Interview With Creative Director Discusses Child of Light, Reveals an Art Director Quit Previous Game for This One

A new interview with Child of Light Creative Director Patrick Plourde reveals some interesting information concerning the storybook-inspired game.

Plourde also revealed that one of the Art Directors actually quit another project he was working on mid-game in order to fully devote himself to Child of Light. According to Plourde, he stated that:

“I don’t want to work on that [previous project] anymore. This is what I want to make in my life.”

The engine this title was built on is the same on used for Rayman Legends. However, instead of the developers going for a cartoony look, they went for a very striking painted look. 

In terms of writing, the entire script is written like a poem which enhances the visuals. The director also states there was a process involved in making the dialogue and other text poetic but still keeping a certain modern favor.

Gameplay is in an turn-based JRPG style with an interesting twist: to prevent players from simply button-mashing attack, there are different types of attacks (ie: strong and weak attacks) that require a different amount of charge time to use. This forces players to assess the situation each turn to figure out what should be used.

The full video has been posted below, so check it out for more details on the game.

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  • foureyes oni

    my only issue is that the environment doesn’t feel alive but he does mentions that it was suppose to be more like entering a painting so it makes a bit more sense when viewing the trailers for this game.

    • Allisa James

      That’s actually a really good point. I never really thought about the environment’s liveliness but yeah, it resembling a painting would explain that.