Watch_Dogs Wii U Version Release Windows Pushed to Fall 2014 on Ubisoft’s Own Uplay Store

When Ubisoft announced a further delay of the Wii U version of Watch_Dogs, they just said that a 2014 release for Nintendo’s home console was possible, but they didn’t give any precise data.

Now Ubisoft’s own North American Uplay store pegs the release window for the Wii U version of the game to “Fall 2014,” which I guess is better than a “2014, maybe.”

It’s worth mentioning that the European Uplay store lists the Wii U version for May 27 like the other platforms, but that’s most probably just a mistake.

Of course the “Fall 2014” window hasn’t been announced officially, so take it with a grain of salt, but Ubisoft’s own store should be a bit more believable than Amazon.


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  • JustGaming

    And absolutely nobody is surprised.

  • Craig Sloan

    The Wii U never gets a break poor little guy.

  • Blackmaile

    Theres about 3 people who this has effected. Multiplatform games dont gel well with Nintendo

    • JustGaming

      Lol, I get what you are saying, but it’s a fair more than 3 people who were looking forward to the U version of this especially when it came to (integrated) second screen possibilities.

  • Stranger On The Road

    … for none Americans, which months are those?

  • Delsin Row

    who cares ? nobody cares for multiplatform games on nintendo console. nintendo stand on theire own IP’s.

    • desponent

      This is absolutely right.

      Good luck for Nintendo though (and by extension, their dedicated fans).

    • PCS4-Box U

      I am going to firmly disagree here, Nintendo TRIES to stand on their own IP but it isn’t enough in my opinion. I own a Wii U and i may power the thing on every few months at best… It gets the same treatment my Wii did before it. Every once in awhile, a great game comes out and i play it for a bit then goes dorment. I literally play more games on my phone than i do my Wii U. I’m not necessarily happy about it at all.

      • Delsin Row

        thats whats nintendo about ! this game that comes to nintendo consoles , you CANT FIND THEM ANYWHERE. i think we should just buy a nintendo console for the exclusive titles. i’ve never play any other game on my nintendo console. just exclusives.

        • PCS4-Box U

          “You can’t find them anywhere” Well, yea, i mean they’re exclusives… i could say the same thing for MS and Sony. I feel like Nintendo just keeps making the same games over and over again and just add a new feature or 2. Maybe it’s just me but i think they’ve over saturated a majority of their franchises, it’s just the same ole same ole in my opinion. Maybe i’m just getting too old for Nintendo, idk, To each their own though.

          • Delsin Row

            dude , i am 22 myself. i’m a hugesony fan. but , i dont think we can find any game like legend of zelda in other consoles. thats a fact , nintendo exclusive is much better than sony and microsoft. not all of them , some of them.

          • Bankai

            No, Nintendo’s exclusives are far from the best, they’re mostly nostalgia. Also, its a good thing you can’t find Zelda anywhere else because it isn’t that good.

            Of course, that’s my opinion, just as what you said is your opinion, so neither of us is wrong.

          • Delsin Row

            i think you are very very wrong. the legend of zelda is the most honorable and valuable console game !

          • Bankai

            Maybe for Nintendo consoles.

    • JuneBug81

      Given that I own a Wii U, and can’t afford a PS4 or Xbox One anytime in the foreseeable future anymore (things have changed for me unfortunately,) I disagree.

      While I do think that Nintendo consoles should never be purchased with the expectation of parity (graphically or in terms of launch dates and availability) for multiplats, it’s sure nice when they come to the platform given it’s all I can play such games on now.

      Of course, the number that do will dwindle as multiplats designed solely for the more powerful 8th gen machines begin to be developed taking full advantage of them. (I.e. those games won’t be possible on Wii U’s hardware, sadly.)

  • Galen Nycroft

    This is probably vaporware…I bet it will likely be canceled for the Wii U sadly. Either that, or Nintendo is pulling the strings somehow.

  • I actually think the game is canceled.

    • Michael Balchunas

      for Wii U? or in general?

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