Amy Hennig’s Star Wars Game to Match Uncharted’s Genre; Will Have “Unprecedented Visuals”

By now we all know that former Naughty Dog Creative Director Amy Hennig joined Dead Space developer Visceral Games to work in the same capacity on an upcoming Star Wars title, and two career opportunity ads seeking a Senior Design Director and a Senior Art Director have popped up, giving us more information on what said game might entail.

Here’s an excerpt from both posts:


EA is looking for an experienced Game Design Director to help lead the design and guide a team to develop a third-person action/adventure Star Wars title. You will be working closely with the creative director and studio leadership during the production, launch and live operations of the game.

What you will do:

  • Help lead the game design on a high profile Star Wars title
  • Develop and lead the creation of innovative and engaging game mechanics through iterative prototyping while maintaining EA’s high standard of quality.
  • Work with the creative director to define the design vision of the game taking in consideration high level creative and business goals.


  • 5+ years industry experience working as a game designer on AAA titles.
  • Broad knowledge of game design, game mechanics, level layout, game balancing concepts and techniques.
  • Experience with HD Console game design.


Electronic Arts is seeking a Senior Art Director to lead the art direction efforts for a new Star Wars title. As a Sr. Art Director, you are responsible for the visual quality, bringing the team under a consistent and unified direction and utilizing ground breaking techniques and tools.

Working closely with the Game Director, Executive Producer, Art Directors and Producers, the Sr. Art Director will define the game’s visual direction using cutting edge techniques from film and games to deliver unprecedented visuals for our product.


  • Collaborate closely as a member of the Game leadership team to deliver world-class AAA games and experiences that delight users and meet business goals
  • The Sr. AD also works with external teams including outsourcing partners and is expected to communicate and maintain the vision on an international basis.


  • Good knowledge of existing Star Wars IP & Art style & tone
  • HD console game development and / or film experience


I’m quite sure not many will be surprised about the fact that the game will be a third person action adventure, as that’s the genre that Hennig herself mastered with the Uncharted series. I’m also quite positive that the idea of an Uncharted-like set in the Star Wars universe will turn quite a few heads.

In addition to that, looks like Electronic Arts plans to fire all the visuals big guns for the game, that is most probably be on consoles, looking at the experience requirements.

Something tells me that Star Wars fans are in for a treat. Truly awesome games based on the franchise have been few and far between, so we can only hope that the Force will be with Amy and with the new hires that will work with her at Visceral.

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  • 2223

    EA to give ND a run for its money? I still think ND lost a great talent, and its going to hurt them.

    • ISISSecretAgent

      nah you are underestimating the quality of the people that works in ND, they have quantity and quality

      i hope she is left alone in the development of this game so they can finally release a finished game though

      • 2223

        You are probably right, but I think the new Uncharted game won’t have anything to do with her. Also, I will to see a new Dead Space game under her.

        • Kiyoshi

          I imagine that she finished writing a lot of the script for Uncharted 4 before parting ways with Naughty Dog, I remember reading a tweet the day the game was revealed saying that she was very relieved to finally be revealing the game she and everyone else had been working on for so long. That’s the thing with script writers, once the script is done they aren’t needed until the next project comes around.

          • Delsin Row

            good one. i say this to my friend too. they work on the new uncharted since 2011, and i think the script writing is finished.

        • Joshua Rizk

          Yeah that would be awesome. They really need a great writer to take them out of the whole they put themselves into for the ending of Dead Space 3

    • Bankai

      2 words: Neil Druckmann.

      • Joshua Rizk

        Nek Minuit: Neil Druckmann mysteriously leaves Naughty Dog

      • Kumomeme

        i believe there a lot of capable talent exist in naught dog…just waiting for chances

    • Dennis

      Hennig is not precisely a “great loss”. While she’s talented, yes, she’s also a very overrated game director. Bruce and the others are no less than her and can carry out Uncharted by themselves if The Last of Us is any indication.

      • Delsin Row

        what ? i think you dont know the people who works on ND. if you look back, the game director and writer of the uncharted 2 were bruce starly and neil druckman. same guys who create last of us. that game score 96 on metatric and beats every game that year. but creative director and writer of the uncharted 3 was amy and someone else who i dont remember. that game score 92 on metatric and couldnt achive the same success that uncharted 2 did. i’m not saying that she is worthless. im just saying that a company like ND , Doesnt stand on one or two person. many many talented person works on ND.

        • Dennis

          That was basically my point.

          • Delsin Row

            😀 I wasnt with you 😀 I was talking to the ” 2223″

    • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

      Nah, they still have the guys who did Uncharted 3 and The Last of Us, they will be fine.

  • stealth20k

    I want to play as Luke!!!!!

  • Kiyoshi

    Everyone who watched the gameplay reveal trailer for Star Wars 1313 said that it looked a lot like Uncharted, this isn’t a surprise to me. EA noticed that people really wanted 1313 and they will probably try to recreate it in some form.

    • Matt Dickinson

      I hope so. That was the first Star Wars game I’d wanted to play in ages.

    • Joshua Rizk

      Yeah and judging by the past dead space games, I could totally see them too a cinematic action game in space in the vein of 1313.

    • Kumomeme

      right…really similiar

      even people are calling it as ‘star wars uncharted’ at youtube

      which is make star was fans buthurt soo much

  • Delsin Row

    cool. they have to copy paste from uncharted!!!! good one Amy and EA 😉

  • Hates bad writers.

    Could care less. If Amy is just going to be a vessel for the same vapid shit we get from EA, I don’t want to hear it. Yes EA, we get it, you like making pretty things. I’ll give a shit when you can launch 2 games in a row that work.

    Use her talent for something else, she doesn’t need to be a mouth piece.

    • Joshua Rizk

      PvZ 2 and Titanfall run fine. But I still get your point. they’ve ruined a lot of my favourite franchises from gr8 developers like visceral, Bioware and DICE. Yet somehow we all seem to buy their games regardless

      • Hates bad writers.

        Can’t say much about PVZ, but Titanfall does not run fine. The servers are absolute shit, it has dozens of connection problems, the guns still need balancing that they will not address. The game is far from fine, it’s new game polish has worn off, and now it’s time for repair.

        Regardless of it’s polish, EA has zero influence over the game, they have a contract in place. This is something Respawn signed voluntarily, any mistake they make was theirs and theirs alone.

  • Turbomite

    All of a sudden the focus shifts to Star Wars game’s visuals.

    All hail Amy hennings; The mighty programmer.

    She is a writer/game designer. waaaaaa?

  • PlayMatt

    This bitch is such a dirrrty traitor! (I’M JUST JOKING, DON’T KILL ME)

  • SageShinigami

    So we’ll see this game in…early 2017? Got it.

  • Kumomeme

    the cancelled star wars 1313 already similiar to uncharted

  • glad shes working on something I’m interested in playing.

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