Driveclub’s Release Date Pegged on Last Day of E3 by Dell; Matches Previous Rumors

Driveclub still doesn’t have an official release date, but Dell is now sending out emails to customers pegging the launch day on June 12th. The date appeared on the site as well.

That’s definitely an interesting date. It’s not the end or the beginning of a fiscal quarter (which would be the telltale sign of a placeholder), and it matches previous rumors started by the Italian Official PlayStation Magazine that mentioned a possible release in June.

Even more interestingly, June 12th is the last day of E3. The possibility is definitely intriguing, as Sony could use the release of the massively anticipated racing game to draw more attention on its line-up during the show.

Normally E3 is about games that won’t be released for a long while, but having a big first party release right around the corner could definitely help in grabbing the spotlight. Interestingly enough, a very similar initiative was taken withย The Last of Us,ย that released the day after last year’s E3.

The game also recently appeared on Sony’s own rewards site, but was then removed, as the site normally offers only games that have already been released.

Of course we should consider this with a much needed serving of skepticism until Sony makes an official announcement, but the date seems realistic. Will it be real? We’ll have to wait and see.


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  • Temjin001

    Good. I hope it’s real. I look forward to more PS4 games.
    Especially because the oddest thing happened to me. I just got a new PS4 (woo hoo!) and then two days later my PS3 dies. Well, sorta. It boots and the XMB works. It just won’t play games. Oh well, I suppose I have Infamous, KZ, ACIV, and MGS GZ to look forward to eventually playing.

    • Cpt Ahab Spampurse

      Will it play blurays or is.the drive itself completely screwed?

      • Temjin001

        I haven’t tested that. It just won’t play either digital download games or disc based games. The bad thing about the disc game stuff is that if a disc is placed into the drive the PS3 near always won’t recognize it. And as such it won’t want to eject any disc because it doesn’t think one is there in the first place (I have the PS3 slim. has the slot loading drive). I’m afraid to place any discs into it lest I lose the disc in the belly of the ps3 for good.

    • Ritsujun

      Your old wife doesn’t like your new wife.

      • Temjin001

        โ€ฆ. especially because it’s for her younger more attractive sister ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Jhora Zakaryan

      Advice: you should sell KZ and get I:SS.

      • Temjin001

        ah, i was too broke to buy any games but I lucked out and got Infamous SS coming to me for free from Game Fly’s trial service =)
        I’m super stoked to play it.

  • Boerewors

    Been looking forward to this title. Wonder if my driving force GT or G27 is gonna be compatible. I’ve been wanting to sell on of those, but I’m waiting for this gem to come out, hoping there will be compatibility.

  • superkarma

    At this point, I just want the damn game to be released already. I just want a good racer for my PS4. ๐Ÿ™

    • CervantesPR

      wait patiently for gran turismo 7

  • Sexy Mcgee

    The last leaked footage they showed looked very impressive. Been waiting for this game more than a year now but I’m still not sure what to expect. I’m told it’s a lot like PGR. A technical and challenging racer without all the fluff that comes with simulation games. Which I hope is true, there’s nothing else out there like PGR.

  • Solid Snake

    Good, now if Sony would just give a release date for Planetside 2 on PS4………..

    • Gannicus

      if you love microtransactions youll be happy for the wait!! can barely buy anything without spending real money in that game…. at least for the PC version its rediculous

      • truthtellerdealwithit

        Dont talk crap ๐Ÿ˜›

        • Gannicus

          its not crap that game was in beta on the PC for 2-3years, most stuff you have to buy. Think its still the same in the full release. cant earn a lot of stuff have to buy it

          • angh

            No, not really, this game is quite difficult to learn but after you will and when you will join a good outfit you will be getting enough certs to buy thing you want quite quickly. Just don’t try to get all – focus on few things which will improve your playstyle and thats it.

          • Gannicus

            planetside is difficult to learn? its not hahaha if you’ve played fps before its easy, should of seen it before it hit “gold” you didn’t even know what half the stuff did cus there was just placeholders for stuff for years like #item2016 etc if ya could play through without knowing what anything did then its extremely easy now

          • angh

            Was playing it from beta;) and yes, for people who are used to cod/bf4 it is a difficult game to … ok, maybe not learn, but to master. Still, when your k/d ratio is >1 and you actively taking part in taking/defending outposts then you should have no problem with certs. If you are smart – X98 for 100 certs is very good weapon and you don’t need V10 for 1000 certs, use those for other things…

          • Solid Snake

            The developers have already said you can unlock everything in the game without spending a penny, just through gameplay……..

    • truthtellerdealwithit

      They was aiming for Q2 last time they mentioned it

  • Gannicus

    lets see how far this can go…

    On the last day of E3 sony said to me… happy it is not gimped to run on the PS3

    • shinitaru

      Searching for something negative to say or were you distracted by the need to take another drink?

      • Gannicus

        hahaha nah I replied in the wrong section or wrong person by accident

  • cusman

    Oh good, I hope it is a PS+ free title, announced as such during the Sony E3 conference and then available couple of days later. That would be great.

    • Arnold Stallone

      Free2play would mean most content locked… or less cars… etc.
      You’d rather wait 2 or 3 months for a price drop, or buy it second hand(I am sure there will be a code for each game,to play online, if the guy already used it, you might need to spend 10 bucks on a online pass), and buy the game for 20-30$, instead of a free2play version, where you would need to spend cash for each new track or cars…

      • cusman

        PS+ free games are not F2P. PS+ is a subscription service which gives free games (complete retail release games in digital download form) that you can play for as long as you maintain your PS+ subscription, but would stop working if you ended your subscription. Every month more games get added to PS+ from each of Sony Playstation platforms (PS4, PS3, and PS-Vita).

        PS+ has other benefits as well like cloud-backups for the save files, and it is also required for some online games on PS4 (but not PS3/PS-Vita).

        Think of it like XBL-Gold except not required for everything online, and more free games.

        • Arnold Stallone

          For me, the best option is a good old bluray disc,with 100% of the game and content. Everything else are just ways to grab more money from us, who already paid for the game.

          • cusman

            You will be able to buy Drive Club on Blu-Ray and play it, and I believe you will even be able to play just single player without any online component.

            It does have most emphasis on the social/online stuff, which is why it got delayed (firming up on those features).

  • Arnold Stallone

    Guys, what do you prefer?
    A game released 90% finished, with bugs, awful online and matchmaking, no support for your favourite gaming wheel, bad frame rate, few tracks and cars, no damage, average shadows, etc etc etc.

    Just look how the amazing ‘package’ that infamous ss is, and still, many websites nitpick all they can, to lower the score.

    It’s obvious thousands of websites won’t forgive the most tiny ‘bad’ thing about the game: just imagine how polygon, GameSpot, ign, etc, will be watching the game through an electronic microscope, trying to find something to justify a low score.

    Thousands pro-xbox websites will be praying for the game to be less good than forza5.
    Obviously, the game will be compared with gt6 and, of course, forza5. All the tracks, cars, will be put side by side, to see which one has the best textures, reflections, etc.

    After titanfall, forza5 vs drive club will be one of the biggest combats of 2014.
    Driveclub Devs and Sony know that. They can’t afford to release a game that isn’t perfect, and that isn’t much much better than gt6. The game will also gives us an idea of what we can expect from gran turismo 7.

    There are plenty of games on ps4 to keep gamers busy until E3. I think it is a good decision , to launch the game after E3, like the last of us, in 2013. Forza5 was released last year, along need for speed rivals. There won’t be lots of racing games on Xbox 1 before a long time, and racing fans are still playing gran turismo 6. No need to rush driveclub.

    So people, be patient, and let Sony make a perfect game, which I remind you, will be based on online team racing. So, the online portion of the game must be perfect, and play flawlessly, so the gaming experience is ultra smooth and fun.

    • TraceSkipper

      I figure they want to release Drive Club before The Crew, and honestly, i think Drive Club sounds better.

    • Xtreme Derp

      After how good Infamous looked, Driveclub better look spectacular seeing as it’s a closed loop racing game.

      • Arnold Stallone

        Yeah,though, after being delayed in November, and march, I hope the main reason for those delays is polishing visuals to make everything look really great. They won’t dare releasing anything less good than forza5.
        This is the first racing game on ps4, and being an exclusive title, I think they reallly want people to say ‘wow, holy sh!t, visuals are amazing’.
        I also hope there are at least 20-30 tracks. Otherwise, online gamers will quickly become tired of always playing on the same tracks, after 1 hour of gameplay.

        Maybe they were waiting for Amd to release some mantle-like drivers, so they can have 10-20% extra processing power, and from march till June, they will be adding more stuff, more polygons, more everything.
        Let’s wait.

  • Fersay Ferrera

    Take that forza.

  • Guest

    Too little too late. More overhype that underdelivers.

  • Yisa Yussuf

    I will gladly pay tuesday, for driveclub today