Sony’s Sandbox Game H1Z1 Had a Stunning 3375×732 Panoramic Screenshot and More Hidden in its Website

on April 13, 2014 8:33 AM

Sony Online Entertainment has always been fond of its Easter eggs, and in fact the upcoming open world sandbox zombie survival MMO H1Z1 has a juicy one hidden in a very clever way in its official website, discovered by Reddit users rholk and Super1d.

If you browse to the website and look at the top left of the screen, on the mountain, you’ll notice a blinking light. It’s actually Morse code. Upon deciphering it, it leads to a shortened link that reveals the stunning panoramic picture below.

I strongly advise clicking on it to enlarge it to its full 3375 x732 resolution. Looks like Sony Online Entertainment has a visual treat in store for us with H1Z1. That enormous forest partly covered by mist, paired with the amazing draw distance, is just what we need to kick off a lovely Sunday.

And the best thing is that we’ll be able to explore it soon enough.


In addition to this, the picture of a zombie apparently named “Fred” (That’s the file name of the picture, discovered by Reddit user Timskijwalker) will randomly appear upon reloading the page. You can see him below. If you actually browse to the official site, don’t do so while drinking your coffee, because if “Fred” appears when you don’t expect him, you’re going to stain your pants.


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