inFAMOUS: Second Son Paper Trail Part 3 Available; Adds Another Nice Chunk of Gameplay

It’s Friday, and Sucker Punch just made the third episode of the inFAMOUS: Second Son Paper Trail quest line available in the game and on the dedicated website.

The new mission adds a nice chunk of gameplay, mixing three in-game romps with the same number of alternate reality investigations. Of course, if you still didn’t, you’ll need to register on the site and perform the preliminary steps (including the first two missions) in order to access the new episode.

Below you can see the location of the new mission. Time to put on our Sherlock hat and start pulling on that pipe.

iNFAMOUS_PaperTrail (2)

iNFAMOUS_PaperTrail (1)

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  • Sexy Mcgee

    Not that I’m saying it’s bad but I’ve personally found Paper Trail to be a pain in the ass especially considering it’s taking so long. If this isn’t the last episode I’m done with it.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      It isn’t. There are six.

      Personally, I find it fun as hell 😀

      • Jeremy Sutherland

        I agree! I think it’s one of the most interesting and entertaining parts of the game. I hope more games do this kind of thing in the future because it is really cool and adds a different side to the game I played through.

    • skratchy

      I agree. If I’ve completed the game, why come back to it every week for the next three weeks, just to play for another tedious 10 minutes? The fact that the site doesn’t function entirely on cell phones either is another annoyance.

      Though I am excited for the paper power, don’t get me wrong.

      • Kingdom17

        I feel only a new power can justify this. I like it and find it interesting, but I feel they goofed with it, releasing content say every day or every other day after its release, instead of releasing more every week. I like the online part, but find it tedious.

      • Cloud

        So, is Delsin for sure going to get paper power? I do not have the slightest clue, I have not found any info online stating that he will receive paper powers at all after these missions are over… -_-?

  • SotehPR

    ok im stuck on delsins phone lol! jesus i solved everything but now im back to the friggin phone!

    • Danger

      me too. any luck?

      • Luis Reyes

        Within the reports there are several other 11 digit inmate codes. Go to the one that belongs to Henry and scroll all the way down. There will be the incident with the car explosion with a 11 digit code. Enter that on the dup website and scroll all the way down to the picture of the blown up car. There you will see on the left the camera 12 digit code that you will put in delsin’s phone.

        • Olivia Walker

          okay.. I’ve tried everything, I’ve looked at the DUP intranet and searched Celia’s inmate case file and i found nothing. The only thing i don’t get is Delsin’s phone

          • Delsin Row

            go to this website. click on the i forgot my password. then enter the informations of that card that you found in the crime scene ( for instance, its ask you where do you park your car. considering the green card that i found in the wallet, i’d say “grudermans”) after you answer the three question , a case will be open and from there you can have a code that you can enter on the delsin phone 😉
            good luck.

        • SotehPR


          • SotehPR

            I came across the “solution” 5 minutes after i posted my comment! Lol i forgot to get back to provide an answer… Lol! I finished the mission a good hour after that…repairing the cameras hdd which requires luck and awarenes rather than skill was the factor lol

    • Luis Reyes

      I tried hearing for numbers in the voice recording and tried putting a 2 for every “to” she said and a 4 for every “for” and well she only says seven once. I tried but no luck.

  • Randall Scott Schiefelbein

    ok so if you don’t have a printer you are kind of screwed on this part. has anyone folded the dove yet?

    • Dead Snow

      The Dove does nothing but show you how to fold one lol all you need is the hidden camera location # punch it into the phone and then go destroy it like any other camera

      • Jeremy Jacinto

        actually at the bottom of the instruction of the origami, there’s a print out for the dove that gives you hidden number to put in to the D.U.P. website… it will only give you Celia’s recording

  • krome001

    where do you find code for delsins phone in third part?

    • Dead Snow

      You have to get it by decoding the doves in the cell with the pictures on the cell walls

      • Zion Foster

        What cell?

  • Jeremy Jacinto

    i hate the defragment part.. took me 10 minutes to finish

  • Ross Fausett

    I have an account and have done the first two missions, but the third one isn’t showing up, do you have to progress in the game for it to show up?

  • austinhunternoble

    brb on breaking my computer bc of the defragging camera drive mission

  • Zion Foster

    Someone please help!! How do I get the code for Delsin’s phone?

  • The Disciple

    the mission isnt appearing for me ingame yes ive done everything up until this part its not appearing

  • huzaifa

    i need some help I’m on part 3 first mission but the dup site is glitching what should I do