Titanfall Expedition DLC Revealed; it Will Include Three Maps, Coming May; Free Content also Incoming

During a panel at PAX East Respawn Entertainment unveiled the first Titanfall DLC pack including three maps, named Titanfall Expedition. It will be released in May.

The maps will be set after the game’s campaign, and the picture above shows a map called “Swampland,” with a lot of “archaic alien technology” in it. From a gameplay standpoint there will be a lot of trees, and players will be able to wallrun on them. There will be “zipvines” that are the arboreal version of ziplines, and you’ll be able to have very unpredictable parkour patterns.

Another map is “Runoff” with a lot of pipes and water, and then a third map called “Wargames” based on the training simulator at the beginning of the game. It looks kind of Tron-like.

The new maps won’t have a campaign narrative, but they’ll still include some of the cinematic elements.

In addition to the paid DLC, new modes will be released for free. An example is a new 2 vs 2 version of Last Titan Standing called “Wingman LTS.” New burn cards will also be implemented. The free content is going to be decoupled from the DLC, and will be released independently at a different pace.

The team is also working on other things like a spectator mode to be able to watch matches. Another feature in the works is the ability to choose a hashtag shared on social media and websites in order to end up in the same matches with people that share your interests.

Respawn is also looking into adding more stat tracking for competitive gameoplay, additional daily challenges, and the ability to add your personal markings and decals on your titans.

In addition to that, the team is planning to implement “variants” of modes for a couple weeks, and if the players like them they can become permanent.

According to what was shared during the panel, Respawn is planning to support the game for a long time, so Titanfall players can expect fresh content for a while.

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  • Mitro Nzongo

    Hell yes

  • Delsin Row

    man , i really like titanfall. i wish there was a chance to play this on ps4. 🙁

    • Daniel Sousa

      1 will never go out on ps4
      waiting over a 3 or 4 years by titanfall 2, and scored the 2 can again be exclusive to Xbox and not go out on ps4 its possible.
      buy a Xbox One, its a best thing you do =D

      • Wargreymon559 .

        lol keep dreaming buddy Vince already said Future projects will not be excluded from platforms.So if they do TF2 it’s coming to PS4

        • SonyisBadforURbrains

          Titanfall 2 will have the same treatment as MS have done with COD exclusive content 1st on Xbox One. MS and EA signed a deal last year.

      • MTM2

        You seriously think Respawn and EA are stupid enough to continue Xbox exclusivity? You’re going to be salty on the inevitable ‘Titanfall 2 for Ps4’ article. Here’s Vince Z himself, ‘first’ is the active word: https://twitter.com/VinceZampella/status/395325967184310273

        • Raven Nafariea

          I am sure they are shooting themselves in the foot for the deal they made with Microsoft over this game. They really backed the wrong horse.

          • Daniel Sousa

            MS gave Free servers, the more money that MS paid for the game, the game was funded by EA and MS, Respawn was a small budget and little studio, the MS was the first to support them, was not a shot in the foot, but yes something very good, titanfall exists thanks to the support of MS

            Sony drones its so ignorance jess

          • Raven Nafariea

            I couldn’t care less about this game and you are right. I know nothing of it’s history. I really do not care. Btw, I am not a Sony drone I am A Sony and PC drone, (you know, the superior gaming systems) so get it right next time!

          • I would say it is a shot in the foot. No way EA predicted Sony to be beating the XB1 by such a huge margin. Microsoft wasn’t the ones that supported Respawn, it was EA. MS supported them simply for exclusive rights. They didn’t carry the budget for development. It exists because of Respawn and EA. That is a fact.

          • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

            “Sony drones its so ignorance jess”

            The irony of a comment like this coming from someone this incredibly stupid is almost to much to believe.

          • Dannys Dad

            Just stop you Randy, MS doesn’t pay you for that. And it isn’t exclusive for part 2. I know it sucks your mommy can only afford 1 system. When you grow up and get a job, you won’t have to justify your single purchase on a msg board.

          • M$ fanboys are delusional

            The game was not funded by M$, they payed for exclusivity nothing more. EA funded all of Titanfall and they were ripped off by M$, Sony showed EA the projected sales for their platforms and the money M$ payed doesn’t even begin to cover it. Titanfall 2 will be on PS4 since EA is a business and wants to make money, Respawn even confirmed it.

            Keep sitting in denial silly Xbot, PS4 is the leader this generation, accept it.

          • BW

            EA wouldn’t even foot the bill to finish the game, Respawn was bailed out by Microsoft, Titanfall almost didn’t even get finished. Google it or read the article on IGN.

        • Daniel Sousa

          Respawn said he wanted to do other games outside titanfall series, right when he says that will make it clear more games in the ps4 is not to say that is the titanfall 2, but other PIs

          In pax they said titanfall 1 would have their support for a long time, and thinking in new projects (new ips)

          So it is likely to come out a new game without them being titanfall, titanfall 2 only here 4 or 5 years

          • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

            His name is Vince Zampella not Respawn, Respawn is the name of the company, its not a “he”. Were you recently hit in the head?

      • Delsin Row

        well i wont play it at all . i wont buy a x1 for any games , not just this one. i wished someday , it will comes for ps4. if not , then we have no problem with this game.

      • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

        Now maybe try that again in English. Probably explains why you think buying the crap xbone is the best thing someone can do, you seem slightly retarded.

    • Raven Nafariea

      I heard the sequel is probably coming to PS4 which will be way better I am sure since it should be more improved and refined. I am not really into Call of Duty type games myself but if you can wait I think it will be worth it for you. =)

      Or buy the PC version? Any halfway decent PC will run this game with no problems. =)

      • Delsin Row

        are you with me “fan of mine” ? 😀 . first of all , i dont play game on pc , i cant stand to play games on pc. second of all , i’ll go with you’re third opinion. i can wait until a sequel comes out for ps4

        • Raven Nafariea

          HA! You got it! And okays, sounds like a plan to me. =)

  • V For Vincennes

    Good. Look forwards to a few new locations to wreak havoc.

  • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

    And you’ll pay for those maps, meanwhile Guerrilla Games gives you free maps for Killzone: Shadowfall, man everything about xbone sucks, everything.

    • ShowanW

      I have a PS4 (and a XB1 for that matter), and I think your comment is ridiculous…

      First of all KZ only saving grace is, it’s pretty to look at. Everything else just flat out sucks about the game. It’s dry and boring, a FPS that just goes through the motions.

      TitanFall isn’t the best thing since sliced bread (but it is fun), but it’s much better than KillZone, it has a decent amount of maps for just an online shooter with more to come. And I would not expect them to be free, especially when there is a quality there.