inFAMOUS: Second Son: Here Is How Delsin Rowe Looked When He Didn’t Have a Beanie Yet

By now we all know the peculiar look of inFAMOUS: Second Son‘s protagonist Delsin Rowe. Turns out he didn’t always look like that, as showcased by a piece of concept artwork included in the “Visual Effects of inFAMOUS: Second Son” presentation held at the Game Developers Conference.

The artwork showcases a Delsin (to be precise we don’t even know if he already had a name at that stage of early development) displaying his Native American heritage with long raven hair and bandana instead of the beanie that made it into the final game. The “urban” look was already present, shown by the layered clothes and the headphones.

One of the reasons for the change is probably the fact thatproperly rendering and animating long hair is one of the worst nightmares for game developers, and most simply avoid it altogether.

Which Delsin do you prefer? The original one or the one that made it into the game?

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  • Sad Hill
  • Masoud House

    I’m glad they avoided the original concept more because it’s typical. Every native American in gaming always has to be made with a loincloth, feathers, bananas or what have you. They gave us a modern native American, no different than how any average person would look.

    Also, his powers may have been mistaken for mystical if left with this Neo-Shaman warrior look.

    • shinitaru

      There’s Tommy Tawodi from Prey though you don’t get to see him too much ingame, he was a modernized Native American

      • dapaintrain

        Not really still long hair and still obvious nothing like delsin now is

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      that’s not a loincloth!

      • Spencer

        You’re right, it’s a sunbathing skirt.

    • Galen Nycroft

      If by ‘Modern Native American’ you mean generic cookie cutter White Hipster Dudebro, then yes…

      Infamous was made for PS4, but the main character is a straight up XBox main protagonist character archetype…for the Dew drinkin, FPS crowd.

      • Averix

        Everything doesn’t have to be a stereotype. The character turned out great in my opinion.

        • Galen Nycroft

          The character isn’t bad at all, just not my type of main character. I am kind of sick of hipster dudes and ‘bros’ in games. He is a stereotype of a Seattle area hipster…the clothes especially the hat, and his attitude is a ‘bro’ attitude.

          I would have liked an older dude or woman, but that is probably something they could do in future installments. My dislike of the main character doesn’t really harm the gameplay, which is fantastic so far. I just make him evil.

          • Eden’s Cross

            So you’re annoyed that a game set in seattle has a main character, (who also happens to be an artist), who looks like a person from seattle. Smh. ಠ_ಠ Meanwhile let’s complain about military games having characters that look like they’re from the military. Because god forbid character design is consistent and not over the top.

          • Galen Nycroft

            No…that’s not what I said. I am annoyed because I don’t like that the character is a stupid looking hipster ‘bro’. That’s the stereotype at play here. I have never liked characters like this in any game…stupid guys who wear winter hats in the summer time to look cool…that kind of character.

            Wise cracking ironic fake wit, the kind of things that make 15 year olds say ‘Wow, he’s so cool and badass!’

            And he still looks like Dane Cook/Dax Shepard to me…I am praying for some new character skins as DLC or some costumes.

            That he looks like a Seattle hipster in fake Seattle makes sense.

          • Bankai

            Basically what you’re saying is that you don’t like Delsin because he isn’t like most other protaganists. You know, the ones with the personality of a wet rag. Of course, you might actually like someone like that.

            There’s nothing wrong with Delsin’s design, he doesn’t look like a hipster and everyone cracks wise at some point. You’re complaining about trivial matters and quite frankly, I’m getting tired of this irrational “bro” and “hipster” hate/obsession.

            And you’re never getting a character skin, as he doesn’t need one.

          • SilentAegis

            I have to agree with Galen. The way Delsin looks is kinda….typical. And lame.

          • SilentAegis

            I gotta agree with you. I think the way he looks is kinda…lame. Cole, in the previous games looked awesome, especially the Reaper Skin. Delsin just looks stupid. Although I don’t really know what you are getting at by the “bro” and “hipster” thing.

          • Chief

            Evil Characters FTW.

          • YoungZer0

            Oh yes, so many hipster main characters out there …

            Oh wait, there are none.

      • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

        You need to give it a rest pi$$ ant.

        • Galen Nycroft

          Not nice…not nice at all!

      • SilentHashassin

        I never knew he was Native American till now. I just thought he was an average white guy. Although the nose sorta seem like it but absolutely nothing else.

        • Charles Zogby

          I don’t think even his nose looks Native American. I would have guessed he was Scandanavian.

  • DemonFenton

    I’m glad they kept Delsin the way he is. Playing the game so far with him is fun. Love his spray artwork.

    • Shel

      Man… shut up.. if “Delsin” was “Dwayne” would you still have fun with him or would you be like one of the many that had issues with CJ in GTA San Andreas?

      • DemonFenton

        I had no issues with CJ. Sounds like to me your the one having issues. I’m having fun with this game.

  • Escopablobar

    I like it. It would have been cool.

  • Mitch

    As reference, some of Cole’s original concepts were also quite weird. One even had a gun!
    If pic doesn’t show:

  • jacksjus

    Well one thing is obvious Delsin nor his brother look like Native Americans. I was actually puzzled when I learned that the character Delsin was a Native.

    • Bankai

      They look native American to me.

    • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

      Funny cause you seem to be the one that actually sounds prejudice, apparently if the character doesn’t match your particular idea of what a Native American looks like then you cry foul.

      “Had this come out before the game I likely wouldn’t have bought it.”

      Its just a video game character kid, maybe its time to grow up and get over it.

      • shinitaru

        Please don’t attack me here but I have to agree with him. I grew up with Native Americans, I see them every day and if they hadn’t done that whole backstory about him and the tribe, I would never have guessed that he was. His skin is too light his hair is always covered by that beanie. He just doesn’t look Native American. His brother sort of does and that old woman at the beginning definitely does but not Delsin

        • Jecht_Sin

          Sure the skin is too light. He leaves in Seattle!! Does it ever stop raining over there? ^_^

      • jacksjus

        First off I’m a grown ass man and secondly I know a white person from Native as well as any other race.

        Let’s not play stupid here because we all as adults know what it is and why. This is just the first time that it was clearly evident to me.

        When you understand that the vast majority of game heroes are dominated by one race only, only then will you understand what this is about.

        This is fact, not an opinion.

        • Kenshi Ryden

          He’s not a first generation Native American. Somewhere along the line his family have probably bred with white folk, as is wont to happen throughout history.

          We never see Delsin or Reg’s parents, so one of them could easily have been white, which I reckon explains why they don’t have as dark skin as Betty, etc.

          And as someone else said, clearly neither are the type to spend all of their time outside in the sunshine, unlike Betty. The less time you spend in the sun, the lighter your skin. Hence why our stereotypical image of Native Americans, who spent most of their time outdoors, have dark skin.

          His features are Native American, even if his skin isn’t. You should probably stop judging by skin colour, for anything.

          • jacksjus

            Again they clearly changed the facial features and skin tone of the original character. Did they not? Now you tell me why? Everyone has comments but no logical answer.

    • NormanD

      I’m pretty sure he’s supposed to be half Native American actually, and obviously with them trying to fully capture Troy Baker and Travis Willingham’s facial expressions they had to accomodate that as well. I thought they turned out well, they both look like they have Native American features but are mixed with Troy and Travis’s Caucasian features.

    • Batnut1992

      So what is it about him that doesn’t look native american exactly? Honest question. I mean I would’ve expected Delsin to be Native American in this case instead of his brother who looks more Caucasian.

      • jacksjus

        His facial features. He has pale skin and low cheek bones, unlike a Native. Besides we know the actor isn’t a Native so no mystery there.

        Bottom line is they had the ioriginal dea of swine who had the facial features of an actual Native and shey switched it up for more profit because the original idea may not have been as appealing because most gamers can’t identify.

        • Joseph Lan

          Not every Native American has “obvious, stereotypical Native American features,” you know. For example, some of them have pale skin. There are probably tons of Native Americans or part-Native Americans in real life that most people don’t realize are Native American.

          • jacksjus

            Look I will just leave this alone because it’s clear that most are completely oblivious to this. I wouldn’t have ever said a thing had they not released pics of what they wanted him to originally look like. Be the fool and believe they changed his looks for performances purposes all you want.

            I apologize to everyone because this isn’t the site for this sort of discussion. Happy gaming!

    • Olly

      Delsin looks like he has native american in him at least.

    • Guest

      I’m part Native American and I have blonde hair and blue eyes. Really, you can make anyone look anyway and call them whatever you want because of this mixing pot they call America.

      • jacksjus

        My great-grand mother was full blooded Cherokee with Cocoa skin and beautiful long silky hair.
        Some people’s mind is so washed that they are ignoring the fact that they scanned the face of a non-Native American for this game and want you to believe that he’s native. It just is what it is.

        Hell I guess Liz Taylor looked like Cleopatra too.

        Lmao I’m done with this convo.

    • dapaintrain

      So basically you want them to look like a stereotype and your pissed because they look like normal everyday people instead of john redcorn from king of the hill

      • shinitaru

        not what he’s or I were saying, Delsin doesn’t look Native American at all now. I know lots of Native Americans that don’t fit the stereotype, but you can still clearly see that they are. Delsin looks Caucasian

        • Vince

          I myself am a quarter native american. My mom is half, which could just as easily be how Delsin’s Mom is. Betty could very easily be half Native American and half Caucasian, she just gets out more. So Delsin could very easily be only a quarter Native American, like I am. And I spend little to no time outside and I consider myself to be pretty pail. Just because you live around native americans doesn’t make you an expert on them. That would be like me saying just because I live around a lot of hispanic people, then they all must have a darker skin tone.
          P.S. I know hispanics that are whiter than most caucasians I’ve seen.

          • Sucka Free

            Never said I was an expert, and this is not really a topic that I want to go into any deeper here

      • jacksjus

        No I’m basically calling a spade a spade. They went from a dark skin toned to a lighter skinned tone with less aggressive features. I can give a damn about his attire. Wtf this is year 2014, do you actually believe that Natives still live in Teepees? Of course they walk around and share the same styles as everyone else in this country. I think the problem was the original characters skin tone was too dark for their liking.

        Name me another major game with a minority as the star hero that isn’t stereotypical. (E.g San Andreas)

        I hope we are clear on this. In the end it has no bearing on whether the not the game is great in which it truly is, but these background details should have remained in the background.

  • Eden’s Cross

    Omg that looks god awful compared to the final design. When designing a character, minimalism is your friend. Too many details and they become forgettable and look like a blob, especially if you’re going for a modern game. Not to mention that it’s easier to render a minimalistic character compared to an overly complex one.
    ^ these will always look infinitely better and more memorable than something like

    • Sexy Mcgee

      Agreed, Final Fantasy VII, especially compared to the later entries, is some of the best proof of that concept.

  • Galen Nycroft

    I think I would have preferred this look to what we actually got…Dane Cook with an ugly hat.

    • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

      You need to have your eyes checked, he looks nothing like Dane Cook moron.

  • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

    I love how a jean jacket and a beanie somehow became “peculiar”. Guess people had to try and find something about this incredible game to hate on.

  • House Lannister
    • XDrone (is the new name)-lol


  • Sexy Mcgee

    That concept looks like Poochie from the Simpsons. A character designed by committee. With all the things suits would think 12 year olds find hip and cool thrown at it. Honestly, it’s the worst god damn thing I’ve seen in a while. Delsin Row would make some snarky comment about it and tag all over it.

  • Batnut1992

    Ugh, and people complained about he looked in Infamous SS, this makes me appreciate his final design even more.

  • Spencer

    Only Sucker Punch would think THAT looks cool.

  • Craig Sloan

    I never understood the “Delsin is native american” thing until now haha. If that’s how he was supposed to look it makes sense with him and his brother being native american. It makes sense why he’s close with the people in the game who are native american. The change is visually for the better in my opinion but it does make the story seem rather odd now I think about it. They just both look like Caucasian Americans now.

  • Jecht_Sin

    What about to patch the game to add an option to take that beanie off? I know TressFX would be too demanding to have the hair looking realistic, but even static would do the job!!

  • Trey

    I don’t think anyone would buy the game.

  • Nihelus Aurenis

    Ew, I’m glad they changed him.

  • Delsin Angel

    The one that made in into the game, I find it hard to take the original one seriously.