Rumor: Resident Evil 7 for PS4 to Be Announced at E3; Probably Not Exclusive

on April 19, 2014 3:37 AM

There have been rumors floating around about the upcoming announcement of Resident Evil 7 at E3, and some voices even alleged that it would be a Xbox One exclusive. The latter won’t be the case according to an article on the website of the prominent Japanese Economic newspaper Sankei Shimbun.

The article mentions that for what PS4 games are concerned, Capcom plans to reveal an important game at E3, and that is expected to be Resident Evil 7. It also specifies that the sales expectations for the game are to sell over 5.6 million copies like its predecessor.

While only a PS4 version is named, the wording of the article does not suggest exclusivity. Considering that it’s a Japanese source, it’s most probable that the game will be multiplatform. It’s normal for Japanese articles to mention only PlayStation versions of titles they mention, especially on mainstream media.

Of course this should be considered a rumor until Capcom makes an official announcement. We’ll have to stand by and wait for June to see if the Sankei Shimbun is right about it.

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