Latest Mighty No. 9 Update Features a New ROM, Enemy Designs, New Stage and Keiji Inafune Drawing

Mighty No. 9 gets a new update with new ROM screenshots, enemy design concept artwork and a video of Keiji Inafune actually sketching out some of his own designs.

First off is some screenshots that tease a new ROM Inafune and the other developers are currently testing. In this one, there are more stage details, enemies and background graphics that need to be carefully watched over for consistency. After that are some new enemy grunt robots that were drawn by Director Koji Imaeda himself. Finally, Inafune shows us the process of creating his own humanoid enemies in a video. His mantra that “just because it’s humanoid, doesn’t make it human” really comes out here.

And here’s an extra surprise for fans: some new concept artwork of a water treatment plant stage:

Mighty No. 9 (12)

Mighty No. 9 (13)

You can check out both the video and the rest of the gallery posted below this article.

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  • gradius6

    im glad infunae designing a game that is NOT!!! fps enough already!!!!!

  • gradius6

    good Lord, how long must we Suffer with open world shooters, open world racing crap???? innovate games with rpg, action games,fighting games, side scrolling, close circuit racing games again.