Call of Duty: Ghosts “Devastation” DLC Gameplay Trailer Shows Off New Maps, Extinction, and The Predator

Since its launch last November, Call of Duty: Ghosts has been going strong nearly six months after its release with continual releases of DLC and new maps, with the second of its major expansions, “Devastation,” set to arrive later this week.

In a new trailer published through the official Call of Duty YouTube account, the latest DLC for Call of Duty: Ghosts shows off the latest round of new maps, weapons, add-ons and more from the game’s second major expansion. In addition, the trailer also confirms the presence of the iconic villain from the Predator films, who was teased last week through the series’s Instagram account.

The “Devastation” DLC Pack will be heading to Call of Duty: Ghosts on Xbox One and Xbox 360 on April 3rd, 2014, followed by a release on PS4, PS3, and PC at a later date – in the meantime, you can check out the full gameplay trailer for “Devastation” below for a look at what to expect from the latest DLC:

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  • DrPhilter

    Man, I am really glad I picked this up during the Gamestop Sale. Between the Michael Myers and now Predator, I think it’s worth it. new, different, exciting.

    • Averix

      Mike Myers was dumb. Why would that make any sense for a COD game? Predator on the other hand, that is a military op waiting to happen. Looking forward to this content.

      • blessedswine

        What was dumb about Michael Meyers is he never used a axe and he never hunted in the woods, seems to me Jason Vorhees would have fit that map way better, and it seemed that is what they were going for originally then couldnt get the rights or something.

        • Averix

          That makes more sense.

        • DrPhilter

          I do agree with what you said, especially with the map, and the chilling sound of the ch-ch-ch-ch ah-ah-ah-ah, man that would be great. I wasn’t quite sure why they chose axe for Myers, He did use it a couple of times, but since in the game itself you use a knife, why wouldn’t you stick with that?

      • DrPhilter

        I liked the Mike Myers mainly because it was a bit out of the norm for Call of Duty, essentially because it didn’t fit a military op type game. Though obviously I don’t think we can argue that Predator is a far better fit.

  • So what part does the Predator play in this DLC?

    • Averix

      His sole task is to hunt down campers.

      • PCS4-Box U


  • HeczTehFinezt

    Ironic that a single DLC changed the minds of gamers. Its funny because now I want to pick up the game. Its finally moving to an arcade style and thats what Im liking about CoD Ghosts. I always wanted CoD to just die already and I thought Ghosts would do that job but somehow IW managed to keep it alive with DLC. With Mike Myers and Predator, playing Mike Myers with friends or online buddies will be even more fun.