affordable will it be? Rasheed’s information on the topic is so surprising that even he cautions that things may still change between here and the hardware’s release:

One final thing I’ve heard over the last few months and things can change so don’t hold me to this forever.

Morpheus is targeting a $249-299 price point. And yes, I have told this to @roboplato many moons ago before this thing was even a thing.

The price seems even more convenient considering that according to Rasheed’s sources the package will come bundled with the camera (even if I’m personally quite sure that there’ll be a separate option for those that already have the camera itself):

Morpheus will include camera I’ve heard. The product when launched will have everything ready to go.

Rasheed also explained that Sony is going all-in with Project Morpheus, and isn’t just going to give it half-hearted support like it happened with the PlayStation Move or the EyeToy:

BTW this isn’t Move or EyeToy, Sony is very serious and major internal teams are doubling down. This isn’t a novelty.

Sony wants to prove to gamers that PlayStation is gaming. Internal teams are working on things that are absolutely fantastic.

Such a low price point for a virtual reality headset sounds almost crazy, especially considering that the new version of the Oculus Rift will cost $350 and Sony’s own HMZ-T3W Head Mounted Display is priced at $1,000, but many would have said the same about the PS4 being sold at $399 before its price was actually announced last June. That said, we definitely should consider this just a rumor for the moment.

We’ll have to wait and see if Sony will manage to sell the Morpheus at such a bargain price. One thing is for sure, that kind of affordability would definitely drive adoption, and technology like Morpheus lives or dies on its adoption by customers. If Sony wants virtual reality to really take off, they’ll have to keep the price down, or it’ll end like stereoscopic 3D did during last generation.

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  • Jhora Zakaryan

    The new version of Oculus Rift is another development kit and not a consumer product, hence its high price. $249-299 seems rather reasonable if it will have built in audio and motion sensors…

    • Varik

      No audio in the demo Sony one.

  • Jewy McJew

    Price sounds good! And since the competitor’s Oculus Rift low-volume (no economies of scale) devkit cost $350, getting the manufacturing price down to $300 seems reasonable.

  • not bad……not bad at all. Time to start saving

  • PCS4-Box U

    I’d buy it day one at that price, no questions asked.

  • Aria68

    at $250 i will stand naked in front of SONY store!

    • NeoTechni

      I’d join you

      • VK Cybermat

        Me too. Day one buyer assured!

    • Joshua Rizk

      New headline by dualshockers;

      1000s of naked fans standing outside eagerly waiting the launch of project Morpheus


      • James Darkly

        +1 into depraved gamers…

    • Steven Solidarios

      At least Morpheus will keep your head warm on the way home.

  • deerjerkydave

    Let’s be honest, good VR has been the dream of every geek on the planet. It’s finally happening. People I know who have used Oculus Rift are blown away by it. Sony just gave me one more reason to get a PS4.

  • jacksjus

    That price will not work and I will tell you now.
    1. It’s an accessory and not a standalone system.
    2. You still have to stand in front of your PS4 while using it, rendering your expensive tv obsolete.
    3. Sony is going to have to introduce a long list of supporting software, because this cannot launch only supporting a few games.

    However, I am very curious to demo it for myself. Obviously the effect can’t be explained verbally.

    • Dfooster

      I don’t see the relevance of point 2 to be honest. Yes you won’t be watching your tv whilst using it but it doesn’t render the tv useless for other things like errr…. Watching tv

      • vcarvega

        People aren’t going to care about the TV. Your other points are valid though. Anything more than $120 will make this a very niche product. If it doesn’t cost more than two extra controllers though… That’s not a bad deal.

    • TVs are accessories to your ps4 right? All it is really it would be like buying another TV. The price is very adequate for buying a personal a monitor and sound system.

  • CervantesPR

    $250 is not that bad at all, but this thing has to be crazily advertised in store kiosks and such so people get to experience it for themselves, im really curious about this thing but im kind of worried that it will F%^& up your eyesight.

  • vcarvega

    I’ll buy it if they have a handful of interesting games when it launches… But that’s way too high for mass adoption.

    • ShutUpDonny

      For a tech like that, I only need one great game to convince me to buy one. Give me a No Man’s Sky or a Fallout 4 and I’m in, even if it’s the only game available ever!

      • vcarvega

        If a game as huge as Fallout were available on it, I agree… I’d be all in! Even just having two or the of their AAA first party games will be enough…. Uncharted would be sick! Although, I think open world environments may benefit the most.

        Hell, if Minecraft was available on it, I’d be in!

    • angh

      You have plenty of games on pc to use with VR glasses. This itself makes it valid.

  • vcarvega

    This also flies in the face of Shuhei’s comments concerning its affordability… I think it wool be less than $150. The tracking components are simply what’s already being used with Move. Most of the additional cost will be from the display.

    I’d say $250 tops when bundled with the camera… $100 – $150 for those of us that already own the camera.

    • Diablo_Jambe11

      I don’t think you understand what goes into research and development for these things lol. If they give it you for that price they will lose way too much money. Look at smartphones these days selling for $600 or more to buy outright. $250-$300 is a great price for something like this.

    • harriskatz

      The PS4 Camera is only $60 retail… so, there cannot be a $100 price difference with or with camera in bundle. Maybe $199/$249 or $249/$299?

  • Steph

    Lol at $250-$300 even with a ps eye, that is way too much. It will have to have a ton,of supported games that are actually worthwhile,and,no doubt about it, that isn’t going to happen, VR on consoles will flop. Sony should have thought smarter and done something else innovative,especially since they have such financial woes. Morpheus is a gimmicky disaster waiting to happen.

    If u think the majority of ps4 owners are going to plop down $250+ for a VR headset, u are dead wrong.

    • Michael Norris

      Ugh just go away…

    • Diablo_Jambe11

      You seem to know more about VR than the top executives at sony lol are you serious? VR is not a gimmick it will definitely be mainstream within the next few years. On another note $250-$300 dollars…anyone with a full-time job that knows how to save can afford that. That is a great price for new technology considering even TV’s these days are in the $800-$1000 range on average.

    • CervantesPR

      i think its got more chances of flopping than being successful but ya never know if it becomes a hit or not, gaming is in serious need of going to the next stage of entertainment, just like 3D style videogames with polygons was a step foward from 2D games, pretty graphics alone and a controller/mouse and keyboard has been getting kinda repetitive and stale for quite some time now, the future of video games is motion gaming etc, being in an ACTUAL gaming world being able to experience something trully immersive, as ridicoulous as it sounds motion gaming is the future, they just have to perfect it, playing with a modern racing wheel and racing seat and shifter etc with a motion chair is proof of how video games can provide a somewhat realistic etntertainment experience.

    • jacksjus

      I agree with you to an extent here. I challenge your thoughts on their financial woes. If they were so broke they wouldn’t have had the money to research and develop this gimmick. Obviously their financial priorities right now are in line. Scared money won’t make money and that’s fasho.

    • Omar Baltazar

      Truth be told lol. I always know you’re gonna respond to a Sony post. And so far it’s been 100% accurate. I love waiting to see what funny/entertaining comments you will put up next. I actually look forward to them aha. (Since all you do is bash Sony. I find it amusing)

    • ROFL- you are so retarded it is HILARIOUS… #Steph4Prez (LMMFAO!)

    • Xtreme Derp

      Wrong as usual.

    • Rambo Deochenta

      What you seen to forget is that vr for games one thing ,having a IMAX theater in your face is another!!

    • Jecht_Sin

      I see you changed the avatar, dear. The Nosferatu look of the previous one didn’t suit you anymore? ^_^

    • Kingdom17

      Again, if Sony thought it was going to be such a flop, they wouldn’t take the risk. Now begone, go troll something else.

    • DemonFenton

      Never go full retard…

    • TruthHurts

      Judging from this board… you seem to be dead wrong

    • The majority of PS4 don’t have to buy it. Sony don’t expect the majority to, either.

      <$300 is really great value. This will sell like hot cakes to a certain subset of the ps4 market. I'd predict easily a million sales in a month if they make enough of them and release it globally.

      Alien Isolation and Dying Light!

    • Steven Solidarios
    • Steven Solidarios
    • Steven Solidarios
  • mikeslemonadeFromN4G

    Haha I’m a prophet. I originally guessed $399.99(same price as PS4) but then I changed it to $299.99 yesterday because the build of this hardware looks cheaper than I thought. Although the build still looks great.

    I’m untouchable when it comes to predictions haha. PS4 3:2 early on, PS3 will eventually beat the 360..etc. Don’t doubt my predictions!

    • Matt Dickinson

      who is going to win this year’s preakness?

      • mikeslemonadeFromN4G

        Hey Matt I charge $200 per prediction. What’s your paypal?

        • Matt Dickinson


          • mikeslemonadeFromN4G

            here’s a sample:
            Miami Heat win finals
            Kevin Durant MVP
            Clowney is 1st pick
            Clowney is a bust and won’t stay healthy and lacks power

          • harriskatz

            GO HEAT!!!!

    • Obi Alfred

      Do you think the PS4 will stay in lead this generation?

      • mikeslemonadeFromN4G

        You talking install base wise? Yes it will win by 3:1 to X1 or more . Haven’t looked into Wii U though.

    • Xtreme Derp

      Oh really? “Bold prediction time: PS4 install base in Japan will outsell X1’s in install base in the US by the end of the generation.” Right now Xbox One’s install base in the US is about 8-10 times the PS4 install base in Japan, which looks to be one of the weaker markets for home consoles these days. Good luck with that.

      “Whatever they can supply Japan, that’s how much the PS4 will sell. If supply was not a question then they would sell 2 million.” Considering sales plummeted to 30k a week since the 300k launch, lol no.

      “My prediction is it will take Microsoft atleast 2 years total for it to outsell the WiiU.” Umm they’ll probably hit 4 million by the end of this month with the Titanfall boost. After 4 million even if they only sell 200-300k a month, they’ll still beat the Wii U well before 2 years assuming Wii U continues its poor sales. So you’re probably wrong here too.

      As for PS4 outselling Xbox 3:1 globally, I think it will be more like 2:1 when all is said and done.

    • James

      Untouchable? Cool, I’ll remember that.

      So while we’re here, can you make one of your fantastic predictions right now? And you know – nothing bleedin’ obvious like PS4 will win this gen or any of that crap anyone can get.

      Let’s put those amazing prophet abilities of yours to the test…

  • Rickowned


    • jujubee88

      Haha. Unbridled enthusiasm like this is what make the scene rise! BRING IT ONNN! 😀

  • Squire34

    it costs the price of another console, absolutely 100% out.

    That is not including the eyetoy and two move controller costs

    and then you will probably get about 5 games.

    • Bankai

      You think it’s going to be cheap? That’s so cute.

    • superkarma

      Did you expect it to be $50? Also, you don’t need the PS4 Eye or the move controllers…so…yeah.

      Protip: Gaming isn’t cheap. I guess you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade.

    • Steven Solidarios

      Sounds like you could use a nice used gameboy color to keep your wallet happy.

    • Duke

      The article literally does say it will come packaged with a camera. Likely there will be a separate option too for people who already own one (also said). The Move controller is not necessary unless games are specifically designed to use them, not to mention the Dualshock 4 also already consists of a built in PS Move sensor.

      Just looking at your comment history, which only consists of you hating on the Morpheus, I’m just going to go ahead and say you’re a Xbox fanboy.

  • Jecht_Sin

    $250 alone, $300 with the PS4 Eye would be a steal. Just remember, that can be used as an extra “television” as well to watch movies or play any game!!

    • jujubee88

      Yeah, one of the reasons Sony can do this (relatively) low-price is that they can make and bake the electronics (parts like LCD, processor, etc) and the fact it’s probably PS4 only means they will sell software to make up for money lost on the VR parts+labor.

      And the parts and labor on Project Morpheus probably wont cost a lot (no OLED monitors to jack up price). If you think about it, if this comes out in 2015 and +11 million PS4’s are out in the wild, just a fraction buying the VR hw and a fraction of the fraction buying vr compatible software (games, VR tours, etc) – all that Sony makes some $ off in the back-end.

      SCE are probably looking at all these situations and assessing everything. IMO, it’s up to the core audience to really spread the word once some good experiences (i.e. games) end up landing on Project Morpheus.

      • Jecht_Sin

        Indeed. Not to mention that Sony has an huge R&D (and legal..) department with highly skilled electronic engineers for all parts. No matter what they are pioneering the technology, although in parallel with Oculus Rift. Only in new patents they may get part of the R&D cost back.

  • Joshua Griffiths

    I buy everything day one PS3, Vita, PS4 and now this. Hopefully they finish if this year and make launch games compatible like Shadow Fall.

  • Jose David Yacaman

    This is what i always. dreamt of since they had the vr sets at epcot center

  • bettergetdave

    Great price point. I am sold day one! Loving it.

  • James

    I gotta say, I’m surprised with the price (in a good way). Thought it was gonna be more myself.

  • Steven Solidarios

    Bring on the VR porn!!!:

  • Stranger On The Road

    At that price and including the camera; damn, that is a good price. Now about my request for SoniComi, Dream C Club and JRPGs on the PS4… could I also add a request for them to support Morpheus as well? Pretty please

  • Joseph Oprysko

    And how much do most of your cell phones cost? When *NOT* subsidized by a cell phone company or a 5-10 year old model? $500-800.. The iPhones, Samsungs, HTC’s, they all cost at bare minimum $500 that most people will spend at the drop of a hat. People have been waiting for a functional virtual reality system for 40 years since the idea was brought about in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Who remembers the interfaces like the Powerglove for the NES, In the 80’s or early 90’s a company made a “haptic” type vest, which was really just a very low frequency bass speaker that would rumble and quake to a game. Early forays into virtual reality. The graphics and CPU power are what had been lagging behind the most. Now, we can create the technology inexpensively enough to mass produce it and provide it to the every day person. Sure, there are people who are going to want more.. what about smell, what about taste, full haptic feeling (like when I get hit with a sword, I want to feel it where I got hit). But those will be niche market for now, like the existing Visual/Audio VR experiences have been over the past 20+ years. It’s time for VR to shine and become part of the public lifestyle.