New PS4 Update Dated April 30th by Sony Japan; New PS4/Vita AR Tech to be Demonstrated on the 26th

Many have been wondering when the upcoming 1.7 PlayStation 4 update will be launched by Sony, and today Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia added an interesting piece to the puzzle.

In a post on the Play Community about the upcoming Nico Nico Chokaigi 3 (that will be held between April 26th and April 27th in Japan) show Sony mentions a date for an update:

At the booth there will be corners for you to experience the new features that allows to broadcast to the popular Nico Nico service from PS4, that will be implemented in the update coming on Wednesday, April 30th.

There are two interesting elements here: Sony also sent a press release with exactly the same text, but on that one no date is mentioned. All it says is “coming in a future update.” This could mean that either the Play Community blog includes a mistake (unlikely, since the post has been up since the morning and hasn’t been changed), or the date wasn’t meant to be disclosed yet. It’s also possible that the Nico Nico livestreaming service will be pushed in a secondary update to come after 1.7.

It’s also worth mentioning that due to the time zones an update happening on April 30th in Japan could be dated April 29th in the west.

Another interesting element we learn is that during Nico Nico Chokaigi event Sony will demonstrated a new technology developed by the team at Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia. While the post on the PlayCommunity doesn’t offer further detail, the press release does mention that the tech is related to Augmented Reality.

Looks like April 26th and 27th  will be two interesting days for PlayStation fans.

Update: The April 30th release date has been stealthily removed from the blog post with no explanation offered.


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  • RealityCheck2013

    I got a bad feeling that a lot of people(including me) will be disappointed with the next Firmware update :-/ Because we have had to wait sooooooooo long for just the basic features(that the PS3 has had for YEARS to) like MP3 playback and DLNA and save Gameplay Videos to Youtube(not on PS3 that 1) 😀 etc etc So ‘if'(which i bet it won’t be) some of those features are not in the update then most people will be disappointed and then will it take another few months to get any good features after that??? 🙁 Sorry SONY are to SLOW!!!(I still LOVE My SONY tho and the PS4 is brilliant as it is for now) LoL:D

    • Kiyoshi

      You make me happy with all the smiley faces lol 😀

      • MedBottle

        I agree but I thought I was reading a 2nd grader’s plead.

    • Averix

      Did it ever occur to you that Sony is prioritizing features based on previous usage stats? I for one, never used DLNA or mp3 playback on my PS3 or Xbox 360. I think these are niche features that not a lot of people really use.

      • albatrosMyster

        I only got the PS3 for DLNA at first! (mind you, now a days DLNA devices are much easier to find and I don’t use the PS3 as a stream client anymore).

      • Kingdom17

        I’d never used them before either really myself, I normally stream movies online. But I’m sure that there were a lot of people who used it too.

      • Kiyoshi

        Usage stats? how can it prioritise for a feature that it NEVER had?

        • shinitaru

          Did you not read the entire post? PS3 had those features

          • Kiyoshi

            I don’t recall being able to plug in my iPod to listen to music whilst playing games and I mistook the DLNA for HDCP. Apologies on that front. All of these fancy words get me confused!

          • shinitaru

            not sure about the ipod, if it is like any other mp3 player you could hook it up via USB and play the music, otherwise you could download the mp3s to the PS3’s harddrive. Like I said, wasn’t a feature I cared about much but it was there for sure

          • Kiyoshi

            Ah, it just required a lot of effort then. I came from the 360 mid cycle to the PS3 and the 360 was just a much simpler console. You just plug in any music device and the music starts playing within a minute, no messing around. The games on the PS3 didn’t ever force me to change the music though, there wasn’t really any emphasis on multiplayer on the PlayStation like there was on the Xbox. I never found the solution because I never really needed to. By the time I got the console I had had enough of competitive games.

            Damn I’m typing a lot today! lol

          • shinitaru

            “The games on the PS3 didn’t ever force me to change the music though”

            They didn’t force you, it was a feature, allowed you to set up your own playlists. As for the iPod, IDK how that worked, it may have done exactly as you say, I just know that other devices that had a flash drive (like my PSP and digital cameras) were treated just like any external storage device, though apparently that was a security hole, which is why that feature is missing from the PS4

          • Kiyoshi

            Dear Lord. I wasn’t saying that. The games on the PS3 that I played are all story based, I was enjoying all of the music in said games from start to end because I was not experiencing it repeatedly over a short span.

            The only time I ever swap out the music is when I hear the same track repeatedly, as I have said multiple times, in MULTIPLAYER games. I’m sorry but I am speaking as clear as day right now and you are just looking for things to make arguments out of in my text.

          • shinitaru

            “I’m sorry but I am speaking as clear as day right now and you are just looking for things to make arguments out of in my text.”

            I was responding to what you said, not what you were thinking while you said it….but if that’s what you think, then why bother with me at all? God, getting so sick of all these fragile egos

          • Kiyoshi

            Your avatar is what I would love for you to do right now. You’re stupid. We’re done here.

          • shinitaru

            You’re the one who is suddenly confrontational. Defensive much?

      • shinitaru

        I used DLNA but never really used mp3 playback much though I did use it for games like Burnout Paradise

    • Dennis

      You’re disappointed for not having MP3 playback on a gaming console?

      Guess a smartphone, tablet and a laptop are not enough these days.

      • Raven Nafariea

        That is kind of what I was thinking. I never once used my PS3 as an mp3 player but I guess other people do. lol

      • mobkingDC123 .

        would like to play music in my games background

      • Rivv

        you want background music turn your laptop on play music while you play the game wtf? thats what i do.. ppl cry about the dumbest shit

        • Kiyoshi

          For people who use headphones? Kind of defeats the purpose.

      • Kiyoshi

        Personally, I love the idea. I spent many hours playing Gears of War on my old 360 with my own custom music from my iPod playing through the console. Sure I could just plug in my headphones to the iPod instead but I would much rather hear both game and music together without sacrificing one for the other. It’s a nice feature to have in a lot of games that the audio will eventually get old in. GTA for example, after a while you will have had enough of the songs you like, then what? drive around in a car with the radio turned off, talk about a boring experience. I can’t play games without being able to hear what is happening around me, it takes a toll on my ability to play properly.

        • Grieving

          I’m the opposite, I prefer to hear all the sounds and music the devs want me to hear. I can’t play games without hearing what’s in the game, it takes a toll on my ability to play properly.

          • Kiyoshi

            Oh I know what you mean, I think you may have misinterpreted my comment. Back on the 360 playing music through the console would leave every sound in the game turned on but the music itself. Sound cues, voices, callouts and gunfire were all still there. It just turned off the background music and replaced it with your own. If I can’t hear the sound of my own gun firing for example, my rhythm falls apart and I can’t play as well.

      • A Torn Sock

        I want it on my PS4.

      • Dan Chak

        I would love to have it integrated into GTA V from a radio station while driving. There was an old version of GTA that allowed one to play mp3s downloaded onto your playstation 2 just like that.

    • rxl209

      its a gaming console idiot, you want an mp3 player got buy a phone. sony please dont waste your time on features for these media hub casual gamers. bring us gaming features

    • Stranger On The Road

      Don’t really care that much about the MP3 playback, but I do wish for the USB video playback and picture browser to come back. Currently I have to go back to the PS3 to make use of those features!

  • TZuck

    chances are we will get the update before japan. this has happened before right? I feel like there is a North American Firmware, European Firmware, and an Asian Firmware.

  • ziegler4101

    wait…….so sony is currently working on augmented reality and virtual reality!? awesome!

    • Greg Smith

      I guess you don’t own a vita.

  • CervantesPR

    hurry up with da UPDATE! cant wait to use that export video to USB feature!!

  • DrunkwitPowah


    • qwertyasderfHUN


  • wantbuyavatars

    weak language selection!!!!!! its shame

  • qwertyasderfHUN

    no premium avatars, its very pathetic

  • DearSony

    is it hard to sell premium avatars for ps4?

    • DearSony

      how many years i have to wait?

    • Natsu Dragneel

      The Vita still doesn’t even hate it smh

  • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

    Nah a Wednesday update, I doubt it. Probably more like the 22nd.