Sony Starts Selling PS4 Spare Parts, Only in Japan for Now

on April 10, 2014 9:16 AM

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan just announced a new service for local PS4 owners, in the form of the ability to purchase a few spare parts for the console.

For now the parts offered are the HDD bay cover for 1000 yen (just short of $10), the HDD bay bracket for 500 yen, a screw set for said bracket for 250 yen and the power cord for 450 yen. After all, who didn’t have his cat munch on his PS4 power cord at least once?

At the moment there are no news on a possible extension of the service to the west, and it’s worth mentioning that Sony already had an extensive service selling PS3 spare parts in Japan.

We reached out to SCEA for a comment on the possibility of the service making it to the western markets, and we’ll let you know if we receive any relevant information.

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