The Last of Us for PS4 With Enhanced Graphics Coming This Summer According to PlayStation Turkey VP

Apparently during a show on CNN Turk PlayStation Turkey Vice President and Market Manager at Sony Eurasia Sercan Sülün said that The Last of Us will be coming to PS4 with enhanced graphics and Left Behind this summer as discovered by NeoGAF user Quirah.

Around the 36:00 mark of the show, that can be seen here, the host was chatting with Sülün about the BAFTA awards, and asked the executive if we’ll see a sequel of The Last of Us soon. Sülün replied “No, a sequel is not coming right now as far as I know, but I can say that the first game will be released this summer for PS4 as a physical and digital copy, with enhanced graphics.”

Another NeoGAF user, Heavy’s Sandvich, also confirmed the translation.

While this comes from a Sony executive, it wouldn’t be the first time that a local exec gets something like this wrong, so I’d still consider it a rumor until it gets officially announced by one of the main branches of Sony Computer Entertainment.

Of course the move would make perfect sense, especially considering that The Last of Us achieved amazing critical success (basically overshading everything else at every award ceremony for 2013), sold over six million copies, and is generally loved by fans.

We reached out to Sony Computer Entertainment for a clarification on the issue, and we’ll keep you updated if they’ll respond with anything relevant.

Update: Russian journalist Anton Logvinov posted a small update pointing out to the fact that in February he had told on Twitter that he had “cool news about The Last of Us,” but could not say more back then. He expects the official announcement to come at E3.

Update 2:  the only reaction seen so far from within Sony comes from NeoGAF user DemonNite, that is known to work at the publisher, even if his identity is not known. He didn’t confirm o deny, but posted something tragically hilarious.

The way this news is spreading, it will probably end up like this…


Whether the information is true or it’s a terrible mistake, I surely hope Sülün doesn’t get fired. There are already too many layoffs in the industry lately.

Update 3: Sony Computer Entertainment finally issued a statement, that unfortunately doesn’t say much: “At no time have we announced that The Last of Us is coming to PS4 and therefore, have nothing to say on the subject.” Basically it’s the equivalent of a “no comment” so we’ll have to wait and see.

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    • Johnnie


      • CervantesPR

        Dont know what dito means

        • Johnnie

          It means me too lol

        • Neil Riley

          *ditto* LOL

        • Arnold Stallone

          For ‘ditto’, you should watch ‘ghost’ movie. There’s a good explanation, there.

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          Thank you spell check bot.

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            This bot has feelings T_T

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            U lost all associated feelings as soon as u trolled

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      I’ll buy it at a normal price.

      • Bubbles

        Way to soon of a release. I have played through the game 6 times, and the game already looks amazing.
        One of my favorite games of all time, but I think I will pass.

        • Arnold Stallone

          you say you will pass… until you see the first 1080p screenshots, and your ‘wow-meter’ goes crazy 🙂

      • Arnold Stallone

        Just imagine TLOU + dlc, using +5-6Gb of DAT ram on the ps4, with all the textures with 10 times less compression than on ps3.with some msaa4x . And 5 times more polygons on all characters.
        And then, imagine in 2015, playing it upscaled to 4k, on a nice 4k LCD.
        Could such dream become real?

        One thing I want, if they do it, is replacing all those flat textures of leaves, lichens,etc, on the walls, by some nice 3d foliage.

        And those enemies, with much more polygons and detailed faces and bodies, with much better textures, they could become really really creepy(even more than on ps3).

        This is one of those rare games I don’t mind paying a second time for it.

  • Never played it but just bought a PS4. This would be so awesome if true!

    • PhantomVash808

      Most likely true. Similar to when GT6 was accidentally confirmed for PS3.

    • PCS4-Box U

      You would be in for a treat, it really is a remarkable game.

  • Please do upgrade plan like COD, BF4 extra.

    • PhantomVash808

      Doubt it since this version will supposedly include the MP DLC & Left Behind.

  • RealityCheck2013

    BRILLIANT STUNNING Game 😛 But this should of been a PS4 game in the 1st place i think. All they had to do was erm nothing really it looks better than some next gen games as it is 😀

    • PCS4-Box U

      Nah, I always viewed TLOU as a final fariwell to the PS3. A culmination of everything they had learned about PS3 development over the generation finally perfected.

  • Jerry Hu

    Take my money again!!!

  • Jerry Hu
  • PhantomVash808

    Yes one of the few games from Last gen I would gladly by again for the PS4.

  • stealth20k

    He is going to get fired probably for breaking that story . I doubt Sony is happy with him right now

    • Temjin001

      They’ll update their layoffs with one more tomorrow 😉

    • JustGaming

      No doubt. I wonder what possesed him in the first place…..

  • PrinceHeir

    Lol and that Eric(Naughty Dog producer) guy laughed about The Last of US PS4 not happening.

    Sony owns the IP. Of course they’re gonna do what they want with it, whether Naughty Dog is okay with that or not.

    So go eat your words now.

    Though it’s a shame i just bought the Left Behind DLC yesterday.

    This should include all MP DLC and Left Behind being implemented in the main story(no need to go to a separate menu) Kinda like what Deus Ex Human Revolution did with The Missing Link DLC. Already incorporated in the main story line.

    Still Finally a PS4 version!! 1080p 60FPS come on!!

    All it needs now is Dark Souls II, Grand Theft Auto V PS4 🙂

    • bradtastic2

      But isn’t left behind set before the game? I suppose they could cut to it after the intro?

      • Revoco

        Left behind is set after joel has an accident… the past bits are kind of like flashbacks

        • bradtastic2

          Oooooh okay, I’ve only seen the first few minutes of the game when Seth Rogen played it for IGN but quit watching to dodge spoilers.

    • CervantesPR

      Gran turismo 6 ps4 port would be amazing too 🙁

      • PCS4-Box U

        I don’t think that’ll happen unfortunately… My understanding is they are already working on GT7 prologue for PS4. That would be great though, my PS3 was retired the day PS4 came out so i never got a chance to play it.

  • Dikan45

    Not paying £50 for it after buying the PS3 version for £40

  • Temjin001

    I predict this will be part of a long run of many re-releases this gen. Similar to the PS2 HD re-releases I think we’ll see PS3’s games re-released in 1080p 60fps glory.
    …though, I don’t expect them all to get the complete graphic overhaul treatment as TLoU probably will.

  • Jacques Onterio Thomas
    • Stefan Eckhardt

      So when IGN reports the same story from the same source it is somehow more true than this?

  • MattS71

    I’m in for a double dip!!

  • Nicholas Perry

    Yes. Yes please.

  • Tre Goolsby

    Unlike Tomb Raider this is a true masterpiece. In no way was Tomb Raider a bad game but it wasn’t good enough to buy at $60 all over again. NOW THIS GAME! I’d buy for $60 again plus it would come with Left Behind as well! Yeah! I’d buy this game again.

    • Arnold Stallone

      Tomb raider ps4 version will be a great addition to your games catalog, whenever you want more of those 1080p gorgeous graphics.
      60$ was a good price for huge-moderate fans who can spend 1000$ on games, every year. For me and most people out there, the best deal will be grabbing it for 20$, on Christmas 2014: even on ps3/x360, TR was a great game, with a long and nice campaign, and gorgeous visuals. It would be a pity, for many next gen owners, to not benefit from the visuals-framerate-polygons-etc upgrade.

      And yeah, regardless of the visuals upgrade, it’s STILL 100% the same game, and the publisher only needed like (probably) 5% of all last gen resources, to port the game to next gen systems, all the assets being the same. Basically, they just adapt the code, and move the quality/textures/polygons slider upwards.full price for it, is a bit…how to say it…

  • Thinkaboutit

    Its funny seeing all these people who talk about ms ripping people off and youre about to buy a game that came out less than a year ago for a second time for full price.

    • superkarma

      Where does it say anything about the price? I must be reading a different article than you, because I don’t see anything regarding the price.

      Also, something being a rip off is subjective. Many people buy the collectors editions of games, which sometimes cost as much as 2 games or more…I’m sure those who enjoy the game that much don’t consider it a ripoff.

      • Thinkaboutit

        I was commenting on what people are saying.

        • superkarma

          Still waiting to know where it said anything about said price.

    • shinitaru

      Speaking of which, how was Halo Anniversary? $40 was a bit steep for a game that was so old

      • Thinkaboutit

        Didnt buy it because i dont like halo. But thanks.

        • shinitaru

          You’re welcome

    • James

      The difference here is something called… Choice.

      You don’t NEED to buy it. It’s simply optional whether you want it or not.

      It’s not being forced down your throat like MS’s DRM last year and of course, their Kinnect… Hence why MS lost lost their domination (in the US) and dropped to second place sales-wise.

      Besides: the significant bump in graphics, resolution, frame rates and additional DLC seems like a good deal – especially if you’ve never played it before.

      Personally though, I don’t know if I can justify the purchase myself. I’ve played it through once so I know what’s gonna happen.

      But hey, at least I’ve got a “choice” in the matter 😉

    • PCS4-Box U

      Who said you have to buy it twice?? This seems more geared towards people that haven’t played it already or wouldn’t mind paying for it again. It’s the consumer decision whether to buy it or not, this is just expanding it to a wider audience. Thats like saying, “Well Outlast was already out on PC before PS4 so they are ripping me off because I already bought it on PC”. No, they didn’t force you to buy it.. they just made it available for you if you do want it. I don’t see how more options can be a bad thing.
      Then theres response below about not buying Halo becasue you don’t like it… That just proves my point, its aconsumers decision whether its worth buying again or not. You made the decisions not to buy Halo Anniversary and anyone with a PS4 would have the same option for TLOU on PS4.

  • Craig Sloan

    GOTY 2013
    GOTY 2014

    • Nick Motsarsky

      Uh…no. Unless we can make Mario 64 goty again…

  • Thinkaboutit

    This, the news about ps2 games in 1080p, and all the layoffs really smell of a broke company trying to squeeze whatever they can out of their loyal fanbase.

    • superkarma

      Only a delusional fanboy such as yourself would have that pathetic and laughable logic. Please, refrain from using the internet. We need less imbeciles on here.

      • Thinkaboutit

        Since you called me one it must be true. Funny that ive had every xbox and playstation.

        • superkarma

          And yet, that has nothing to do with favoring one system over the other. Which, in your case, is blatantly true, considering your previous comments.

          • Thinkaboutit

            The only thing that shows fanboyism is you getting so defensive over the comment. Have a good night. Enjoy your system.

          • superkarma

            Calling out an obvious troll =/= fanboyism or being defensive.

            Later, troll.

    • Michael Norris

      I am quite sure there are a lot of people that wouldn’t mind playing TLOU in 1080p 60fps.

    • Thomas Cai Jinzhan

      if the company is giving what the fanbase wanted, is that called squeezing? You either buy it if you want it, or don’t buy it if you don’t want it……….alot of ppl want it, the company give it. Is that a bad thing or am i missing something here?

    • PCS4-Box U

      Well none of their “loyal fanbase” seems to have any issue with it. Again, they aren’t forcing you to buy anything. Selling remastered versions of games is nothing new so i don’t see what your issue with it now is. I would even argue that Sony was able to keep the PS4 price down by not adding native backwards compatibility and instead, giving it to use through emulation, thus saving their “loyal fanbase” money. Theres clearly a market for it so why shouldn’t they make a product that consumers want available to them? I just don’t see how adding more content can be viewed as a bad thing for any platform.

    • Xtreme Derp

      Wrong, the only thing that smells here are demented fanboy imbeciles like you.

  • Steven Solidarios

    Hey when is this coming for xbone?!!! Oh. Naughty Dog doesn’t make games on VHS.

    • Nick Motsarsky

      Yawn. Poor attempt at trolling/being funny.

      • Steven Solidarios

        Ok. Didn’t know I had to have your approval Nick.

  • Gamist

    Now I’m all curious what the graphics will look like in native 1080p.

  • Manoj Varughese

    there’s a solid reason for PS4 buying now.

    • Michael Norris

      Yea Infamous Second Son…

      • Manoj Varughese

        Not exactly…I’d get it at a lower price than TLOU enhanced if the rumor for summer release is true.

  • benbenkr

    What a waste of resources. Sigh.

  • MasterofMidnight

    I hope PS3 players don’t have to rebuy the game to play it on PS4. That would be cruel. Of course, I’ve not bought it, and probably never will, so it doesn’t affect me.

    I also hope that companies don’t make it a habit of re-releasing every major PS3 / 360 game onto the next platform for a quick buck. That’s resources that could be invested in making new games instead. Especially seeing as Sony have apparently just laid off a whole load of staff.

    • Michael Norris

      From what I have read from Demonnite,Sony is trimming the fat.

      • JustGaming

        Exactly. Although you will find many a detractor, troll and general asshat claiming that it’s the end of those studios when, in fact, they are not terminating key figures and simply (as you have put it) trimming the fat to transform them into leaner, more efficient studios. They may need to do it, but it still only means good things.

    • 2223

      Which fantasy world do you live in!?

      • MasterofMidnight

        Japan. Anything can happen here.

    • Manoj Varughese

      enhanced graphics?! I guess the purpose is killed then.

      • MasterofMidnight


        • Manoj Varughese

          Well PS3 gamers bought TLOU designed to play on PS3. If it was to stream on PS Now, your logic would have made sense. Since Naughty Dog is doing an overhaul on the existing graphics maybe on full hd with 60 fps, it warrants a full value purchase for those who haven’t tried it yet. For the others a discount would help but getting a better product for free doesn’t make sense.

          • MasterofMidnight

            How does it not make sense? You can already cross buy Vita and PS3 games. One is more powerful than the other.

            Aren’t there certain PC games where they give graphical overhauls of a game free of charge? What is the difference here?

            Honestly, why would a company expect someone to pay money for a game that merely looks better (assuming no other major changes have been made)?

          • Manoj Varughese

            And that is why this will stay as good as a rumor.
            PS: you need to check all the HD remastered versions of PS2 games that were free. How many were there?

          • shinitaru

            Yeah, I’m definitely loving my free upgrade to Tomb Raider DE…Oh, wait….

          • Manoj Varughese

            So what was it, an actual free upgrade or partial?

          • shinitaru
          • Manoj Varughese

            I doubt now.

          • shinitaru

            LOL, it’s okay

    • Michael Balchunas

      Tomb Raider was 60 bucks… this will be 60 bucks.

  • 2223

    Hopefully it will be in the $20 – $40 range.

    • PCS4-Box U

      That would be nice but i doubt it.

  • mikeslemonadeFromN4G

    It’s #3 on my top 10 games of last generation, but I’m most likely not gonna buy it again on PS4. I’d want to play Left Behind; in which I haven’t played before.

  • megablast16

    Doesn’t really need a PS4 port, it’s already perfect on PS3. I’ve played it to death already so I wont be buying it again just for some minor technical improvements.

  • Faisal Munayam
  • Jamal

    Already played it. Not buying it.

    • I haven’t played it. I’m buying it.

      • Jamal

        Congrats! It’s a good game. Mp was a little suspect though.

      • Michael Balchunas

        Great game, great MP. Play it with headphones or speakers on, very immersive/realistic.

  • john

    Game better be running a smooth 60fps and have all the antialiasing fixed with fxaa or mxaa (if they can).. Cant wait when this comes out for the ps4 this summer if the rumors are true. I wished it came out for the pc but its a sony’s exclusive and that’s fine with me.

  • Jason Brody

    That’s actually not a bad idea for 360 converts, or PC, or Wii U gamers. Beleieve it or not there’s still a lot of people who haven’t played the game and I’m sure the would add some extra features for replay value for those who already played through it. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if it has a whole new story by the time E3 rolls around.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    LOL that last pic is funny. I hope the rumor is true though.

  • HustyparmenCZ

    Yakuza Kaz will také care of this noob 😛

  • Matt Henzel

    Well, if 3 NeoGAF users were mentioned this is HUGE news.

  • oo7PorscheMGS

    There are VERY few games I’d buy twice…..THE LAST OF US is one of my top 5 fav. games of allllllllll time, definitely would get it on the PS4. I do have to say though I would rather them use their resources to make the next one or another project. But oh well, it’s worth having on the new console for the CRAZY people who for some reason missed this awesome game.