Sony Claims Success for PS4 and PS3 in the Free to Play Market; Shows F2P Has Legs on Consoles

During the Game Developers Conference Sony Computer Entertainment America held a very interesting panel titled “F2P on PS4-Can it Work?” addressing the company’s recent push in the free to play market, and according to the speakers, it has been a definite success, and all the free to play games offered were met favorably by the users.

During the panel Sony listed some very interesting numbers that give us a good idea of the scope of that success:

Warframe is, not surprisingly, the top free to play PS4 title. The earnings from microtransactions are nearly double as those of the PC version, while the conversion rate (the percentage of paying users) is more than twice as much.

Blacklight: Retribution has 1.5 times more users on PS4 than on PC.

There are nearly eight million registered users for the PS3 and PS4 versions of DC Universe Online. The total revenue from the PS4 version is 70% higher than that of the PC version.

That said, most users still aren’t paying anything for the game, the conversion rate hovers between 3% to 15% but has increased by 50% year over year. In general the PS3 has an average revenue per paying user comparable to the PC market, while the titles on PS4 rate higher than that. The average playing hours for free to play gamers on PlayStation consoles is one hour and a half.

Ultimately, according to Sony, PlayStation is the perfect ecosystem for free to play titles, as it’s designed for the gamers. There’s also less content to compete against than on PC or mobile, and there’s a window of opportunity for free to play developers, as we’re still in the outset of the market on consoles.

One thing is for sure: we’re definitely going to see more and more free to play games coming to PS4 in the future. The market is expanding, and Sony wants to use it to widen its portfolio.

[Guest reporting: Matt Zardoni]

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  • Wargreymon559 .

    I just want PS2 already 🙁

    • PhantomVash808

      I forgot that has yet to release on PS4. Has WarThunder released in the US yet?

      • Ron Harris


        • PhantomVash808

          Weird the game was a launch title in Europe.

          • Ron Harris


  • stealth20k

    F2P is mostly yuck.

    • Axe99

      Aye, but War Thunder goes very well.

    • superkarma

      if done right, it has great potential. Unfortunately, a lot of F2P developers nowadays just care about pay-to-win, which is killing the F2P model.

  • Bankai

    Sony is smart to use indie and F2P games to round out the lineup until while preparing their exclusives, its thanks to that that there’s yet to be any real software drought. You can see Microsoft and Nintendo following Sony’s example in that area, which is good for indie devs and gamers. I think it’d be cool if they could get League of Legends on the PS4, though, that may cause the PC community to riot in the streets.

    I can’t wait for Everquest Next to make the jump to PS4, as that’s one game I’m really looking forward to (I can’t even remember whether it’s free or not).

    • shinitaru

      How well would LoL translate of a console?

      • Bankai

        It looks like it plays similar to Diablo 3 and that made a really smooth transition, so I’d guess LoL would achieve similar results.

  • PrinceHeir

    Great 🙂

  • Craig Sloan

    I enjoyed Warframe on PS4. I put in 16 hours and I never had to buy a thing. At times as you’d expect it was a little grindy but all in all it’s a really good F2P. I also played Blacklight on PS4 not as much my thing but seemed good for what it was though buggy for me. I put in about 3 hours. Deep Down is going to be a F2P that i’m actually looking forward to as long as it’s not pay to win.

    Also played warthunder on PS4 not my thing at all. F2P can work just fine as long as it’s not pay to win. If a game was good enough I’d put money into it. If my friends played warframe I would have done.

  • Demetre HG

    Lmfao ya whatever you say Phonies bahahahahaha

    • neko working

      already get bored of titanfall eh ?

    • superkarma

      Excellent retort, Xbot. I applaud your effort.

    • PCS4-Box U

      Spectacular comment! You should write a book or something, your writing and thought process have moved me in ways I never thought possible. So creativeand original, you must have worked on the story for Ryse amiright?

  • Loving F2P

  • ISISSecretAgent

    they need to bring Path Of Exile to the PS4 and War Thunder outside of Europe like ASAP

    PS: you can make an euro account if you wanna play war thunder thou

    • those are the two of the worst screenshots if your trying to garner excitement.

      • ISISSecretAgent

        realized i havent taken any new screenshots of the game my bad

  • sonyntendo