Oculus’ Creator Welcomes PS4 to the VR Race, but Thinks it’ll Be Surpassed by PC and Mobile in Time

Oculus VR CEO Palmer Luckey is quite happy about Sony joining the virtual reality camp with Project Morpheus, and thinks it can be a good application for the moment, even if he expressed concerns about the PS4’s lasting power in an interview on the Japanese website Game Watch.

I think that if Sony pours enough effort in it, it’ll be a very good solution for the present time. There’s also the combination with the PlayStation Move, and PS4 is like a powerful PC now. However, I think there’s reason for concern for the long term.

That’s because in two to three years almost everyone will have a PC more powerful than the PS4. In five to seven years even mobile platforms will surpass the PS4. The PS4 generation has passed its eightg years, but it’s still going. And because the PS4 generation should be very long as well, there’s no telling whether it can keep up with virtual reality on PC and mobile in the future or not.

Still, I definitely welcome the fact that large companies like Sony or Valve are focusing on VR, as they deliver a powerful message to customers. Hopefully this will enhance the VR market and help it turn from a gimmick to the real thing.

While I still have doubts about the possibility of virtual reality to turn into something beyond a niche market, we’ll have to see if Sony will manage to keep its solution current compared to the advancement of more fluid hardware models. For the moment Morpheus feels solid, but only time will tell if Luckey’s concerns are founded.

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  • “In five to seven years even mobile platforms will surpass the PS4” – IS THIS GUY HIGH OR SOMETHING?

    .Of course oculus would say that. I don’t see why hes talking about PS4’s lasting power.

    Not everyone can afford or even wants a gaming PC.

    • qqq

      So not everyone can afford a “gaming” PC(whatever that means), but they can put up 500 euros for an xbox one and 60 bucks for every game? But building a good PC with the same amount of money and bying games for 5 to 20 dollars is impossible?

      • mobkingDC123 .

        to answer your question no, me personally would pay about maybe 100 dollars cuz two major day one games id want to buy but id wait for that flash sale or deals of the week on psn, not to mention the instant game collection which is about 60 games a year that are yours as long as your with plus but honestly i prefer the discounted games which i have more of then what i got from instant game collection so the more games the better only thing stopping me is hard drive space x)

      • You know those 4 or 20 dollar games now exist in the console space too. Its not exclusive to places like Steam anymore. In fact many AAA titles now cost 59.99 now on PC when they used to be 49.99. Personally exclusives on consoles are the big draw to me as well no worry about specs.

      • IncognitosX

        Not everyone wants a gaming PC . . . unless Morpheus is cross platform then there is a market for the Sony VR. Sort of a stupid thing for Palmer to say. If PC gaming was so great then consoles gaming would never have development to what it is today . . . Anyway, he sounds ignorant.

      • Michael Norris

        Ok so my uncle likes to play sports games and FPS.He doesn’t want to game on a Pc,period consoles are made for everyone while Pc’s are made for the technical of folks.

    • JP

      He’s not wrong on that front. Mobile gaming is coming up on ps3/360 graphics atm and it doubles every year so in 4 years it will reach the 8-10 times graphics of the ps3/360 which is ps4/xb1 graphics.

  • Dennis Djoenz

    Hmm good points, however what if Morpheus will be pc compatible as well. Playstation Now (which isn’t hardware bound) combined with Morpheus could prolong it as well.
    Also this part of the quote is quite funny -> In 5 – 7 years even mobile platforms will surpass the PS4…hmmm..

    • Léon

      And what if the Morpheus can be used on the PS5 as PC indeed.

  • Bankai

    If phones become as powerful as the PS4, then you can use them for grilling.

    • mobkingDC123 .

      welp look 10 years ago gta san andreas one of the biggest open sandbox games out there and now its avaible on your phone tech is advancing faster today so maybe in less time you will witness gta 5 on your phone

      • Nihelus Aurenis

        Ya… that was two generations ago. He’s saying the current generation is going to be on peoples phones in 5-7 years. That’s just stupid. That’s just stupid, stupid.

        • mobkingDC123 .

          well lets think about it what specs does the ps3 have you dont even got a ram of power most recent phones got 2.5gb ram and quadcore processor (sure there purpose isnt gaming more multitasking) so yea i think in a few years is actually quite correct

          • mobkingDC123 .

            another thing maybe there might not be the horse power but there is a way coming to stream your full fledg tripple A titles is Playstion Now a service that will allow you to buy or rent games and allow you to stream games via laptop smart tv ps4 psvitas and phones

  • His comment is stupid. That is like saying what is the purpose of console gaming in the first place. Nobody who games on consoles doesn’t knows it will be surpassed by PCs, they actually already have. As for phones, nobody cares. His statement is bias to prop up Oculus Rift.

  • twinspectre

    this dumbass is a traitor

  • Mobile games’ graphics have yet to match old gen. I don’t see mobile matching PS4 in quite a while.

  • Kiyoshi

    I would hate to have been a backer for the Oculus. These guys clearly don’t have much confidence in the product as they aren’t coming out of the gates saying we will rival the Morpheus from start to finish, instead it’s yeah in like 5+ years we will totally be there! Just hang in there guys, one day we will rival the Sony VR!

  • Ritsujun

    More and more companies like MS and Nin are gonna join the VR race soon.

    • JustGaming

      Part of me still feels like MS tried to get Rift before FB, but FB coughed up a wad of cash that sealed the deal and stole it away. Still interested to see these rumored ‘AR’ glasses though……

  • Negi Springfield

    Silence !

  • Gamist

    “In five to seven years even mobile platforms will surpass the PS4.”
    Um… a new console (not just Sony) is introduced every 5+ years.

  • Yisa Yussuf

    I strongly disagree with this. There are 6 million and more ps4’s everyday in the wild. Thats 6 million people who have the correct equipment for VR. He is saying ps4 is powerful now, but in 2 years more power will be required… so what kind of money will people need to buy a top end pc (and keep upgrading it) just for VR? Its nonsense. Their will become an industry standard as their is in mobile apps, games etc. And that standard will be the ps4. Just like mobile games their will be some games that if you have for example nvidia, you will have a better experience, this is only a handful, why, because only 10% of compatible products have this feature, but the majority of games are compatible for all. I cant be bothered to go into the details.. but rest assured if you have a PS4… you are set for VR for the next 10 years.. don’t listen to him

  • Rasheed Jackson

    PC was stronger than last gen consoles too. They still sold millions of consoles and games 😛

  • Red Foxx

    hmmm, 5 years until mobile is more powerful than a PS4? that is an interesting thought.

  • Jecht_Sin

    “That’s because in two to three years almost everyone will have a PC more powerful than the PS4.”. Almost everyone?!

    Someone should took a better look at the Steam HW survey.

  • Bryan

    When mobiles fix the battery problem, then talk about mobiles in gaming space.

  • Axe99

    Luckey’s confusing cutting-edge with mass market stuff (not to mention in his comment about PCs that he’s assuming the whole world lives like he does, which it doesn’t – I know a number of people who have PC’s that don’t match the PS3 or X360 at the moment, let alone the PS4).

    For mass market anything, you need it to be easily accessible to people who don’t want to deal with the pain-in-the-arse factor that comes from working with PCs. This necessitates that things move forward in leaps every half-decade or more, rather than incrementally, but while Oculus will race ahead tech-wise, I’d bet good money Morpheus will be where the install base is, and the money for developers, so we’ll see games designed for the PS4 (and likely XB1 when MS get their headset going, if it takes off), with extra bells and whistles for the smaller PC-based crowd.

  • You are flat out wrong

    That’s the main problem with PS4 VR – mobile and PC specs get upgraded every year while the PS4’s will be static for the rest of the generation, no matter how long it will be.