Creating the Perfect Remastered Game: Part Two: Four Games that Should be Remastered

In part one of this editorial, I listed the ways that I would personally like to see developers handle remastered games. Specifically, games that were released in the last console generation. I talked about how, ideally, these games should get completely remade from the ground up with new graphics and improved and updated mechanics.

In this part, I want to talk about a few games from the previous gen that would be great candidates to be remastered. These are games that had a strong base but which had mechanics that fell short in some way. I again want to stress that these are things that I would LIKE but don’t expect given the resources that would be needed to recreate these games from the ground up.

The Last of Us

This one was just confirmed to be coming out for the PlayStation 4 but I still wanted to have it in here. Unlike the games I’ll list after it, this one doesn’t need much of a big overhaul. However, there are certain things that I would have liked to have seen that probably won’t be included in the remastered edition.

While there is nothing fundamentally wrong with TLoU’s gameplay, the developers have stated that they needed to make a few concessions in order to get the game running on the PlayStation 3. For example, Naughty Dog wanted to have human enemies and the infected fight each other. We finally got to see this in the DLC, Left Behind but it would have been nice to have had these type of scenarios in the main game.

The other thing that TLoU could have benefitted from was smarter and more helpful A.I. partners. In the early demos that we saw from this game, Ellie helped out Joel by throwing objects at enemies. In the actual game she didn’t do that and was actually a hindrance at times when she would get caught by infected which you were trying to avoid. I’m sure these issues stemmed from the game being on the PS3 but again, I don’t think this will be any different in the port.

Assassin’s Creed


Although it was the game which started off the franchise, the very first AC game was far from being all that it could be. While the game had solid parkour mechanics, a beautifully rendered world and a gripping story, the actual game itself was surprisingly repetitive.

To make this title as robust as its sequels, a remake of AC should include a wide variety of side missions. These shouldn’t be merely busywork missions either. They should be tied into the overall main story. While the main nine assassinations should still be in the game, adding more missions in between them will help stave off the repetition monster. Making the way you go about killing the main nine targets would help as well.

The other Assassin’s Creed games following the original could stand to gain from some improved controls and perhaps axing some superfluous missions but they don’t need too much of an overhaul. The first one is the one that would benefit from being redone from scratch as a director’s cut since so much material would need to be added.

Mass Effect

mass-effect cover

This was my favorite franchise from the previous generation but I have to admit that the very first game was actually damn near terrible. The controls weren’t that precise and the menus were a jumbled mess. Like Assassin’s Creed, this game could use a big time overhaul. However, I think that the overhaul should cover not only the first game but also the second.

As far as the actual gameplay goes (traversal, combat, menus) I think they should all be based off the third game. By that point, every mechanic of the series had been honed to near perfection and the first two games could benefit greatly from having them in place of the old mechanics. This would help give a better sense of cohesion between the titles so they all feel like they are one.

The character models from the third game look the best and should be carried over to the two previous games as well; in particular, the default model of female Shepard. However, I’d like for her ME3 likeness to be retooled a bit so that it more closely matches what she looks like on the box art of the game.

The thing that wouldn’t need too much changing is the story and dialogue. Bioware did a very good job of keeping things consistent when it comes to story so not much tweaking needs to be done in this area. Perhaps a few more hints that would better foreshadow the ending of the final game would be good. Of course the updated ending of the third game should be included and not the (controversial) original.

Dragon Age II

dragon-age-2 art

Although I actually liked this game, I am not blind to its flaws. The game was clearly rushed and could have benefitted from having more time spent on it.

The first and biggest thing that needs an overhaul is the game’s backdrops. A number of dungeons, caves and building interiors were re-used quite frequently even though they were supposed to be completely separate places. A remastered version of DAII wouldn’t have any reused environments unless the characters are revisiting a location. This would go a long way in keeping the game from feeling as small as it originally did.

Combat could stand to use an overhaul as well and ironically enough, it would benefit from taking cues from Dragon Age: Origins. Combat in that game was strategic and complex. DAII had simplified mechanics that didn’t require much brain power on the player’s end. The DLCs for DAII had combat scenarios that were similar to those of DA:O so I think basing them off that would be great. This is an RPG after all and combat should be mentally challenging and not a test of endurance for your right thumb.

As far as the story is concerned I wouldn’t actually change too much. When I first played this game I called it “Dragon Age II: Side Quests” because I couldn’t tell what the main story was and everything I did felt like busy work. In the final hours however, everything came together to form a cohesive whole. Because of this I don’t think much needs to be redone story wise.

Final Thoughts

This was a relatively short list but there aren’t that many games from last generation that deserve a remaster. Some were good enough as they were (Uncharted, Batman Arkham, Bioshock) while others just weren’t good enough to need a remaster (I’ll be nice and omit listing some).

With the release of The Last of Us and Tomb Raider before it, it’s clear that, for the foreseeable future, we will see a few more last gen games make it over to the current gen. It would be nice if some of these titles got the golden treatment and were redone from scratch but, as I’ve said, this probably won’t be the case. Still, it’s fun to imagine what it would be like if some of our favorite games were treated as new titles and got completely redone.

These are the games that I’d like to see remastered but I want to hear what great games from last gen that you guys would love to see get a new lease on life. I can’t be the only one who’s dreamed about this so sound off and let’s get this conversation started!

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  • Dennis Djoenz

    Remastered games are only brushed as in better visuals aka visual upgrades. I don’t recall remastered games ever having improved gameplay elements or even altered in any way.

    • Tony Polanco

      Tomb Raider: Anniversary is the prime example. They completely rehauled that game. That’s how I’d like to see remastered games.

      • Dennis Djoenz

        Well my dude I have decided to mention 2 franchises I would like to see remastered. The Tony Polanco remaster edition that is.

        Zone Of The Enders 1 & 2 (Hold on wasnt it remastered recently :O LMAO)
        Onimusha 1,2,3 I actually skipped Onimusha 2 because I heard it had another protagonist. I loved Onimusha 3 with the french dude. It had amazing cgi cutscenes at the time just wow on par with FF.

        • Tony Polanco

          The Tony Polanco remaster edition LOL I love it.

    • Grumpee

      MGS: The Twin Snakes is one that comes to mind. Probably cause it is my favourite remaster/re-do

  • iMixMasTer

    Fallout 3

    • Tony Polanco

      I thought about tossing that in there but the only real hitch with that game were the glitches.

      • Redinferno124

        I’d rather have Fallout 4.

      • Masoud House

        I JUST finished the main story of that game. Been playing it on and off over the years, just roaming around. Still got more to do (and enjoy)

        • Tony Polanco

          Wow. That’s pretty awesome dude.

  • islan

    Ellie may not have thrown any bricks, but she sure certainly was more than willing to backstab some bitches.

    • EGGIOR

      In fact, Ellie does throw bricks and bottles at enemies in order to help Joel. I experienced that many times during my playthroughs and at times it was really life-saving! 🙂

      • islan

        I thought she had, but this article made me think that she didn’t.

  • toasty

    It seems to me that you want these games to be fully remade, not remastered. A remaster of a video game isn’t much different than when a movie studio upgrades the picture & audio quality of an old film to look presentable on modern HDTVS . The kind of enhancements that you want to be done on a game is more suitable for a full fledged remake, but for games that are less than 5 years old, it wouldn’t make any sense.

    A remaster of a game should leave the original game play untouched, BUT flaws like glitches that weren’t fixed and mistakes in the design should be fixed, while jacking up the visuals and performance as high as possible. If not, these companies would spend more time & money remaking old games, than putting it towards making new ones. I would only want remakes for games that are both more than a generation old and has game design and mechanics that are outdated compared to games modern games in it’s genre.

  • David Rodriguez

    Assassin’s Creed needs trophies. Then I’ll actually finish it.

  • Redinferno124

    Right now all the Xbox fans are just bombing any TLOU PS4 news for no other reason other than not being able to play it on xbox to experience it for themselves. If any previous Halo game was announced tomorrow, nothing would be different. This is what I think of when fanboys rant.

    • Redinferno124

      Sometimes the comments here aren’t any better.

      Rant over. Sorry

  • PhantomVash808

    If I could have four remastered series/games from last gen to go along with the Last of Us, they would be the Uncharted Trilogy, Mass Effect Trilogy, Red Dead Redemption, and the AC Ezio Trilogy.

  • ISISSecretAgent

    i would like a remaster of Skyrim, i enjoyed the crap out of Oblivion on my PS3 and skipped Skyrim on it because of the subpar performance and chose PC instead (but it isnt the same tbh)

    Lair would be epic too even if people didnt like it i did

  • PrinceHeir

    Aside from Mass Effect Trilogy, none of those are needed to be remastered.

    Where’s Dark Souls II? Grand Theft Auto V? Games that needed the extra power to run the game as smooth as possible?

  • Wildboots

    I would buy God of War 3 in a heartbeat if it was remastered for the PS4. Also, pleasantly surprised, but TLOU Remastered is currently sitting at #3 best seller on Amazon US. I guess people really are excited for it, despite naysayers.

    • Temjin001

      same, yah, they need to port over the PS3 GoWs….and the uncharted’s

  • Temjin001

    I need my Ninja Gaiden’s on PS4.

  • Temjin001

    I’m still waiting for Final Fantasy VII HD remake…….. like the one they showed us leading up to the PS3’s release. Instead, we got FFXIII. Maybe they could fix that one at least.

  • megablast16

    I don’t mind the occasional carefully chosen PS3 game being remastered for PS4, my concern though is that if they sell well it will encourage some lazy publishers to re-release all kinds of unwarranted games instead of making proper next gen games.

  • Human @ Play

    MGS 4
    NFS Most Wanted (Criterion baby proofed the whole thing with smelly diapers….All-drive)
    GOW 3
    Gears of War 3

    I could go on, there are quite a few games that I would pay to play if remastered with the utmost care and attention to detail across the board. Better audio, better graphics and the inclusion of omitted gameplay mechanics brought about by yesterdays hardware limitations.

  • saiyanknight87

    How about games like GTA V or some great RPG’s like Xenogears and so forth none of these games I care for lol imo.

  • Indra Hatton

    I think there should be some sort of clarification between remaster and remake.

    As someone who missed out on many Ps2 classics such as, ICO, Shadow of the Colossus, and the Jak & Daxter trilogy. I would be disappointed if the “HD treatment” fundamentally changed the gameplay, story, design etc. With the lack of backwards compatibility we are quickly losing our previous achievements in game design. The HD collections are a way of preserving our history.

    A remastered game should be treated in a similar fashion to film remasters, the game should stay the same, just with upgraded visuals.

    What this series of articles is proposing are remakes, a recreation (from the ground up) of an old game with structural and visual improvements. Games like Tomb Raider Anniversary and Wind Waker HD.


    But Ellie DOES throw bricks at enemies just like in the demos shown before release! And she also attacks enemies with her knife in order to save Joel e.g. if Joel got grabbed by an enemy. And there were a few more scenes I experienced where Ellie acts very intelligent und human-like during battles.

    • Grieving

      Yeah, had to stop reading after the author got that wrong. Should get their facts right before writing an article like this.

      • EGGIOR

        I stopped reading at that point too…sounds like he didn’t even play the game, because how can you miss that?! But then the author should at least do the research.

        • Dennis Djoenz

          You are both wrong and right. She did it only once or twice in my playthroughs. It’s depend on the different situations and outcomes so it might just be that it did not happen in his playthrough. Seriously though I saw this clip on youtube where if you shine your flashlight directly into Ellie’s face it will trigger a dialogue and if you are standing still for too long as well. I mean damn if I didnt see it on youtube I would never have known. LOU is not the first to do this but still awesome sauce.

  • Kenneth Raymond Schroeter

    Fur Fighters needs to be remastered!