Check Out All the Ultimate Attacks in J-Stars Victory Vs, Now With English Subtitles (Updated)

A new video featuring every Ultimate attack in J-Stars Victory Vs popped up today, which should prove quite entertaining for English-speaking fans awaiting a possible release date for the massive crossover brawler. As a bonus, the dialogue has been subtitled in English for maximum enjoyment. Subtitles were provided by ShonenGamez.

While quite a few quotes are rather standard shonen manga lines, some are much more amusing such as Gin from Gintama or Kankichi Ryotsu from Kochikame. The Ultimate moves themselves are super flashy and definitely worth a look at however. You can check out the video posted below.

Update: Added two new extra videos below the Ultimate moves one, which showcase the unique dialogue for J-Stars Victory Vs. They are subtitled in English as well.

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  • Bankai

    These kinds of games never get localized, so no point in getting your hopes up. I plan on importing both the PS3 and Vita versions over the next few months (they’re too expensive to import too close together), so these videos are really informative.

    • GameBruh

      Yeah, probably gonna have to import.

  • Kiyoshi

    It makes me sad to see Kuroko was only a support character and not a playable, Kagami and Kuroko would have been amazing. Even though Hajime no Ippo isn’t Shounen I would have exploded if Ippo and Takamura made an appearance. The world needs a Hajime no Ippo game on the current gen!

  • sonyntendo

    Finally I can play this on my PS3 in 3D!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kiyoshi

      Go Hiei go! 😀