Sony Starts Selling PS4 Spare Parts, Only in Japan for Now

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan just announced a new service for local PS4 owners, in the form of the ability to purchase a few spare parts for the console.

For now the parts offered are the HDD bay cover for 1000 yen (just short of $10), the HDD bay bracket for 500 yen, a screw set for said bracket for 250 yen and the power cord for 450 yen. After all, who didn’t have his cat munch on his PS4 power cord at least once?

At the moment there are no news on a possible extension of the service to the west, and it’s worth mentioning that Sony already had an extensive service selling PS3 spare parts in Japan.

We reached out to SCEA for a comment on the possibility of the service making it to the western markets, and we’ll let you know if we receive any relevant information.

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  • RealityCheck2013

    Would buy another HDD bay cover(that is the left shiny bit on top er i think) 😀 because they do scratch easily i think(so far mine is o.k tho)

    • Averix

      I’d buy one to repaint it some other color. In a matte finish rather than dust accenting gloss.

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  • MTM2

    You can tell the gloss part is going to look like ass in a few years time, having spares ready would be great

  • Stranger On The Road

    Not bad, I clicked on the article expecting something like: see this harddisk, it is the same as that other harddisk but in a box that says ‘PlayStation 4 certificated’, the extra logo on the box mean another US$100…. and we are being nice to you.

  • Preston queener

    If they had custom HDD covers i would consider it other wise im fine with the one i have even if it is scratched.

  • alok

    What about PS Vita Spare Parts?

  • mobkingDC123 .

    hmm what if they give out spare parts to upgrade the system like ram and graphics card extension? i know it isnt a pc but hey its for gaming so might aswell power up the systems hardware maxed out to gain the best quality of games in my opinion. just imagine being able to run all ps4 games at 4k?

    • bruno

      You just have described a steam machine there sir. If playstation now doesn’t take off and Steam Machines turn out to be a success, expect to see the Playstation 5 and Xbox 3.14 with upgradeable components.

      • mobkingDC123 .

        true but steam machines are around 900 dollars at starting point lol i dont think ps4 including some upgrades would be that pricey, in all seriousness it looks like sony might abandon consoles in the near future tho because theyll decide to bring up that ps now which will allow to play your ps games on almost anything phone tablets pc smart tv and ps devices

      • Aaron Taggart

        The only advantage a console has today over a PC is that there is no hardware fragmentation. Any console that offers up upgradeable components that matter to developers (i.e. RAM, Graphics card, CPU ect..) will cause a nightmare for anyone trying to do hardware specific performance tweeks (which they do on consoles in order to deliver higher performance with lower technical specs).


        customizable components + lower technical specs = poor gaming system
        customizable components + high technical specs = gaming computer (or steam box) which is too expensive to compete in the console market
        static components + lower technical specs = game console (low price and can perform despite lower specs)

  • Cassive

    I wanna replace my HDD cover it scratches way too easily and I’m so obsessive with my gadgets

  • Paddy Alfan

    hi, i know it was old topic, but do you know in japan they sell those parts? i browse trough all net shopping there but cant find any. my hdd bracket wa busted yesterday trying to open the screw to replace the disk, and now i cant get the disk out.