The Last of Us Remastered for PS4 Leaked by Sony’s Own PSN Store (UPDATED)

Today a banner ad appeared on Sony’s own PSN store, all but confirming the release of The Last of Us Remastered for PS4, as discovered by NeoGAF user fernoca.

The ad, that you can see reproduced before, also shows the price, $59.99, and is still visible at the moment of this writing. Unfortunately it leads to a “page not found” result, meaning that someone at Sony probably pulled the trigger too early. The banner is present on the Canadian store as well, with the only difference being the price ($69.99).

A couple weeks ago Market Manager at Sony Eurasia Sercan Sülün leaked the existence of the game during a TV show on CNN Turkey but Sony stubbornly refused to confirm his claims. Today we can definitely say that he wasn’t lying.

Considering the leak, we can probably expect an official announcement soon, and we’ll keep you updated here on DualShockers as soon as it actually happens. We also reached out to Sony asking for a comment on the game’s existence.

The cat is out of the bag Sony; it’s time to announce it.

Update: The port has now been confirmed, coming this summer.



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  • theodor70941

    I didn’t buy the original since my PS3 broke, probably gonna buy this one if it’s also sold in retail stores!

    • Delsin Row

      probably ? man you should sell your life to buy and play this game 😀 do yourself a favor and play this fantastic and awesome game ASAP.

      • theodor70941

        I’ve already pre-ordered the game at a local store!


    I haven’t played this but I’ve heard so much about it. FINALLY ^__^

    • Delsin Row

      You wanna know more ? if you wanna im here for you 😀

      • I wanna know what its about and I wanna know how the gameplay is. Survival style horror? I’m excited!

        • Delsin Row

          it’s about a father whose lost so many people in his life. one day, his assigned to take a girl ( ellie ) somewhere in other city. man i can just tell you this things. because i dont wanna spoil the good stuff for you. but you should know that relationship and things that happens in this game , is so touching and real.
          about gameplay: it’s a survival horror game with little amount of ammo. you should count every single one of youre bullets if you wanna survive the game. the gameplay is also very real. if the zombie ( clicker- runner. etc) enemies hear youre step, they will come for you and rip you apart. the AI is so real that you think you play a next gen game. the humans is so intelligent that if they notice you , they will circle around and shoot you from every direction. you should combine many many thing like healt potion and etc. and i dont talk about music. the music is so touching that in some point , i really cried in this game. 😀

          • Dennis Djoenz

            Dude the AI is actually one of the least stellar parts of the game. Gameplay is not that broad either, but the story, emotional aspects of the game is superb.

            Also the prologue is one of the best prologues I have ever played. Just wow and many dutch journalists agrees with me.

          • Delsin Row

            nope. if you read the reviews , many other website praised the AI system. gameplay is also complacated. 😀 i think you play the game in easy difficaulty 😀

          • Dennis Djoenz

            Hahaha I played normal mode as I always do. I was thinking about doing it all over in the hardest difficulty (I almost never play games in hardest mode no time and patience) if I have the time 🙁
            But I hope you are right when I do play in hard mode AI better be good!

          • extermin8or2

            AI might be improved in the new version, what with the extra power available :p

          • WOW…

            HYPE ACTIVATED!

      • Fersay Ferrera

        How old are ya, Delsin?

        • Delsin Row

          22. why ?

    • DJ Evans

      I was holding out on PS4 until Destiny or the Division dropped but this game will make me go get one!

  • PhantomVash808

    Nice looking forward to playing this again.

  • Delsin Row

    nice , nice , nice. since i have this game on my ps3 , but i buy it agian for trophies and the single player part. i’ve just finished single player twice, it’s now time to play it one more time.

    by the way, i really like joel gyst in this picture 😀

  • Jerry Hu


  • Dennis Crosby

    This is cool for people who haven’t played it but how many of you guys that have are willing to buy it again just out of curiosity

    • 2223

      I bought the PS3 game but never got around to playing it. Yeah I was very busy with my studies. I will get the PS4 version, since I have time 2kill.

      • Dennis Crosby

        That’s cool idk if I’m going to wit until a price drop only because I bought it the first time it was a great game I just don’t think its right to double dip for profit if the game was for between $25-40 then I’ll be like hell yea a must buy but to sell it as a new when its not isn’t right and Canada is pay more the second time around then the first really sucks

    • Delsin Row

      me. i played the ps3 version twice , but i wanna play it one more time in a next gen console. plus , naughty dog and the last of us deserve my money one more time.

    • megablast16

      Not me, I’ve already played it on PS3 three times and I’ve played Left Behind twice. If people want to buy it again that’s up to them but I bought a PS4 to play new games not PS3 games in a higher resolution, besides TLOU is pretty stunning as it is, it doesn’t need a PS4 remaster.

      • Dennis Crosby

        That’s understandable

    • Anonymous

      if I could play it for free I might try it out.
      but I still say it’s good to release a remastered version so people can buy PS4s instead of PS3s and still play the game.

  • Alrightylol

    Gonna pay full price again! This game deserve it!

  • Sad Hill

    They put it back to the store I took a screenshot

    • Holy smokes…


      • Sad Hill

        1080p 60fps please

        • nerdinator2000


          • ???? :-/

            I don’t get it…

          • JustGaming

            Don’t worry, he probably doesn’t get it either.

  • Turbomite
  • Jecht_Sin

    Over 200 Game Of The Year Awards

    Not peanuts, boys. ^_^

  • Raven Nafariea

    OMG Yes! I will definitely buy this game again! Well worth the price this is the best game I ever played. Okay, I just need a release date and I will be a very happy girl!!!!

    • Sarobi

      Late summer release. Believe it.

    • Delsin Row

      i really be waiting for you. i know you would love this news like me. cheers 😀

      • Raven Nafariea

        It’s crazy but out of all the awesome games coming out this year – Watchdogs, Batman, Assassin’s Creed, This is the only game I am extremely excited for and I still have this on PS3 and have played through it probably 20 times even on suvivor mode which I prefer and I am still this excited!

        • Delsin Row

          deep down , i really knew that this game is coming to ps4 , so i didnt beat the game on survivor mode. so happy right now 😀

  • Sarobi

    I guess I’m double dipping on this one seeing as I really enjoyed it (minus the multiplayer to an extent)

  • xkingxnitemare

    Yeah its still there. Good news I didnt get to play it on Ps3. Lookin forward to playing it finally. Hopefully its coming soon if u will be able to preorder digital right away

  • Jhora Zakaryan

    Having skipped the whole PS3 generation, I’m pre-ordering this the day it becomes available. Hurray!

    • Dennis Djoenz

      Oh man you have been missing out for sure! Having skipped the whole PS3 generation.

  • Bankai

    I already have it on PS3, but I’d be more than happy to buy the PS4 version. Just imagining Joel’s glorious beard in 1080p makes my beard tingle.

  • sonyntendo
  • Aria68

    This is God’s gift to xbox360 owners who bought a PS4.

    • +2014

    • YouSuck

      That’s me, looking forward to it!

  • You are flat out wrong

    It makes sense. A lot of people who wanted to play TLOU didn’t because they couldn’t justify spending money for a console for one game at the end of the gen.

    I’ll only get it if it isn’t full price though.

    • I couldn’t play because I had a 360….

      I want this and Heavy rain

      • DoctorDroid

        Same here ^^

        • YouSuck

          Heavy Rain was awesome

  • ….

  • sonyntendo

    Naughty Dog: Our assets are created at high resolution, ready for PS4

    ‘It’s scary.’

    17th, Feb. 2013 | Posted In Article, News | By Rashid Sayed| Follow This Author @GamingBoltTweet

    It’s no secret that Naughty Dog have two internal teams: One team is working on The Last of Us, and the other we think are working on the sequel to Uncharted 3 for the PlayStation 4. Now that there are just a few days before Sony unveils the ‘future of gaming’ with the much anticipated reveal of the PS3′s successor. Naughty Dog are already talking about their approach in getting prepared for the next generation.

    Christophe Balestra, Co-president of Naughty Dog, had a few interesting things to share about how their team may eventually handle a hardware superior to the PS3. He talks about how Naughty Dog may need more people when they start working on the PS4 and how it can be a scary experience for them.

    “It’s true – moving on to something else after PS3 might mean more people, but we’re not sure just yet,” he revealed.

    “It’s about the quality of the tools, and about whether you can make something smarter. My guess is that they will expand – you’ll have more this, and more that – you’ll always have something more. In terms of our art, we always create our assets at a higher resolution than what you see in-game. A lot of our pipelines are already ready to move to something superior to the PS3. But it’s scary.”

    He also recounts his experience in moving from the PlayStation 2 to PlayStation 3. As expected it wasn’t an easy thing.

    “And that was totally our fault. And also we were going from PS2 to PS3, the shaders were different and things like that, and we had a lot to learn. I think we’ve caught up though – I think our games look pretty good, so I feel like we’re fine right now. But it’s always scary, because you don’t know what to expect just to do something. We’ll see. We have a little more time to think about it,” he told EuroGamer.

    It will be interesting to see how Naughty Dog will handle the challenges while they move their development structure from the PS3 to PS4. And if they can repeat their acclaimed performances on a superior platform, then one can expect an experience unlike anything.

    Stay tuned to GamingBolt for our continued coverage of The Last of Us and next week’s full reveal of the PS4.


    KNEW IT WAS COMING….I told you guys.


      Most people did. But will you buy it again?

  • Rambo Deochenta

    Lol still got mines new wrap ,ps3 won’t read new nor sony games

  • Craig Sloan

    It’s happening 🙂 I got it for PS3 and I’ve beaten it 3 times and played tons of hours of the online MP. I also got the map packs and the DLC left behind. I am still going to buy this again for my PS4 for three reasons really.

    It’s remastered ( also includes the DLC )

    A good Online MP game for my PS4
    Can play it with the DS4 and not the DS3.

  • frontiermarine88

    so this gen instead of getting new i.p’s we are just getting sequels and remastered games from last gen?? smh

    • 3rdworldgamer

      it was inivetable. besides, sony probably knew there are a lot of new ps owners coming from the xbox side for this gen, so just makes sense to release it on the ps4.

  • Emir Gacevic

    Best game forever! i

  • benbenkr

    $60 for a near year old game. Tomb raider “Definitive” edition all over again.

    Next-gen has no games, yep.


    • datdude

      Nobody’s forcing you to buy the new consoles or the games. Yet you still come to complain. You must have one miserable life.

      • benbenkr

        It was a sarcastic comment.

        Lol, you’re the one who needs to get a better life and know when to take a joke. Typical uptight gamer.

        • datdude

          I don’t get your sarcasm. The only thing I see is whining. If that’s sarcasm you’re employing, you need new material.

          • benbenkr


            If I’m whining, I won’t be running. Logic please.

    • EverAlwaysRealLife

      Run like the coward you are…Anyway for a 360 owner that brought the ps4 back in december, this news delights me…always wanted to play this game.

      • benbenkr

        Uh.. what? Coward?

        What does being a coward has anything to do with what I said? In case you didn’t get it like “datdude”, it was a sarcastic comment.

        Damn, gamers are so uptight in their asses. Losen up your anals, seriously. Jeez, it’s just a game.

        • “Damn, gamers are so uptight in their asses. Losen up your anals, seriously. Jeez, it’s just a game.”

          Ew lol

  • disqus_TCr2DiTW3m

    it was a fun game, just too many cutscenes…its more like a movie

  • lester perdomo

    milk that cow sony ….

    • ConsoleTruth818

      Run back to gamespot system wars.. you Lemming!

      • lester perdomo

        generic response

  • KeeseToast

    Hopefully we get a retail Version too, this will be most probly announced on PAX east in TWO DAYS!!!!

  • Rahkem

    i guess it makes sense but $60? THAT MILK lol this should be $50 tops

  • Rahkem

    This better be NATIVE 1080p 60 FPS , no excuses, no damage control

  • DarthDiggler

    For reals dawg.

  • madbads

    it would be real funny for them not do release this, also when you look at current games available for me only MGS GZ is only game to buy PS4 for , but its obviously not nearly enough to justify 400e price.

  • lolong

    I’m totally buying this!

  • ISISSecretAgent
  • 60 fps/1080p???? ;_; Can you imagine?? O_O

  • junguler

    wow, i will pre-order this in the heartbeat and i don’t even have a ps4 just yet.

    for the people who want to know how gorgeous it can be just take a look at a uncharted 3’s 60 fps gameplay video that eurogamer had uploaded:

    oh and the download link:

  • datdude

    I’ve played through TLOU on every difficulty level, multiple times, and this game would still get my money on ps4 immediately day one despite me still owning the ps3 and it’s version of TLOU.

  • Virdin Barzey

    Another indication that Sony (MS as well) don’t have any real next-gen game games for the rest of the year. Totally relying on 3rd party games. At this point, you are better off picking up a PS3 dirt cheap and get the exclusive games even cheaper than dirt that you missed if you only had a 360. Not to mention, most of the next-gen games have a PS3/360 version.

  • ConsoleTruth818

    This is awesome news! This is one less game to keep me grounded on PS3. Now if only Rockstar could let us know if they are porting GTA5 to PS4 because I really don’t want to use the DS3 controller for it and I really don’t want to be grounded to the PS3 any longer than I have to be. I’m still trying to finish my 25 game back log on PS3 and could have easily waited a year to buy my PS4 which I already did.

    This game was going to be the final game I buy on PS3 and now I don’t have to! Thank you Sony!

  • Almighty-Koz

    and with this news its now PREORDERED for me, i missed it on my ps3 as i refused to invest in my ps3 that i was trading in for the ps4

  • I bought PS3 because of this game! I would wait for PS4 if I knew this.

    • Placebo

      I basically did as well, but then I got the bonus of about 20 games free on PSN+ in just the 12 months since I got it many of which I hadn’t played before such as the Uncharted series so I feel like I got my money’s worth, hopefully they have some kind of upgrade policy like other cross format games but either way I’d happily pay $60 for this again, brilliant game 🙂