Rumor: Music (MP3?) File Playback Could Come Soon to PS4

One of the most requested features for the PS4 is the ability to playback music files, in particular MP3, and today industry insider Tidux, that is well known for having leaked plenty details on the PS4’s UI and operating system before they were actually included, teased something definitely interesting on that front.

Sure sounds like a good update, but there’s more on the horizon.

Tidux then clarified that it was indeed a hint, and the “sounds” was bolded in the original line. As a follow-up he also posted:

MP4 sound about right.

But MP4 is mainly a video media format, yet the “about right” could definitely hint at MP3 instead. In fact another user asked if he meant “MP3 import,” and Tidus rerplied “export.”

There is a further element that seems to definitely solidify the hints about upcoming support of MP3 playback. In the trailer of SHAREFactory published today there’s a frame (that you can see below) that mentions the ability to add your original music to your videos. In order to do that the PS4 needs to be able to read and playback media files, and MP3 is definitely the most common format for this kind of feature.

To top everything off, Tidux also mentioned that we might hear further info on the 1.7 update next week.

Of course we should consider this just a rumor until Sony makes an official announcement, but the outlook is quite positive.


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  • Delsin Rowe

    i dont know why people making a big deal out of this ! i can listen to music on my ipad , tablet and my phone. a gaming console should run games at 1080p and 60 fps 🙂
    but it’s good for those people who want this !

    • Maybe because some of us use gaming headsets and want background music in certain games…..

      I had it on my 360 and I want it on my PS4 seeing as I don’t have music on my tablet, a PC or a laptop, or should I strap my phone to my head and put the headset on top to listen to music lol

      • Delsin Rowe

        i use headset all the time. in fact i dont play games without headset 😀
        but it’s good to have it. but some people making a big deal out of this. like it’s a system seller feature 🙂

    • Nicholas Perry

      I don’t have a tablet, or a phone. Or even an ipod.

      Something that is supposed to be like a multimedia device and the center of a home entertainment center, not including CD playback, ripping or MP3 support is crazy.

    • JustGaming

      Well, I suppose the ability to play your own music through the console on certain games (we use it quite a bit on things like NFS and SSX for example) is a plus to a lot of users, although the general concensus is that most are unbothered. I certainly wouldn’t be listening to anything else while playing something like TLoU.

      It just seems like a thing for ‘people’ (using the term losely there) to take the p*** out of.

  • I have so many CD’s.

    I want this. Please Sony

    • superkarma

      Lol, CDs. I vaguely remember those silly things.

  • Stranger On The Road

    MP4 playback from the USB flash drive is something I miss on the PS4 and I’m looking forward to it coming to the PS4 🙂

  • Jhora Zakaryan

    Actually the official video for share factory shows that you can select mp3 files from a usb storage device.

    • Guest


      screenshot below

    • Yes

    • Stranger On The Road

      Thank you for the video: but just to point out something: the console supporting DLNA is not the same as a specific application being able to load and store music.

      Well, we are still at ‘wait and see’

  • colonel179

    I actually thought about the music when I saw the sentence in the picture when watching the trailer. I was like: “How will we do that if we can’t even listen to our own music?” so it seems that music playback (maybe CD, and various formats) will be available very soon. Otherwise, Sony is thinking that we’d have to rely on their service Music Unlimited which would be a very bad decision and definitely would be received with anger from everyone.

  • Jecht_Sin

    I don’t get why it is so hard for some to understand that custom in-game music, and thus the ability to store and play our music locally can really be a big deal. We asked for ages for it in the PS3, and we have partially got it. Now it is all over again.

    Just think at its applications. Some arcade games have the most annoying music. I spent hundreds on hours in Zen Pinball. Just to have the ability to play soft music instead of the repetitive track made me achieve better results. Same for racing game. I don’t understand why the all must have a crappy heavy metal soundtrack.

    Or in games like GTA, with a car radio. I always dream about having one radio station which is actually my mp3 playlist in the console. As in real car after all. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that these would be cool options.

    • Axe99

      Aye, totally – Trials Fusion is another perfect game for custom soundtracks. It’ll come, that Share Factory ability to use custom soundtracks means they have to have some way of getting them on the PS4. If it’s just for the video editing, then there’ll be an uproar, lol.

  • Escopablobar

    Let’s hope these whispers allude to DLNA streaming support and local storage and playback of video and audio files. These features are sorely needed along with in game suspend and resume.

    • haftarun8

      Add to that all of the advanced audio/video home theater options (color spaces, ability to specify games to play in Full RGB while Blu-rays played in Limited with Super White, bitstreaming HD audio or internal conversion to LPCM, DVD-A and SACD native decoding and playback, etc…). The PS3 had this built-in from day one…why go backwards?!

      • Escopablobar

        I would welcome those features as well. I really hope Sony implement them sooner than later. I would like feature parity with the PS3 by Thanksgiving.

  • DuckNation

    I stopped listening to music while gaming 6 years ago so i don’t really care about in game music. I do see that the guy says “MP4” which is a video/audio file container so maybe we will be getting video stuff also but who knows unless he means M4A which i wouldn’t want and would rather just stick with MP3.

    • Placebo

      I see your point, personally I don’t listen to any music ever, but the removal of MP3 support meant that Fifa didn’t implement the custom music/chant option that the last few current gen had, hoping the PS4 gets MP3 support back in plenty of time for Fifa15! 🙂

  • Fake_of_Silva

    Noooooooooooooooooo the PS4 is just for games!!! I already have mp3 player, mobile phone and cd player to listen to music!!!!

  • Averix

    You should do a poll on this. I really don’t think there’s that many people that care about this feature. I think there is just a very vocal group who wants it. How many people actually used this on their PS3? Now that music is transitioning to streaming services, how many people actually have a pile of mp3 files they want to play anyway?

    • haftarun8

      Me, though I’m starting to switch more to FLAC for its lossless compression quality. Which, by the way, is an open source format with no royalties or licences needed to support…so why is it not being used by everything??? I also played a lot of .mp4 video files I made myself on my PS3. Frankly until they actually get the PS4’s multimedia functionality up to where the PS3’s was in 2008, I see no reason whatsoever to purchase it. Games? That’s what my PC is for :P. I know not everyone shares my opinion but there are a bunch that do, and Sony is potentially missing out on a good chunk of sales because of this. More PS3s were bought strictly for their Blu-ray and multimedia capabilities in the beginning than they would like to admit.

  • Kiyoshi

    I don’t understand why some users on this site think that because they don’t want a feature, nobody else does? Jesus people. Stop being so damn self-centred.

  • Jordan

    About time too

  • CervantesPR

    It would be fun to listen to my OST from games while i play