Nintendo Releases a Host of New Trailers for Wii U Indie Titles Hitting the eShop

Nintendo released four new trailers today showcasing their key Wii U indie titles that will be coming to the system’s eShop.

Those titles were first announced at GDC 2014 and include gems such as Teslagrad, Nihilumbra, Stick it to the Man! and Armillo. All the videos can be found below; meanwhile you can check out our reviews for Teslagrad and Stick it to the Man! to find out if they’re worth the purchase once they release.

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  • PCS4-Box U

    How’z about some actual full-fledge titles, maybe a new IP? Hows that Zelda HD coming along? not so well you say? Thats very sad to hear. Thats ok, Metroid HD is coming right? …(silence)… RIght?!? Hello, Nintendo???….(dialtone),..

    • Jose

      Nintendo isn’t going to last long.

      • smashbrolink

        You’re both incredibly short-sighted and full of way too much personal hate for the company, if you really think that games as huge as Zelda U are just going to pop up out of thin air, or that one single system full of rough times means that the company isn’t going to be around much longer.
        They’ve got enough cash to last 30-something years of straight losses, and considering their handheld dominance providing them with more than enough operating income, on top of their new moves to expand into new areas of business [back into toys, starting up a new QOL branch, etc], it’s stupid to think that a delay on a few key Wii U titles spells doom for the company as a whole.

        They’re also in a WHOLE LOT LESS DEBT than their competitors.
        Where the others are firing and selling off properties, Nintendo is hiring more people and even buying bigger buildings for their in-house development teams, on top of doing an incredible amount of good will moves towards the indie scene, which are the beginnings of bigger third parties and thus an in-road towards stronger third party relations with the ones that grow to prominence from their indie dev origins.

        You’re both underestimating the hell out of Nintendo.
        Frankly, you’re both going full Pachter.
        You shouldn’ta done that.

        • PCS4-Box U

          You have me confused, I own a Wii U and a 3DS… I just want games on my almost 2 year old console, Week after week, nothing from Nintendo. I was an early adopter and i don’t mind waiting awhile for new games but my patience has run thin with Nintendo and this handful of indies aren’t cutting it.
          I couldn’t give $%^$ less how much moeny or debt Nintendo has, i’m a consumer who buys their videogames console and if they hqave that much money, they need to be putting out some F*&$*&^ing games already. I’m pissed i wasted 350.00 that I worked hard for.
          Stop being butthurt and defending this poor service Nintendo has been given long time fans, your short-sided and your affection for Nintendo blinds you. Now, WAKE UP SHEEP!

          • steevo

            You’re bull**itting…… the system has been out 16 months, not *almost 2 years*. You don’t even have one. I do, and many others that do, have found a lot of software to play.

            This system has more high rated software than PS4/Xbox1 put together……47 titles rated 75 or higher on metacritic, vs 26 PS4 and 14 X1……thats games, available right now, to play. If you can’t find something (lots of) fun to play in those 47 titles, I pity the sad miserable life you live, posting angry, silly rants on comment websites. Perhaps you need to stop being “interested” in video games and actually went out and *played* some video games,

            It’s a novel concept.

          • NeoTechni

            “This system has more high rated software than PS4/Xbox1 put together……47 titles rated 75 or higher on metacritic, vs 26 PS4 and 14 X1……”

            So in a quarter of the time, PS4 has over half the games. That’s if you go by ratings alone, that puts PS4 at surpassing Wii U in half the time.

            If you don’t go by ratings, as I don’t, then you already had more games for PS4 the DAY it launched, than you’ve collected for Wii U in over a year.

          • PCS4-Box U

            Um, i clicked on the article to view upcoming Wii U releases in hopes of there being something more than shovelware to play on my dusty-ole-Wii U… and I was sorely dissapointed… and yes, I do have a WIi U and I have had it since Day1. I even bought the crappy white 8 gb system becasue I didn’t want to to wait for the deluxe edition to get back in stock at the time. I love the fanboy mentality there, “Oh, you aren’t happy with your system? That must not really have one!” Riiiiiight, because its just unfathomable in your mind how someone could be dissapointed with it. Beleive it or not, not everyone that owns a Wii U is 10 years old, in fact, I’m almost 30, have a job with plenty of disposable income to spend as I please… which makes it too sad that Nintendo can’t release a damn game worth of my money. I’ve bought over 20 games since the start of the year and not a damn 1 is on Wii U (lowers head in shame at my impulse control on Steam).
            There are only a handful of titles worth a damn, ZomniU, NSMBU, 3d World and Pikmin 3. The only interesting title anywhere in the near future is MarioKart and then what?? How can that NOT dissapoint you??

          • smashbrolink

            Howsabout YOU wake up, hm?
            There’s plenty of games to love on the system from Nintendo, first, second, and third parties.
            If you’re not finding enough games to keep your dumb ass satisfied, then that’s YOUR fault for having NARROW TASTES in video games.
            Darksiders 2, The Wonderful 101, DKTF, Mario 3D World, Unepic, Nano Assault Neo, Duck Tales Remastered, CoD Ghosts, Zombi U, and tons of other great games besides are waiting to be played, yet you’re sitting there on your ass crying about having paid for the system and not having games to play, when it’s no one’s fault but your own that you can’t see past whatever bullshit is keeping you from recognizing the great titles the system has to offer already.
            And that’s not even counting backwards compatibility with all the great Wii titles!

            You’re the only person here who’s blind, here.
            Blinded by bias and by your hatred of the company for not doing everything exactly as YOU want them to by releasing half-done first-party titles just so you can get games quicker.

            Go expand your tastes in gaming, or sell off your Wii U to someone with a wider sense of taste. The system is obviously wasted on you if all you’re going to do is cry about not having anything to play when there’s options all around you, practically bashing your face in.

          • PCS4-Box U

            That’s a mostly terrible list of games you’ve got there, 3d World and Zombie U are about the only thing slightly intriguing there and I’ve played through both a long time ago. I haven’t played Donkey Kong yet so no comment there but the rest are rehashes/ports and have been done better elsewhere. I would have added NSMBU and Pikmin 3 but whatever. The only decent game on the horizon right now is MarioKart, then what? Nothing, that is the ONLY exlcusive on Nintendos upcoming game list. The fabled Bayonetta 2 is suppose to be 2014 but that still doesn’t even have release date so thats no guarantee either. Besides that, it’s ports of old games that were crappy when they released the first time. How is this NOT dissapointing???????????? I’m done arguing with braindead fanboys, its an even bigger waste of my time than looking at Wii U upcoming game list.

          • smashbrolink

            Your list is sorely in need of an update, and you’re braindead for suggesting I’m a fanboy when you’re obviously not even TRYING to find good games on the system.
            It doesn’t take a fanboy to find good games on it; just someone that has a bigger range of taste than the equivalent of looking through a needle’s eye.
            But please, by all means, do go ahead and stop arguing.
            You’ve failed to prove your point. Any more from you would just be embarrassing yourself and wasting the time of everyone else in the room.

          • PCS4-Box U

            it’s not in need of updated because there hasnt been anything worth a damn since, in fact, 4 of the games you listed were launch titles! Failed argument, lol!
            Nor did I fail at anything because I had nothing to “prove” other than I am dissapointed with whats on offer at moment – I don’t have to “prove” my opinion.
            Your failure to comprehend and turn to blind fanboyism is whats really embarrassing.
            Also, “taste” is in the eye of the beholder. I find much more compelling offerings on my PC/PS4/Vita/3DS than anything Nintendo has out for Wii U, why would I spend my money for mediocre games when there are truelly great, new experiences at every other corner.

          • smashbrolink

            “it’s not in need of updated because there hasnt been anything worth a
            damn since, in fact, 4 of the games you listed were launch titles!
            Failed argument, lol!
            Nor did I fail at anything because I had nothing to “prove” other than I
            am dissapointed with whats on offer at moment – I don’t have to “prove”
            my opinion.”

            I stated you were blind, and you did me the courtesy of proving me right by stating you were disappointed with what’s on offer when you’re using an incomplete and sorely lacking list as your evidence.

            Thanks, chump.

            There’s plenty of compelling and wonderful games on the Wii U, you’re just too much of a hater of the system to even give it a decent chance by looking up some of its games, let alone looking through the decent selection of back-log games for the Wii that the system can play natively.

            Ironic that you’d call me out for blind fanboyism when you seem to be kissing every other ass on the market and completely ignoring the majority of the Wii U’s offerings over, from what I can see, some stupid anti-Wii U principle and the flawed logic that Nintendo has nothing new or great going for its latest home console.
            I’ll be you even use that immature “it’s all rehashes” argument like the rest of the dude-bros.
            You should have just stopped when you were behind, because now you’ve just proven you’re an egotistical hater who has not done his research and has dismissed the console out-of-hand.

            Oh, and before you try to call me out for being a blind fanboy, I’ve already posted up a list of things that Nintendo needs to work on on another site. Not once have I ever stated their flawless or that they don’t need improvement, like a truly blind fanboy would, so that’s yet another argument from you shot down forthwith.
            Not only that, but I’ve been a multiplatform gamer since the PS2 generation, and have been happy since.
            So, yeah, just stop now.
            Or go ahead and reply with whatever BS you like.
            Either way, I’ve got games to play and no more time to waste on you, so good day, good gaming, and good riddance.

          • PCS4-Box U

            Your fanboyism makes me giggles… “I posted on another article what i think Nintendo need to work on but I’m going to come here and criticize you for doing the same thing!” . Hypocrite.

    • Blitz

      Zelda Wii U has been in development for about three years (average for a Zelda title) and is confirmed to be announced at E3, most likely due for a late 2014 or 2015 release. Did you fail to notice that Donkey Kong Country Returns: Tropical Freeze came out last month and 3DS is still the highest selling gaming platform? Seriously, the ignorance you people feign to write Nintendoom comments is just bafflingly transparent and stupid.