Assassin’s Creed Unity Getting Horizontal Wall Running, Teased by Parkour Pro Athlete

Ubisoft seems to be very interested in adding parkour moves to its games, as we’re seeing in Watch_Dogs, and the upcoming Assassin’s Creed Unity seems to be getting its fair share of tricks.

Parkour professional athlete Jesse La Flair left a comment (discovered by Reddit user ProfeshCamper) on one of his youtube videos, teasing a collaboration for the “next AC,” and the addition of a horizontal wall run move to the game.

What if I told you I may or may not have worked on the NEXT AC  and they may or may not have added the ability to Horizontal Wall Run in the game…

Considering that La Flair is a highly recognized athlete that has done stunts for several movies, and that it’s definitely not unlikely for software houses to take advantage of the services of specialists like him as consultants and performance capture actors, it definitely seems credible, especially since La Flair mentions Assassin’s Creed it in the video itself.

Of course we should consider it a rumor until we actually see it happen in the game’s footage or Ubisoft makes an official announcement, but looks like the new French assassin will come with some new tricks up his sleeve.

If you don’t know what “horizontal wall running” means, you can check out La Flair’s video just below.

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  • Delsin Row

    nice. i really want soft movements in parkour stuff. second son did a nice job with , it’s time for you ubisoft.

    • Patrick Sommer

      Erhm.. no, second sons “parkour/Free running” sucks, so did it in the other infamous games as well.. it is not smooth and seems very awkward.

      • Gtboi Royalty Delroy

        Well the Character in Second Son Doesn’t know Parkour soooooo?

      • Delsin Row

        really ? i dont think you are right. i found it very good. but i respect your opinion

      • dapaintrain

        I found the free running better in the first 2 games then second son Delsin kept getting stuck at ledges and not moving where as cole would just climb very quickly to the top. Anyway once you get neon like 3 hours in you never need to free climb again.

    • dapaintrain

      I thought the free running was weaker in second son then in the first 2 infamous games. I would constantly get stuck at the top of buildings and Delsin would refuse to grab that last ledge or something that cole would move right up easily in the previous games. Anyway for 90% i looked for drains to climb with smoke and just ran straight up the buildings when i had neon not to mention how cool video was to travel across the map once you upgrade it. But concrete well concrete sucked for traveling.
      You get neon powers maybe 3 at most hours into the game from that point on you never free run up buildings again.

      • Mike G.

        There must’ve been bird crap on those ledges.

  • David Rodriguez

    I’m surprised it took them this long to implement something like this. DICE figured it out with Mirror’s Edge in 2008.

  • Craig Sloan

    I remember being able to do this is Prince of Persia. Seems like something that should have been implemented by now into this franchise.

    • dapaintrain

      Im pretty sure it was in AC 1 if i remember right but removed in 2 or forgotten about.

      • Murat

        Nah it wasnt in either ac 1 or 2 Ubisoft when developing the first AC game the first aspect of free running was wall running but They later decided to take that off because they thought it would make the game only a rip off from prince of persia but its back in unity and not alot of people cares so thats good

  • Michael Balchunas

    seems like a great idea for ACreed. Honestly all I want is tougher enemies though. Make AC enemies as tough as Dark Souls.

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  • AnonymUce

    come on nobody here remembered Shinobi? that came out 2002 and it had wall run. also there was wall run on the first prince of persia game that came out on PS2. This should have been in the AC series a long time ago.