The Last Guardian News and Release Date May Be Coming Soon According to Weekly Famitsu

on April 10, 2014 3:15 AM

As we already mentioned yesterday the Japanese magazine Weekly Famitsu just published a sizable article titled “The Truth on 2014′s Rumors,” and the feature actually includes an interesting snippet about The Last Guardian.

Famitsu’s editors pinged Sony Computer Entertainment on whether the game will ever be released, and they learned, as we already knew, that the publisher is looking for the best chance to announce the title again. In addition to that Sony also specified that if development continues as planned new information and a release date could be coming soon.

Of course “soon” in The Last Guarian terms may be in 2024… but Famitsu judges the information believable, so maybe there’s hope.

That said, the same article also judged the rumor of a new Demon’s Souls in development at Sony not believable just because Sony told them that they have nothing to announce on the topic, which is the standard “no comment” reply Sony always gives.

Just to give an example about that kind of reply, it’s exactly the same reply given about the now confirmed PS4 version of The Last of Us, a few weeks ago. Does it ring a bell?

Maybe Famitsu should take that kind of comment a little less seriously.

[Thanks for the tip: Masaru Aoyama]

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