Sony Producer Would Like to Bring Wild Arms to PS4 and PS Vita, at Work on Unannounced Game

The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu has been delivered to the Japanese newsstands, and it includes an interesting Q&A with Sony Computer Entertainment Producer Kentaro Motomura, who worked as a Producer on the Wild Arms franchise from the third game onwards and on other classics like Jeanne d’Arc and the recent Soul Sacrifice.

Talking about the Wild Arms series, that ranked second behind Final Fantasy in a poll on the magazine asking readers what series they’d like to see a sequel for, Motomura-san mentioned that he’d definitely like to explore the possibility of one day bringing the adventures of the “migratory birds” to PS4 and PS Vita, also asking readers to support the idea.

“Migratory birds,” or “Wataridori” is the original name of Wild Arms‘ adventurers.

Motomura-san also added that he can’t talk about his next game yet. All he can say is that it’s not finished.

Interestingly enough, Wild Arms has been recently brought up by Sony Japan with a series of crossover illustrations between PlayStation feline mascots Toro and Kuro, Wild Arms Alter Code F and Wild Arms XF, released to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the release of Dokodemo Issho and the 20th anniversary of PlayStation. You can see them in the gallery below, courtesy of the official Japanese Play Community.

[Thanks for the tip: Masaru Aoyama]


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  • Dollow Rlance

    Would be nice, gives hope to Sony’s older series.

  • Dennis Djoenz

    Oh! Anyone remember Luceid? :D!! Make this happen please. Man great times I had with WA2 and WA3. I can’t recall if I ever played the first one.

  • Ritsujun

    want want want

  • Another name with full of nostalgia.

  • stealth20k

    They also said that about ps3…..I doubt the sincerity of bringing back wild arms

  • Anonymous X

    Please bring it back. Stop teasing us.

  • Jonathan Crout

    if i got the magazine could vote id pick suikoden 6 i been waiting ages for this 2nd would be lunar 3 3rd would be legend draggon 2 and 4th would be new dark cloud

    • My first would be Lunar. Happy its one of your picks 🙂

  • Jerry Hu

    Please bring them back to PS4.

  • 2223

    Do it Sony.

  • Galen Nycroft

    I’m always down for a new Wild Arms game, or even having access to the PSX classic titles! Do it Sony!

  • neko working

    gimme gimme 🙂

  • Chronos Chris

    Yes please, more JRPG the better.

  • Elvick

    I want it so much. I don’t care on what.

    I love Wild Arms. Still waiting/hoping they put the PS2 Classics on PSN too. I already bought Wild Arms 1 & 2 on PSN. I bought Wild Arms on my tablet before they removed PSone games from PS Mobile. I bought the anime.

    I want. It.

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