Sheldon Will Try to Choose Between PS4 and Xbox One in Tomorrow’s Big Bang Theory Episode

If you want to have a laugh on the console war and like The Big Bang Theory, you’re in for a treat tomorrow with the new episode The Indecision Amalgamation,Β that will see protagonist Sheldon take on one of the hardest decisions for a gamer; PS4 or Xbox One?

The gaming-permeated episode will air tomorrow atΒ 8 PM, ET/PT on CBS, and promises to be definitely interesting.

Below you can see the video preview (unfortunately it’s blocked outside the US), and another screenshot, and if you really want to spoil the plot for yourself, you can find a full synopsis here.

Which console will Sheldon choose? Will he go the Sony way or fall to the temptation of Kinect? Unless you clicked on the spoilery link above, you’ll know by tomorrow.

[Pictures and episode preview courtesy of CBS]


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  • Fersay Ferrera


  • neko working

    vpn ftw

  • xmod3563

    He’s going to either buy both, pick up a used gameboy instead or even go with another hobby instead. I can almost guarantee he will not decide to buy a PS4 over an Xbox One or vice versa.

    • Bankai

      I’m thinking he’ll pick both of them, too.

    • Johnnie

      If he does buy only one we’ll know which company paid for the episode lol.

      • extermin8or2

        I could be wrong but I though sony made/collaborated on Big Bang theorys production…

        • JustGaming

          If you look flow enough, Microsoft and Nintendo products have featured predominantly throughout the show, I don’t recall seeing Sony that much (someone correct me if I’m wrong).

          • messiah23

            That could be because the 360 was much mumuch much more popular in the USA then the ps3 was.

          • Bankai

            It was only marginally more popular.

          • JustGaming

            Possible, sure I saw a bit of Surface stuff in there too.

    • JP

      Insider Spoiler: He actually picks up a Wii U at the end.

  • Only in film or TV will you see that many PS4s sitting on shelves in store.

    • Demetre HG

      Ya right wathever there available anywhere don’t kid yourself collecting dust

      • someguy

        lmao show me pictures

        • JustGaming

          He can’t, he’s banned πŸ˜€

          • truthtellerdealwithit

            I hope youre telling the truth so i can cheer

          • JustGaming

            Cheer away. He’s banned, brah.

          • shinitaru

            Really? aww, he always made me laugh

          • Bankai

            That’s Amazon, you can’t find a PS4 on store shelves. Not that your picture poses or disproves anything.

          • And that’s why Amazon is putting most retailers out of business.

          • Krimsun

            PS4’s are avalibe in my area. I think it’s the more populated areas that have a hard time keeping them instock.

          • someguy

            Ooh thanks bro! Had no idea I can walk into my computer screen and pick on up

          • Thanks for the sarcasm, even though it literally takes 5 seconds to buy online rather than in stores.

          • someguy

            Lol can you not read? Go back and double check what I replied to . Where can i find a system collecting dust ? Take your time I’ll wait

        • Gilbert Nicks

          around here both systems were rare for about 2 months and then they both just stay on the shelves… im sure they sell but they tend to keep at least 4 in the case at both walmart and gamestops around here… so i tend to take the console scare with a grain of salt…

          • someguy

            I work right beside an EBgames store literally and they have never held ps4s for more than an hour and that’s not the only EB around my area. Maybe in your area but here in Toronto they are a scarcity. Anything held overnight are from pre order list. This I know is because I have friends that work in the stone of the stores. .. just saying

          • Gilbert Nicks

            I live in NC USA. I can drive to Raleigh, Goldsboro, or Wilson and see at least 4 of both on the shelves. Sure the first 2 months you could not find either. but this console scare is bs. They keep numbers low in areas to make people think they are in that high demand making people order from other locations. same thing happened when Wii came out. no store in NC, SC, and VA had any. I never stopped at any store that year or talked to people from anywhere else at the time but get this…. I drive up to NYC and bam. Every store that sells game consoles has 30+wiis in stock. Some even made walls with them for display. if sony is having such a hard time keeping them in stock then how can they claim a 100% increase in console sells after second son release

      • Michael Norris

        Eh here in Jacksonville FL on the Northside it still isn’t easy finding on.It took 2 weeks to find one for a friend of mine.

      • Jessika S.

        You need help, I game on both everything is pretty much the same PS4 is slightly better so don’t kid yourself.

      • albatrosMyster

        Obviously, only the Xbox One All In One Entertainment System Input One has the built-in dust buster… and PS4 users are too busy playing games to get up and do that kind of thing…

      • ConsoleTruth818

        Look it’s another clown..

    • Guest
    • BFTitan

      There are now ample supply of PS4 in stores, so, yes, you can see a lot of PS4s on shelves nowadays.

      • Bankai

        Actually they aren’t and you most definitely can’t, PS4’s are still notoriously difficult to find.

  • Nicholas Perry

    What a joke.

    For a show about people who are so smart you know…

    • extermin8or2

      Meh I’m at uni doing physics took me all of 30 seconds to decide, if MS had started off more gamer centric and had closer specs then I would’ve spent a long time thinking, I know people trying to decide though and have been for months, one guys finally building his PC to distract him whenever he thinks about it. Ironic huh?

      • albatrosMyster

        I have yet to meet someone who has an xb1 outside internet.

  • ConsoleTruth818

    It puzzles me how any could even contemplate getting an xbox one after everything we know now. The choice should be obvious unless you don’t possess any prinicples that is… In which case, You’ll want to support the cancer of gaming.. the Xbox One.

    • Xtreme Derp

      You just weren’t ready for our glorious DRM future!

      • albatrosMyster

        The future is coming, it does not matter if you stop the click, time is still passing by! and in the future you can exchange games only with people MS knows to be your friends and you can only sell through an approved re-seller, at a price fixed by MS too. Sony will do it too… Because they do just like MS all the time, nobody could give a single example of something Sony ever did that MS did not do at least 10 times before, and they were better each and every time! /s

        • Bankai


        • Coody

          Twin analogue sticks
          Clickable twin analogue sticks
          4 shoulder buttons
          Ergonomic console controller
          Built in wifi (FAIL 360)
          Motion control – PS2 Eyetoy
          Full performance capture, first thought to be used in a video game by Sony and naughty Dog, now copied by literally EVERY big title developer
          Vibration feedback in controller
          DVD in a console
          Bluray in a console

          ALL things off the top of my head that Sony brought to gaming and have ALL been copied by EVERYBODY including Microsoft

          What have MS ever done before anyone that Dony have copied? Apart from Achievements but Sony took that concept and improved on it INFINITELY with Trophies.

          You MS fanboys are so pathetic n think MS are the innovators of gaming and they e never been anything like that.

        • Coody

          Sorry, I’ve just read your comment again but am unable to edit my first reply. Didn’t realise your comment was dripping in sarcasm. Lol

      • ConsoleTruth818

        That’s what Microsoft and their fans say! Haha!

    • messiah23

      It puzzles me why people bought the PS4 after that atrocious console they called the ps3.

      • It puzzles me that people are still arguing rather than working for the money to buy both.

      • Bankai

        What are you talking about? The PS3 was far from atrocious and was probably the best console last gen.

      • ConsoleTruth818

        Well coming from someone who was 360 all this last gen and Owned 2 PS3’s for a few months back in 08 and 10 and then finally buying one back in May of 13 (when Microsoft blatantly shown that they can no longer be trusted with what the gamers want) I’ll tell you my biggest complaints about the system.. and remember this is coming from someone who hates Microsoft with a Passion now..

        1. Downloads and installations.. nearly 3 times slower than my 360 was back in 08 and 09 but things have changed now.

        2. Horrible versions of multiplats nearly 70% of the time.. Anyone see the differences between Bayonetta, Ghostbusters, and many others.

        3. I hate the dual shock 3 for 1st and 3rd person shooters.. The analog sticks are as loose as a prostitute’s snatch in comparison to the 360 pad.

        But all that didn’t stop me from leaving a brand that personally insulted me and should have personally insulted you as well if you cared about your civil rights as a gamer. Also remember that these setbacks are non existent on the PS4 and the DS4 absolutely owns! I used the DS4 on my PS3 and that made my Bioshock experiences much more playable.

        So there you have it.. a reformed Xbox Fanboy who wised up and Jumped out based on Microsoft’s principles alone. I don’t regret my decision to go with Sony one bit.. And I’m even more proud of myself and happy I didn’t waste money on an under powered jack of all trades, master at none gaming console that is controlled by a shameless corporate regime that bleeds money from their consumer base every chance they get.

        Moral to the story: People can change.

        • Coody

          You don’t seem to remember the fact that PS3 had far and away the best exclusives last gen.

      • Coody

        Atrocious? It was good enough to overturn a 8 million unit lead the 360 had even though it was on sale 14 months less and it had far and away the best exclusives last gen.

        • messiah23

          No way on the exclsuives. Besides Uncharted their exclusives suck.. The ps3 was so good it lost how much market share last generation. USA owned by Microsoft.

          • Coody

            Heavy Rain, Killzone 2&3, Resistance 2&3, Infamous 1&2, Gran Turismo 5, God of War 3 all say hi.

            That’s without the masterpiece that is The Last of Us.

            What did MS have? HALO, Gears and Forza.

            What a MASSIVELY diverse group of games.

          • messiah23

            Allan Wake > Heavy Rain
            Halo Series > Killzone Series
            Forza = GT5
            Crackdown series = Infamous series
            God of War Series was good but Gears series is just as good.

            The Last of Us was so overrated it was a good game but not great and certainly not game of the year when GTA 5 is released in same year. I had just played Tomb Raider on the PC before I started The Last of US and I enjoyed Tomb Raider more than The Last of US.

            I have most if not all the exclusives that were big name titles and honestly Uncharted series is a most play for any gamer and then I really liked Motorstorm Apocalypse but the other games in that series were not very good.

          • Coody

            Oh and as for market share and consoles sold, it was more expensive, on sale 14 months LESS than 360 but yet has overturned an 8 million unit deficit to now LEAD on global sales vs.360.

            Why? Because Sony supported it till the end with AAA exclusive after AAA exclusive and 360s all but dried up 3-4 years ago.


      Xbox One the cancer of gaming? JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA. Look the Games of One and the Games of PS4. Go to play Knack, CMON. GO.

      • ConsoleTruth818

        Are you really this stupid that you are in denial of this? This isn’t about games you moron, this is about underhanded companies.. Enjoy your underpowered cancer box kiddo.

  • Cyrus

    Love bbt. Sadly it went downhill after season 4

  • Craig Sloan

    Sheldon seems more an Xbox guy. He likes all that kinect stuff. Though he would also like the VR stuff as well.

  • ManagedCorn



    I predict he goes home with a Wii U.

    • Carl Fin

      But….but….. No one will play local multiplayer with him so whats the point?

  • Gamist

    He’s not a fanboy so he’s going to get both!

  • Delsin Row

    well,sheldon is a american, he like xbox more than playstation, but i think he buy both of them.

  • Anders

    I don’t know which console he will choose. What I do know is that Microsoft and CBS has a strong partnership and that there a lot of Microsoft product placement in the CBS TV-series. Windows phone, Windows Surface, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

  • RealityCheck2013

    This show is not funny at all πŸ˜€ Let’s hope they don’t slag off the Brilliant PS4 to much because they probably will :-/

  • junguler

    well, there is always have been an xbox 360 in their house, and they have used it times and times to play halo and just dance (with kinnect) so i won’t be surprised if he picks up an xbox 1, well microsoft needs every pr stunt they can get seeing how they are failing really bad.

  • Dennis Djoenz

    Depends on how much of a pixel freak Sheldon is really. I trust him to make the right choice πŸ™‚

  • Jonathan O.

    And what he will choose? Just curious, since I’m not watching Big Bang Theory and living outside of US…

    • Carl Fin

      A Wii U. No wait, no one wants to play local multiplayer with him so he buys an xbox one.

  • Dennis Djoenz

    Hold on I am only realizing this now but is the Xbox One box really that small? HA HA HA!
    Wht kind of marketing ploy it theezzz..

    • TalonHampton

      XB1’s box is thick while the PS4’s box is wide and thin.

  • ISISSecretAgent

    he’ll pick x1. there was a lot of ms products in that series from what i remember

    it’s like you’ll never see Frank Underwood playing with an x1 but with a PS instead

  • DarthDiggler

    Product placement. Likely he gets the XBONE.


    PS4 FTW

  • markbot2

    if he chooses x1 or ps4 then this is one of the greatest product placements of all time. if he chooses both or neither the writers are loser wimps.

    • extermin8or2

      Tbh from his character, he should probably and likely will choose PC (woud expect he probably already has a good pc) failing that, he seems like the type to base most decisions on logic so the ps4- previous gen exclusives track record, more powerful, less money.

  • Rick_Deckard

    AT the end…. Microsoft and Sony paid a whole lot of money to CBS hahahah

  • shinitaru
  • Carl Fin

    Then he bought a Wii U. Oh no that’s right, he is a loner and nobody wants to play local multiplayer games with him.

    • Carl Fin

      Come to think of it, a genius would own a steam machine.

  • Connor Voskamp

    I will never understand how people find this show funny.

  • David Rodriguez

    TBBT = nerd blackface.

    Also, isn’t a he a professor or physicist or both? Can’t he afford to buy both consoles?

  • Francis Jairam

    My parents watch this show all the time and at the same time they heard about the PS4 and Xbox One. Both of them thought it was pretty stupid how people are fighting over which is better. I would have to agree with them

  • Krimsun

    In a way I’m kinda like that, but I’ll wait and see before I go juming into a gaming console. I tally up
    the most wanted games I want to play/own on each system before I decide. Also get a better deal when price drops.