PS4 Emulation of PS2/PS1 “From Amazing 1080p to Buggy Single FPS;” Disk Plans Unknown – Insider

Two days ago industry insider Ahsan “Thuway” Rasheed ousted a rumor about Sony Computer Entertainment’s effort in implementing PS2 and PlayStation emulation on PS4, and today he provided more information about its current performance on Twitter, also mentioning that his sources didn’t give him information about the possibility of direct disc playback.

Oh and for those asking about any update about the PS2/PS1 emulation for PS4. I don’t know what Sony’s plans are concerning disc playback.

What I have heard is the emulation experience ranges from absolutely amazing 1080p to terribly buggy single FPS garbage.

Sony doesn’t want to ship a half baked product with people complaining about inaccurate features.

Oh and they are listening for your feedback for the firmware and OS side of things. Please be vocal.

I am legitimately telling you the PS2 emulation is real, if you want local disc playback, make noise. They’ve made a reputation by listening.

It’s not very surprising that the result of emulation vary by game, as it’s the same with basically every PC-based emulator out there, especially in its infancy. We’ll have to see if Sony will manage to perfect the feature or if they will just make available a select number of titles that work well.

After all PC-based emulators for PlayStation and PlayStation 2 took years to perfect, but now there are a few that works perfectly with almost every game in the line-up even on PCs with similar specs as the PS4. We can probably expect the same evolution with the PS4, even if Sony has the advantage of perfectly knowing the ins and outs of the platforms emulated.

Of course, since Sony didn’t make any official announcement yet we should take everything said above with a pinch of salt and consider it a rumor. That said, I can’t help but hoping that Rasheed’s sources are right about it.


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  • Take your time Sony.

    Make sure its perfect and not buggy for release.

    • JustGaming

      Not that I am particularily interested in this feature, but I agree whole-heartedly. Take your time, find out what works/doesn’t work and just go with what does. I have a feeling that disk playback may be causing a few headaches.

    • Cantorkcs

      Let’s go tweet at them and phil out suverys saying we want this!!! How DO WE LET THEM KNOW???

      • d0x360

        Any way you can. Forum posts, hash tagged tweets and tons of Email to Sony support and feedback. We also need the press to talk about it as much as possible

        • Massacred

          Let’s get on this ASAP

    • Massacred

      PS1/PS2 disk support might be the biggest game changer I’ve heard in a while. Tons of people still have these old disks. They will feed off nostalgia and it will bring in another 1-2 million potential buyers.

      How do we let Sony know they need to get on this right now?

      • someguy

        im sure they are working on that as we speak

        • Massacred

          True, I wonder if we could tweet/call/email/petition whatever them?

      • islan

        But how can they offer disc-support if they can never offer 100% compatibility with all discs?

        • John Nemesh

          The same way Microsoft offered disk compatibility with OG Xbox games on the 360.

          • islan

            For a handful of games?

          • John Nemesh

            which is more than you can play NOW…

        • BalramRules

          Same way PS2 had PS1 disc compatibility. 😉

          • islan

            I guess I should clarify: I meant 100% compatibility with all games
            on disc. In other words, if it was digital only, they could limit the
            library by what is available on PSN. If discs were supported, then
            either Sony would have to support all games on disc, or support a
            massive list of what is and what is not compatible.

          • Nicholas Perry

            EXACTLY, and as most know, the later PS2 models have even more issues with many games. But it wasn’t an issue back then. It just was what it was.

        • Massacred

          This shouldn’t be too much of problem. It just requires tweaking to encompass all variations of optical sales. Sony knows all the types of disks that they used to release PlayStation games, all they need to do is format the software emulator to correctly read them.

          • islan

            …You think all emulation is is the ability to read the disc?

            What is this, I don’t even…

          • Massacred

            I don’t understand. . . It would take a few months of coding, but it would be done in the same way as the 1st generation PS3.

          • islan

            The first gen PS3 emulated PS2 games because it had a specific onboard chip dedicated to that sole task. It was essentially a PS2 inside a PS3.

          • Massacred

            Exactly, because the cell architecture could not emulate the PS2. We have moved to something much closer to X86 architecture which should make this quite easy. Just look at all the PS1/PS2 emulators you can download online, do you think that all PCs have the emotion chipset built in? No. This would be hardware emulation.

            In the same way the PS3 was able to emulate the PS1 internal systems with out the proprietary chipset, we have reached the point where the PS4 should be able to do the same for the PS2 quite easily.

            The PS3 on the other hand would be next to impossible to emulate on the PS4 as Cell Architecture is very difficult to recreate.

          • Massacred
      • PCS4-Box U

        It’s totall possible to do but results will differ from title-to-title. I already have a PS2 emulator on my PC (PCSX2) and you can play disk from it but some titles work and some don’t. I highly doubt they will be able to get every PS2/PS1 game to work through emulation so they are better off doing it in groups at a time so each can be tested thoroughly to ensure compatibility. Having a bunch of videos popping up online showing games only half-assed working is NOT an image Sony is going to want.

        • Don Karam

          It’s possible many games don’t work on those emulators for PC because they are unofficial and made by people that don’t have access to documentation of the hardware. Sony emulator programmers wouldn’t have those problems.

          • PCS4-Box U

            It’s not quite that simple unfortunately… Yes, sonys programmers will have more access to more data than modders so they do have the best chance of finding fixes to issues that may arise. But thats where the real problem is, they would have to indivually test each title to make sure it works through emulation before putting a”for sale” sign on it. Emulation, if you’ve never done it before, allows you to tweak many various setting.. such as using DX11, anti-aliasing or native 1080p but it’s not easy to find a one-size-fits-all solution and even if they do, they need to test each title to make sure it work. What works great for 1 title, may totally break another and you end up like a dog chasing its tail. My point is that its no small undertaking so just keep your expectations in check for this one. Hopefully, they’ll implement it the same way they did with PSP games on Vita… Some titles are confirmed and tested 100% and available on the PS store, other untested games may work but its “use at your own risk”.

        • Massacred

          If they can with the PS3 cell architecture this X86 should be far easier.

          • PCS4-Box U

            …except PS2 emulation on PS3 was NOT done by the cell processor. The initial run of PS3s that had backwards compatibility had a 2nd chip that handled naitive emulation, the cell processor had nothing to do with it. That was a hardware solution to make it work, not software, which is what we are talking about here.

          • Massacred

            Exactly, because the cell architecture could not emulate the PS2. We
            have moved to something much closer to X86 architecture which should make this quite easy. Just look at all the PS1/PS2 emulators you can download online, do you think that all PCs have the emotion chipset built in? No. This would be hardware emulation.

            In the same way the PS3 was able to emulate the PS1 internal systems with out the proprietary chipset, we have reached the point where the PS4 should be able to do the same for the PS2 quite easily.

            The PS3 on the other hand would be next to impossible to emulate on the PS4 as Cell Architecture is very difficult to recreate.

          • PCS4-Box U

            Dude, my pc is 86x architecture as well and I already have pcsx2 (ps2 emulator) on it so I’m well aware of the capabilities of software based emulation. Yes, it will work for a lot of titles but some are going to be completely broken unfortunately. That’s just the way it goes with software emulation I’m afraid. I go into this much deeper in other post if you care to look.

          • Massacred

            eh, its just a matter of time and lots of Beta.

            This seems very feasible.

          • PCS4-Box U

            I never said it wasn’t feasible, anything is feasible with enough time and money. You have to realize, for emulation, every game is going to react differently. It isn’t going to be cost effective for Sony to go back and test every single ps1/ps2 game to ensure its compatible and works with the emulator. Now, they MAY take the ps vita route and have officially supported, full tested and upgraded with every benefit emulation has to offer (gpu acceleration, 1080p, texture filtering antialiasing, etc.). I’m just saying don’t expect them to suddenly open a floodgate, flip a switch and all of a sudden 1000s of ps1/ps2 classics are now suddenly available on ps4, that’s an unrealistic expectation.

          • John Nemesh

            You are partially correct…but later titles DO emulate in software using the Cell processor. I have a PS3 “Slim” (the first one) that does not have the PS2 chip in it, yet a limited number of PS2 games are available for me to buy digitally and play on my PS3. These games run software emulation, as only the launch PS3 models has the PS2 hardware chip in it.

          • PCS4-Box U

            That’s true actually and good point, i honestly forgot they did that! Sony does apparently already have a PS2 emulator in house they used to put PS2 games on PS3. I posted below a link for a neogaf thread for a guy that actually got his hands on Sonys PS2 emulator, reverse-engineered it and used cfw to make most PS2 games playable on PS3. This guy even took the liberty of making a compatibility list!
            Like i said previously though, not every title is going to be possible unfortunately which is evident by the compatibility list. This is why i would assume Sony has a only a select few PS2 games available, the ones they’ve tested and know to work. I imagine the demand for certain titles plays a part in that too, they aren’t goign to waste time making sure shovelware that nobody will buy works through emulation.


      • The Wolf 47

        Twitter, Facebook, PlayStation Blog or forum, Google Plus.
        Anything that is social that you can create an account that has a PS label on it.

    • Manoj Varughese

      They are listening to this.

  • CycloneFox

    I would love to play my old PS1 and PS2 games on PS4, especially if some of them even looked better then.

    I suppose a lot of people, who already own PS1 and PS2 games (physically and digitally on their SEN account) might consider picking up a PS4 to play their old games, with some of them even looking better now, plus some new tripple A games like inFamous. It would give the console such a great value at once.

    The best thing would be, if the PS4 had the emulator of the PSP/3/Vita, which can already play digital or disc-based PS One games, plus a white-list of PS2 games and HD-enabled PS1/2 games, which are already tested and playable, which gets updates periodically.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      I doubt it’ll have a PS Vita emulator. There’s none even for PC at the moment, and it’d massively cut into the already lean vita sales.

      On the other hand, PSP would be sweet, and very doable.

      You know what I would REALLY like?

      Reverse remote play. THAT would be sweet 😀

      • Reverse remote play would be just AWESOME. But then it would make the Vita TV thing useless, no? I dunno what the point of the vita tv was in the first place when they coulda just added an hdmi connection or done a reverse remote play.

        • Pyrotek85

          That’s what I was hoping they’d do instead of the Vita TV, though I may still get one should they ever come here.

        • neko working

          err.. they have perfect device for that. PSVita TV, ain’t it ?

          • it’s far from perfect. it’s something to buy. reverse remote play or a cable aren’t costly.

      • Stranger On The Road

        While I would love the reverse remote play for the PS Vita; I will disagree with running the PS Vita games on the PS4 having a negative side-effect on the PS Vita’s sales.

        Let me put it this way, a developer could target the PS Vita; the gamer would then buy the downloadable copy of the game on the PS4, play it on the PS4 and can continue playing on the PS Vita. This will be nothing like remote play since the game is native to the PS Vita.

        Instead of making 2 games for 2 system, the developer will make 1 game that would work on both systems; and the gamer would be able to move between the 2 systems. If there is going to be a problem, it will most likely be for the PS Vita TV.

        • Aggy

          they already do that its called cross buy

          • Stranger On The Road

            What I describe differs from cross buy; with cross buy you only need to buy a single game; what I describe is for the developer to make only one game targeted at one system but would run on 2.

            Sorry if the original post was ambiguous about this.

          • PCS4-Box U

            Crossbuy has been a dissapointment to me every since its inception. The idea and premise are great but implementation are poor, its mostly indies or games i’ve already played that have the option. None of the major AAA releases are available for it… I’ve had to buy seperate copies of Injustice and Lego Marvel both which is infuriating.

          • shinitaru

            You’re telling me that you didn’t love the Vita bonus of Sly Cooper Thieves in Time?
            And Lego Marvel on the Vita was just sad

          • PCS4-Box U

            I haven’t bought Thieves of Time yet, just haven’t gotten a chance but i totally forgot that it had cross-buy!
            …and your right, Lego Marvel Vita is very sad, especially after playing the PS4 version. It’s was really jarring at first too because i used Remote Play for the PS4 version and it actually looked better on my PSV than on my TV!

          • shinitaru

            I rented the Vita version first, sent it back immediately, Still playing the PS4 version, looks and plays great, almost look like actual Lego figures.
            I highly recommend Sly Cooper if you still have a PS3, awesome, awesome game! Getting the Vita version for free is just icing on the cake. Also has Cross Controller features too, you can use the Vita as a second screen to help find hidden items

          • PCS4-Box U

            So this is totally unrelated but I have to share! I just got the most exciting email of my life, “You are invited to participate in the PlayStation Now Private Beta!”
            I can’t even describe how excited I am right now! Gotta go bust my PS3 out of retirement now!

          • shinitaru

            Way to go, congrats!! I don’t have a PS3 anymore so I didn’t bother to sign up

          • PCS4-Box U

            Appears to still be full NDA though so that kinda sucks. I’ve still got to wait on a code as well. Oh well, got my woke my PS3 up from cryogenic-stasis to a warm, welcoming system update… thats an annoyance i don’t miss at all.

          • shinitaru

            LMAO, hey, send me your PSN to so I can friend you

          • oddvintagetaco

            Why would big AAA release do that. They want your Money. You just said it your self. You bought it twice.
            Indies in the other hand. They know you wont buy a Indie twice.

        • shinitaru

          There would only be a few games that would work on the PS4 anyway, Too many of the games use the touchscreens and even with the DS4 touchpad, most of the time you need to quickly touch a specific point on the screen, you would have to approximate it on the DS4. Too sloppy

          • Stranger On The Road

            True, the touch screen and the back touch panel will be headache to live without in a game that uses them. I guess reverse remote play is the best option 🙂

      • PCS4-Box U

        That sounds awesome actually, so would DS4 support for Vita (not just Vita TV). Some games, like Battlefield 4, are just to difficult to play using remote play.
        Since we are on the subject, whats up with the Vita TV Remote Play? I know it hasnt released in the west but now that both have launched on Sony’s home turf, does this work as advertised? Can you Remote Play PS4 games to whatever TV your PSVTV is hooked up to?

      • shinitaru

        I was thinking about reverse remote play the other day, being able to play Vita games on my TV would be great. I love my Vita but my eyes aren’t all that great

      • CycloneFox

        Sorry, if that was incomprehensible. I haven’t talked about emulating PSP/3/Vita, but the emulator, that IS ALREADY EXISTING on the PSP/PS3/Vita, that can emulate PSX games and used to even emulate PS2 games for a short period, which only was problematic.

        This already-existing emulator is able to boot from downloaded digital PS1/2 games or physical PS1/2 game discs. It should be ported to the PS4 and be advanced to upscale some white-listed titles. That is how my post was meant.

        As far as I know, Sony was working on tools to upscale PSP games into HD, too. But only for developers to use, not for locally emulating PSP games.

      • Kingdom17

        Hopefully that’s what we can use the Vita TV for.

      • oddvintagetaco

        Reverse Remote Play isnt possible.


    Gimme Gimme Gimme……. My disk playback! I have a disgusting library of PS1 and PS2 games!!

  • d0x360

    That would be fantastic. My launch ps3 died and I bought a retail demo unit ps3 from a friend cause it plays ps1 and ps2 games. It also plays ps3 but I can’t connect online to get dlc or any games I’ve bought online or use my ps+ sub. If my ps4 was b/c I’d be a happy camper.

  • Jecht_Sin

    It must have disk compatibility!! With all due respect for Sony we paid for our PSOne and PS2 libraries. Since the emulator is possible it only makes sense to have it for disc based games as well. Sony will still get money from the PS Classic games sales in digital format. There are plenty I’d love to buy (mostly RPGs, obviously!).

    • Yisa Yussuf

      Lol, you spend most days on IGN and Dualshockers too then.

  • Reason Freeman

    I just want Sony to make NEW games. And i’m not talking about indies

    • shinitaru

      I’ve seen your posts, do you even own a PS4? If not, why would you even care what they make?

      • Wargreymon559 .

        He’s a troll he’s just mad his glorified $500 VCR.Sucks at outputting good visuals 😉

        • shinitaru

          Oh, I’m aware that he’s trolling, that’s just my way of calling him on it

    • DemonFenton

      So little Xbox Mafia fan moron, let me ask you this. If Indies are so bad, than I guess Epic and ID Software is bad. Those two were indies and a very small team mind you. So my question to you is that if indies don’t count as games than does Epic and ID Software don’t count. I guess in you mind it doesn’t which is why your an easy target.

      • John Nemesh

        Commander Keen rocks!

    • You are flat out wrong

      All you’re getting is Soda Drinker Pro and Magic 2015. Enjoy, Freemong!

  • Galen Nycroft

    Emulation is so tricky, that I’m not holding my breath, but if Sony were to find a way to pull it off, it would really decimate the competition…that library alone…

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3


  • ManagedCorn

    If they pull it off, disk reading and all. We have the definitive winner this generation. No contest. I know its laughable that emulation now its a god given gift but I just love my ps2 games.

  • Mucksony

    I want to be able to watch movies and listen to music from my sandisk on PS4 like on PS3!

  • Galen Nycroft

    If this is going to help beef up the PS4 library (if artificially), then I think it would be a great idea. I also think Microsoft should try and follow suit as a short term measure for increasing the attractiveness of its home console.

  • Virdin Barzey

    I know the Sony sheeple will have idiotic comments but I’ll put it out there.

    As a PS4 owner this is somewhat silly. So I have a number of PS3 disc games but can’t play them on my PS4. No, if I want to play those game I need to get PSNow for a monthly fee that also gives me access to (not own) PS1/PS2/PS3 content that I may have already on disc.

    Yet many claimed that the PSNow is just for those who didn’t have a PS3 and I guess a PS2 or PS1….or games they missed on all three. So now Sony is working for free, if we ask them to make the PS4 compatible with PS2/PS1 disc but not PS3.

    Really? Why would they do BC with PS2/PS1 games when they can get you to rent it on PSNow? Oh that’s right this is Dualshockers where Sony does nice things for gamers out of the kindness in their hearts. My bad. At that point Sony, why not do the PS3 emulation as well? Amazing.

    • shinitaru

      You’re just guessing, you have no idea how this will be implemented

    • John Nemesh

      First of all, using “Sony Sheeple” immediately outs you as a troll…invalidating EVERYTHING that comes afterwards.

      Secondly, why come to a SONY FANSITE to bitch about Sony? Go find an Xbox fansite if you are so in love with underpowered consoles that fail to deliver on the promises made at launch!

    • Fredrik

      They even struggle to make the PS4 emulate the PS2, as mentioned in this article, “terribly buggy single FPS garbage”, which is certainly no reference to any PS1 game, so I’m not sure how you can expect them to emulate the PS3. PS4 is simply isn’t powerful enough to do PS3 emulation. To emulate the Cell CPU is pure hell thanks to the blazing fast SPEs.

      • Virdin Barzey

        I was being sarcastic about the PS3….Like you said, this makes no sense.

  • Kingdom17

    Can we maybe get trophy support for them too? Pretty please.

  • Arnold Stallone

    I think the emulation will be used in pair with gaikai tech..?.

    • shinitaru

      I think so too. Most likely they are going to use this for folk who buy legacy games through PSNow or maybe already own them on PSN. I think that soon all legacy titles will migrate to PSNow where they can be rented or purchased outright. Just speculating of course

  • Yisa Yussuf

    No we don’t want disc based emulation…. Its going to be impossible to find PS1 and PS2 games in the market. this also doesn’t benefit sony. I believe PS1/2 games should be included with PS+ and PS3 games should be monthly sub…. A small regular payment similar to Netflix is perfect. I might use Netflix once a month but because it is £5.99 i don’t mind. I’ll pay it for the convenience. If it was £19.99 now i would have cancelled it months ago. £19.99 doesn’t warrant playing one game a month for a couple hours. But i would pay a small fee monthly even if i hadn’t used it for months. Make us feel that we are getting a good deal and we’ll pay you

    • John Nemesh

      “impossible to find”??? Have you even looked at your local pawn shops or used game stores? Or search on ebay? There are TONS of old games out there!

  • Jamic

    If it doesnt have disc playback support then these news are absolutely pointless.

    PS3 did PS1 and (for limited) PS2 (games) emulation. PS2 and PS3 came with PS1 emulation straight out of the box.

    Reporting about emulation of PS1 and 2 games for digital downloads is completely pointless because its going to happen at some point.

  • Xtreme Derp

    Nah, disc playback isn’t happening. Too many potential bugs, and they’ll make more money re-selling individually polished and optimized games on PSN.

  • DemonFenton

    If any form of BC it must be the following on any game:

    1) Make sure it works.
    2) Make sure the current not past IP holders are alive and willing to BC it.
    3) Any legal issues resolved
    4) Royalties are paid.
    5) Any other outstanding issue not mention.

    Yes there is PSNow but it’s for PS 3 games. It will be for the PS 1 and PS 2 games. Sony knows there are fans that has older gamers into their PSN account. So I’d say wait for Sony to announce that and see where it goes. If it does work than the said game must following those five I just posted.

  • NeoTechni

    “Sony doesn’t want to ship a half baked product with people complaining about inaccurate features.”

    Then explain why they turned off/hid remote play in ViaTV’s firmware, and why PS4 still can’t hibernate

  • wampdog29

    Everyone seems to think they are talking about the actual disc you may still own of the games. Is this even possible? The drive has to be able to read those discs. Sure, a firmware update would help, but I still thought there was more to the drive in the PS1 that allowed it to read those black, scratch-resistant discs…. “local disc” to me sounds like the hard drive. Instead of streaming through PS Now, they want you to be able to download from the store… no?

  • Do it! I want to play all my PS1/PS2 games on my PS4 just like on my PS3!

  • The Lab

    “They’ve made a reputation by listening.” Maybe this generation, but they made life a lot harder on themselves last generation by ignoring the customer when it came to price, console design (George Foreman), and the awful multiplayer. Sony does the bare minimum of what it needs to do to sell consoles. Just like any other company.

    • bettergetdave

      Hmmm…I don’t think any company in any industry that has desire to last has a business model that says lets do the bare minimum for our customers and try to achieve the highest sales. I’m pretty sure that is a successful plan for failure! Most but not all industries are very competitive and have to put their best out there to just win the customers loyalty.

      • The Lab

        There are only three console makers, only two with modern hardware. Sony only has to beat the other guy to dominate the market. There is no “winning the customer’s loyalty” necessary. If you think the PS4 is Sony’s best possible effort, just turn it on and look at that lousy UI. Everyone knows it could be way better. Microsoft tried to nickle and dime the consumer with paid XBOX Live and games you couldn’t share. You have an extremely idealistic viewpoint on how companies behave.

        • bettergetdave

          No not idealistic i just have an MBA, read a lot of books and current events and work for one of the worlds largest corporations. Your evidence is circumstantial and can be easily dismissed.

          • The Lab

            Saying you have an MBA as your entire argument is a logical fallacy called Appeal to Authority and it generally never works.

            It specifically does not work because I know how BS it is. I worked in the New Jersey branch of McKinsey Pharma consulting long enough to know that the reason we hire so many undergrads is that it takes years to undo the idealistic brainwashing the MBAs have. Sometimes it is just easier to start with a blank slate. Until you understand that a corporation behaves like a lazy, inefficient sociopath, you will never really understand corporate psychology.

          • bettergetdave

            Lol well apparently you must subscibe to appeal to authority by your reasoning of your work history! It may be true what you say about corporations in some industries however at large i disagree and think that is not the case. So are you saying i personally will never understand or just people in general including yourself will never get psychology?

          • The Lab

            Debunking someone else’s unearned appeal to authority by demonstrating one’s own authority is different. Not much of a rhetoric student, eh?

          • bettergetdave

            Look i think Sony did a much better job this time around versus last gen. I believe they tried and did build a product that fans wanted. I thought you agree with that but if you don’t think so then that is a completely valid opinion as well. However to say all corporations are lazy, slow, inefficient and do the least for their customers is just not true. If you think that makes me idealistic then you must be pestimistic as well. I would rather be idealistic than pestimistic anyways. Its got me this far so it can’t be too bad. Oh and thx for all the logic lessons there Socrates, tell Bill & Ted I said hello!

          • The Lab

            Socrates was famous for the dialectic method of inquiry. People cite Aristotle when they make rhetoric jokes.

            Pessimism is a subjective judgement. Objectively we can show that the behavior of a corporation satisfies every single criteria for sociopathic behavior in the current DSM-V psych manual. Be idealistic if you like, but don’t insinuate that both viewpoints are equal. My perspective comes with objective validation.

            As for the lazy and inefficient, I am saying that is the natural state for a corporation to trend without great management. Just look at Sony’s other product lines for proof. SO many redundant, undifferentiated products that cannabalize each other. The only reason the PS4 is any good is that they hurt themselves so badly with the PS3. The only reason the Xbox One is so bad is they got lazy after the relative success of the Xbox 360 and regressed. Both of these companies demonstrate the behavior I am talking about.

  • Nicholas Perry

    You know, it’s not like PCSX2 you know, where everything has to be done via guess work and reverse engineering. Sony has everything.

    I’d expect they’d at least at minimum be able to get near perfect compatibility even only at the original low resolution. And i’m sure they can come up with ways to offload as much to compute units and the GPU unlike where it’s mostly CPU bound on PC.

    I hope they can come up with something great. I’d love to buy games I don’t own, or even just rebuy games I own to support the company that made it. (If I can play my own games too. )

    • PCS4-Box U

      The computation isn’t the problem, it’s compatibility. What may work for some games, simply doesnt work for other. You can use GPU acceleration on PCSX2 also, as well as setting naitive 1080p, anti-aliasing, etc, etc, etc… However, what works for one game may completely break another. It’s not as easy as it sounds to make a one-size-fits all solution and if they do, they are still going to want to test titles indiviually to make sure they work and that takes time. It’s not much different than PSP games on Vita, some are compatible and some arent.

      • CraZed77

        Yeah like how on PCSX2 I can run Kingdom Hearts at full 1080p it looks and runs amazing but I have to use speedhacks and game fixes for God of War titles so they don’t run at 20-40fps at that very same resolution, but then the audio is all jacked up and is out of sync etc.

        • PCS4-Box U

          That’s exactly what I’m referring to! I’m still trying to get timesplitters to work, it runss but I the video has huge red/blue/green translucent lines running across the screen! I haven’t found a work around yet sadly. Gt3 is flawless though with all setting s maxed, awesome! Anyway, glad someone else gets how this works and the massive undertaking it would be for Sony to make every title compatible, that’s just unrealistic…

  • Hates bad writers.

    Disc plans unknown? I’ll fix that for you, not happening. It cannot be done, and won’t be done. Nobody is bothering with backwards compatibility when it comes to discs on consoles.

    • PCS4-Box U

      Thats just not true, it CAN without a doubt be done… however, i highly doubt they will. PC already has emulation that does it so it isn’t a question of whether its possible or not, its a question of whether Sony will actually allow it… and that, i highly doubt.

    • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

      Never go full retard dude.

  • Vivid Green

    No disrespect. I loved Halo 3 and all, but this will sure give Xbox One a good run.

  • dapaintrain

    I can’t wait I don’t see the feature supporting local disc play but who knows. But I already purchased my favourite ps2 games digitally on psn already for use with my ps3 pretty much the entire rockstar games ps2 catalog from gta to bully in the recent sale so hopefully I can play them on my ps4.

    Tbh I hope we get the option of turning hd off because part of the charm for me personally was playing gta as and vice city in sd mostly for nostalgia I guess but when playing in hd allot of flaws are exposed

  • Midori Inaba

    Well… granted, the PS2’s Emotion Engine chip was always a bit hard to emulate. Even PC emulators get a couple weird stuff here and there… but I think the PS4 is powerful enough to handle it without putting the actual chip inside.
    Wasn’t that what the first PS3 moddels used to do?
    In time, I hope. Only real reason why i don’t play my physical PS2 as often is because my TV has not enough component imputs and the Wii is plugged there (VC Games, CT, FF IV, etc. I love that stuff on a TV rather than PC Emu) so I hope my PS4 can handle PS2 soon. Then I can keep my PS2 as a collector’s piece <3

  • 2223

    “I am legitimately telling you the PS2 emulation is real, if you want
    local disc playback, make noise. They’ve made a reputation by listening.” this line alone would make it worth it.

  • maxinthefax

    i still own a ps1 library that’s as long as my height

  • 9li8

    Ask Ken Kutaragi for help.

  • Joseph

    Here is a secret most don’t know. Sony’s PS4 has the “base architecture already there” for disc playback. What they would have to do, is finish developing the software / app to play this in an emulated state. What is taking them so long, if they are indeed working on it, would be they are shooting for 100% compatibility, which, as some of you have guessed is no easy task, but I assure you, with the original ps2 source code, they will find a way to implement it, and the x86 processor, will be what delivers them success compared to the ps3. Also for the unknowing, the hard chip in the ps3 first release was not able to be updated, only the software, and that created problems, which is why their later models went all emulation / software based, which CELL PROCESSING DID play a role in, which is why they stopped releasing digital ps2 titles after a while. The ps4 is where they will find the success, and is the reason they halted production on the ps2 systems completely as of this year.

  • James

    Oh please do this right, having backwards compatibility for ps1 and ps2 game disk would be great, was so gutted when i couldn’t play any of my PS2 games on my PS3.

    and stop charging us for everything lol, the “PlayStation plus” should include the use of “PlayStation Now” if that’s how there going to do the backwards compatibility option.

  • andrew gross

    atleast give us something…maybe a test game of an old PS1/PS2 title everyone can download and look at then and only then will people start to make a more defined and united voice to what they want

  • John Estrada

    Disc playback of games is a Must. because sony will not have all PS titles on PSN PSnow ect… the gamers still have the old games and still enjoy them. for me i like playing my entire Mortal Kombat Collection on my PS3 and would love to play on new hardware such as the PS4.