Xbox One Getting New Controller Update and More New Features With April Software Update

Xbox Dvision head honcho Phil Spencer mentioned in an interview on Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb’s blog that the April software update for the Xbox One will be released “shortly,” and a further set of new features are coming and have already been rolled out to beta participants, as announced on the private preview forums and relayed by NeoGAF user Rvaisse.


  • Ongoing fixes and adjustments to the user interface.
  • Additional fixes to address audio crackling sound encountered when Dolby Digital is enabled.
  • Fixes for Blu-ray software issues that can result in 0x21 or 0x87de07d1 errors.
  • Update to address an issue where ejecting a Blu-ray disc after the drive is idle can result in the disc being pulled back in, requiring a second eject command.
  • Fix to address Kinect not responding to “yes” or “no” after issuing the “Xbox, turn off” command.
  • Updates to reduce or eliminate Blu-ray drive “seeking” sounds after drive is idle (experienced in the 1403 update.)
  • Update to help address controller disconnect issues.
  • Update to help address headset adapter audio quality.
  • Fix for LiveTV audio outputting in stereo instead of surround sound.
  • Update for the Blu-ray player to fix an issue where it can freeze if left idle or paused for an extended period of time.
  • Update to fix an issue where fast forwarding or rewinding an external video source results in screen freezing when surround sound is enabled.
  • Fix for video playback stuttering while audio plays back normally in several apps (Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, etc.)

Features Enabled

  • Game save progress bar will now display when syncing cloud game saves.
  • 50Hz Blu-ray player support for content recorded at 50Hz.
  • Improved GameDVR video quality.
  • Online friends notification, including the ability to filter notifications to all friends, favorites only, or disable friends online notifications altogether.
  • *NEW FEATURE* Requested by the update preview community: Manually install available updates. If a new system update is detected as available, a button will appear under Settings, System that will display “Apply Available System Update.” Note: this feature is being enabled after this current update completes installation. This feature will be available to preview when the next update is made available.
  • *NEW FEATURE* A new ability to automatically redeem a license code from console messages. For future console messages that include a 5×5 license code, a new option will appear to allow you to automatically redeem the license, versus having to copy and paste the license code.

Known Issues

  • Some preview participants may encounter an issue where the Blu-ray drive will not ingest a disc after the console has been idle for a period of time. The disc will need to be removed and re-inserted for the disc to be ingested. A fix for this issue is currently being tested.
  • Some preview participants may encounter an issue where some non-Blu-ray disc media types are pulled back into the Blu-ray disc drive after being ejected, requiring a second eject command. A fix for this issue is currently being tested.
  • In this version of the 1404 update, the startup process of a console doing a cold boot up (systems that are configured for power saving mode, versus instant on) will encounter a delay of approximately 30 seconds, during which a solid black screen is displayed. This issue is not present for consoles powering up from a standby state. A fix for this issue is currently being tested.
  • During silent update installation some devices controlled by the Xbox One via IR (TVs, receivers) may power up in the middle of the update process and not power back down. The developers are investigating this issue.

Of course the known issues will be fixed before the update is rolled out to non-preview users, but the new features are definitely intriguing.

It’s great to see how much effort is being put into improving the Xbox One experience, and hopefully we’ll be able to enjoy the new software update soon. Of course we’ll keep you updated as soon as we catch wind of the actual release date.

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  • dranzer1

    If they could lower that game install time. I mean for real. Ps4: Less than 2 mins. Xbox One- 6-10 minutes. I mean I also want to play my music in the background like the 360. I want 1080p..

    • Delsin Row

      actually , ps4 install games under 1 minutes. i install inFAMOUS in 26 second. i also install killzone shadowfall ( 45 gigabyte game ) in 33 second. thats something they cant achive man.

  • Guest

    Yay more TV options.

  • junguler

    i’m not an xbox fan but seing how they constantly they their console and make it better makes me wonder, “i wish sony had messed up their luanch too” so we can have some much needed updates for ps4, now i don’t have it yet but come on make it happen sony, i’m getting sick of this silence.

    • Ray Oñate

      What updates is sony missing? From what I hear, a buddy of mine who owns a ps4 says that it is pretty flawless.

      • junguler

        well i have some in the top of my mind (i’m sure there are alot more)
        1- you can’t pause/resume downloads
        2- you can’t change background or theme
        3- you can’t organize games and apps with custom folders
        4- you can’t watch 3d bluerays (sony had invented bluerays lol)
        5- you can’t watch videos and audios in your console
        6- you can’t upload videos to youtube (mark cerny said you can on late late show with jimmy fallon)
        7- you can’t use your external hard drives
        8- you can’t shut down that stupid light bar in the controller

        the list goes on and on

        • Michael Balchunas

          Theres a big updated coming soon where you can dim the light bar but cannot turn it off…. I just ended up buying a decal with the PS symbol on it… it elminated the amount of light by about 85-90% and it still works with the camera. Thats only a small part of the update thats coming but all I’ve heard about whats on it.

  • Swerve121

    Non of the updates fix the real issues like NO USB or DLNA I wanna listening to my own music when I play Forza. You should be able to move the little box